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Use Python to compute IP, TCP, UDP checksum

1.1 Calculation of IP checksumIP check is for the IP header, that is, only the IP header, and for the IP data part of the verification, the corresponding four times the agreement to ensure that the IP head of the test and the field is 16bit.The

IPv4, TCP, and UDP checksum and Calculation

The checksum Algorithm for IPv4, TCP, and UDP checksum calculation of the packet header is a 16-bit accumulated and backward code. The same verification algorithm is also used for TCP and UDP data headers, however, the data involved in the

IPv4, TCP, and UDP checksum and Calculation

The Checksum algorithm of the grouping header is the inverse code after 16-bit accumulation and UDP data headers also use the same validation algorithm, but the data involved in the calculation is different from the IP grouping header. The structure

Checksum in PE files

Recently I have studied the structure of PE files. Every time I read this document, I have gained new insights, proving that there are many things that I still cannot understand deeply. Today, I did an experiment on checksum and confirmed that at

MySQL Q & amp; A about checksum table

MySQL Q & A talked about whether checksum table can be used to verify data consistency before and after the logical backup. Some interesting problems are found, such as different data insertion sequence, different table engines, and different

DLL file 32-bit 64-bit detection tool and Windows folder SysWow64 pits (in very detail, there are also automated hands-on probing DLLs)

Read Catalogue DLL file mismatch causes the database to fail to start Is it System32 or SysWow64? Distinguish DLL files 32-bit 64-bit program It makes me feel confused. Again to judge whether it is System32 or

GooglePR query interface checksum new algorithm _ php instance

Some days ago, an article N long ago suddenly became a hot topic for reading, after checking, I found that my page using that code for pr query could not normally get the URL PageRank value. some days ago, an article about N long ago suddenly became

DLL file 32-bit 64-bit detection tool and Windows folder SysWow64 Pit "forward"

Original address: the operating system has been upgraded to 64-bit, there will be a constant need to face 32-bit, 64-bit problems. I believe there are many people who are not very

GooglePR query interface checksum new algorithm page 1/2 _ PHP Tutorial

GooglePR query interface checksum new algorithm 12th page. Replaced by a large segment of Googleterms_of_service error messages such as "Inyouremail, pleasesendustheentirecodedisplayedbelow. It seems that the original interface has been replaced by

Summary of kernel construction of SKB data packets

I. IPv4, TCP, and UDP checksum and Calculation Checksum is the redundant domain used by the network protocol to identify transmission errors. Some checksum not only detects errors, but also automatically fixes some types of errors. The idea of

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