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Working with forms in PHP-checkbox

Original reproduced from: Single checkbox shaped like:formAction= "checkbox-form.php"Method= "POST">Do you need wheelchair access? inputtype= "checkbox"name= "Formwheelchair"value= "Yes"

JQuery JS Implementation checkbox check box Select all, select all, reverse PHP

DOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> title>Select all, do not select, reverse Selecttitle> styletype= "Text/css">#choose Input{Display:Block; } style> Scriptsrc= "Http://

Yii 1 Development Diary-----------search function and the implementation of checkbox

Use Yii 1 to achieve the background search function, such as:1. In the Model:1 Public functionSearch ()2 {3 4 $criteria=NewCdbcriteria;5 //Independent Advanced Search6 if(isset($_get[' Goods ']) ) {7 //article

JS Implementation checkbox of the full selection and all-in-all function

HTML code:formname= "Form1"Method= "POST"Action= "Manage.php?act=sub"> inputtype= "checkbox"name= "mm[]"value= ""OnClick= "Checkall (this, ' mm ')"> checkbox Implementation selects multiple records - inputtype= "Submit"name= "Submit"value= "

Php checkbox value acquisition, display, multiple values acquisition

In the php Tutorial, the checkbox value is obtained and displayed. Multiple values are obtained.Simplest checkbox value code checkbox demo checkbox demo demonstrates checkboxes fries soda shake ketchup checkbox demo demonstrates reading

Get the PHP code for the checkbox value

Because of the checkbox specificity, so we have to get its value, in my language is not the same, in the PHP tutorial we are in the form of an array, and the use of traversing his value, there are a number of examples below. checkbox

The obtained checkbox value does not know where it comes from /? Solution

The obtained checkbox value does not know where it comes from /? I obtained the result from the database and used the roomname field as the value of the checkbox. how can I add the result to the data obtained in the summitdata function of the

JS Implementation checkbox Select All/Cancel

All operations will be done using jquery . The main purpose is to implement the bulk / Individual delete operation for the specified content. Look at the design of the page first.The main areas of implementation are:First, click the checkbox next to

jquery Ajax Post Pass array, multi-checkbox fetch value

jquery Ajax Post Pass array, multi-checkbox fetch value $.each (function () {}) to get the corresponding value in the checkbox.Traditional must be set to True when Ajax is uploaded$ ('. But_delet_choice ').

FCKeditor2.3 for PHP detailed collation of the use of Reference _ page Editor

Refer to a First to:http://www.fckeditor.netTo download FCKeditorPut it in the site root directory.Streamlined Description:Delete all files and folders that start with "_"Remove languages other than Chinese and English in the language packDelete

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