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Flex custom tree with checkbox for data source using arraycollection (powerful and perfect version)

Custom components: Package COM. anydata. consumer. renderers {import flash. events. event; import flash. events. mouseevent; import MX. collections. icollectionview; import MX. collections. ilist; import MX. collections. iviewcursor; import MX.

Flex learning --- rewrite treeitemrenderer to add the checkbox to the tree menu

The requirements for the menu tree + check box in the project can be solved by adding itemrender to the list control as usual. Who knows this is not the case. Decisive Baidu. I have read the source code of the tree and found that: Tree has set an

How to Implement Tree node checkbox disable in extjs4.1

Effects to be achieved Of course, this is the result of using extjs3. In 3, you can directly set node. UI. checkbox. Disabled = true. If you set the node, you can use node. Disable ();But now the problem is that in extjs4.1, this method is not

Details about the functions of the checkbox tree in Javascript

For the functions of the checkbox tree in Javascript, many people are not very familiar with the function of the checkbox tree. I hope this article will help you. After studying for a few days, I finally got my own tree. To sum up, we will leave it

A simple checkbox tree implementation

The CheckBox tree is a very common UI component that makes it easy for users to check nodes in the trees by specific rules. In this paper, a simple checking rule is implemented: When a node is checked, all subordinate nodes of the node are checked,

Practical tree Menu Control tree

Jquery Plugin: The Treeview plug-in can convert unordered lists into a tree that can be expanded or shrunk.   Jquery Plugin: Treeview JqueryJstree is a jquery-based tree control. Supports XML, JSON, and HTML data sources. Allows you to create,

Operation of checkbox in asp.net2.0 permission Tree _ Practical Tips

This uses the Asp.net2.0 TreeView control to implement some of the permissions tree's functions in conjunction with JavaScript.Suppose there are three rules in the permission tree:1, the node can be accessed, then his parent node will also be able

Javascript checkbox tick and reverse check detailed

The code is as follows Copy Code The JavaScript processing checkbox is summarized as follows 1,javascript checked checkbox form(1) Get the Form object(2) Set the checked value of the Form object, true to tick the check or

Retrieve the checkbox value in the Treeview by traversing the tree.

This example is used to create a tree with a checkbox in the Treeview and obtain the checkbox selection value. The project code is as follows:     JS part: treecheckbox. js -------------------------------------------------------- Function

Checkbox operations in ASP. net2.0 permission tree

Here, some functions of the permission tree are implemented using the Treeview control of ASP. net2.0 combined with JavaScript.Assume that the permission tree has the following three rules:1. If the node is accessible, its parent node must also be

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