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The process of proof that everyone can understand the theory of the schmerle theorem for clear chess games (winning solutions for playing chess, go, and chess)

The Chinese proofs of the theoremble theorem circulated on the Internet are not so easy to understand. So here I will describe my general proof. Schmerlot's theorem: in a clear-cut chess game (such as Chinese chess and chess) that will surely end in a limited number of steps. In any particular situation, set a first-to-second, after B, either a will win the next

In Linux, there are Chinese chess games developed by red union moderators and cross-platform 3D chess games DreamChess

In Linux, Chinese chess games developed by red union moderators and cross-platform 3D chess games DreamChess-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information are available. DreamChess is an open-source, cross-platform (running on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) 3D

Explanation of chess dark chess source code in JS games _ javascript tips-js tutorial

This article mainly introduces the details of the game chess dark chess source code of JS games, analyzes the game source code in more detail, and attaches the complete instance code for your reference, you can refer to the examples in this article to describe the chess and dark ch

Chinese chess games based on HTML5 and Chinese chess through html5

Chinese chess games based on HTML5 and Chinese chess through html5 Chess games are very mature in desktop games, and there are many Chinese chess versions. Today, this HTML5-based Chine

Implementation of chess games

Implementation of chess games After a week of intermittent work, I finally completed a simple chess game, but now I can only entertain myself. Next I will study AI... Talk about your basic ideas 1. There are two main types of Board and chess sub-classes APices. APices is an abstract class. Because different

Playing Chinese chess games on Linux

Article Title: play Chinese chess games on Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. A friend left a message asking about Chinese chess games on Linux after "PyChess I

Restless chess and card games

Restless chess and card gamesPreface Games have gradually penetrated into our lives, and game Trojans have gradually penetrated into our lives. Various Trojans are waiting for us to click. Then we steal our data, our equipment, and our money. Trojans for card and board games are also a wave after wave. This article will reveal the Trojan horse spread by card and

Flex online game development-Chinese chess games: (1) core logic

In the development of four-nation military games, use flex online game development-four-nation military games (5)-refine the chess development api, we have extracted the first api for chess game development-FlexChessAPI. This api design principle is based on the state machine and event-driven flex mechanism to make the

Artificial Intelligence of Chess Games (2)--Learning algorithm

probability : Prevent a small group of highly adaptable individuals from being replicated and inherited. The case of the local optimal solution . The rate of replication/mutation/crossover, as well as the number of groups, will affect the number of iterations and the convergence effect.Summarize:After using the genetic algorithm to study the parameters, the weighting coefficients can be allocated rationally, and the pre-agreed feature is selected . In short, ^_^ by filtering out features tha

Artificial Intelligence of Chess Games (5)--2048 Game AI Interpretation

Objective:Busy all right, online search " game ai", see an article partial theory of the article to make a summary.To undertake four blog posts:(1). Evaluation function + Game tree algorithm(2). Learning Algorithms(3). Game Tree Optimization(4). Game Ai's LandingMaybe some people will wonder? 2048 is not a chess type? is the traditional game tree model applied to this? Sir, let us step by step to uncover the answer.Guide:This article is the best algor

Java-based chess and board games

This is an example set of Java chess games. It creates five types of chess games, including go, chess, wuziqi, jingziqi, and tongqi, in a singleProgramWith LGame-Simple-0.2.5 Development (source code in jar), will be updated with lgame and gradually improved. I am afraid t

I have written several chess games. Thank you for your advice !~

I have nothing to do recently. My younger brother has a WP7 forum. The name is You are welcome to share your programming experience on the forum for entertainment. upload your WP7 applications and games. The following is the link address of the younger brother's WP7 game games. Micro crazy wuziqi: Http:// MoD = viewthread tid = 1760 fromuid = 133 Four sub-gam

A special sorting algorithm for chess and board games

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