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Online shopping security: Home of Maternal and Child mobile APP involving hundreds of thousands of user ID card information

Online shopping security: Home of Maternal and Child mobile APP involving hundreds of thousands of user ID card information Review. Isn't it on the wall yet? 1. The Code is as follows: POST HTTP/1.1SystemType: 4SystemKey: 8ED7EC10-D105-49EA-9E7C-30275C51351FPhoneModel: m2 noteLanguage: zhClientIp:

When you use the master page, you can obtain the ID of the control in the Child page in front-end Js.

ASP. NET Server-side controls have three ID attributes: clientid and uniqueid. Id indicates the identifier of the server-side programming of the control.CodeYou must use this ID to program access the properties, methods, and time of the control on the server. Clientid indicates the ID of the client control generated

Java: ID card number 15-digit 18-digit conversion class

Package cyachina. util; /*** Created by intellij idea.* User: Administrator* Date: 2004-8-13* Time: 15:37:28* To change this template use file | Settings | file templates.*/Public class idcardutil { /**** @ Param century 19 for 19xx and 20 for 20xx* @ Param idcardno15 ID card number to be converted* @ Return*/Public static string from15to18 (INT century, string i

JS realizes the mobile phone number ID card and so on asterisking (*) number

Sometimes in order not to let the user's mobile phone number and ID card directly exposed to the page, we need to add an asterisk processing, the general situation is in the middle of the position with a few asterisks, the specific code can refer to the following: var str= ' 13155555555 ';var str2 = str.substr (0,3) + "* * *" +STR.SUBSTR (7); 131****5555 The simple method of intercepting and combining str

Small script a---CDH in a batch deployment, if it is a virtual machine generated from an ESXi vcenter template, how to quickly fix the network card configuration?

."s/eth1/eth0/g"$net _rule_fileElseNew_mac_str=$(sed-n-e'/eth0/p'$net _rule_file) #new_mac_1=${NEW_MAC_STR: -: -} New_mac=$(Echo$new _mac_str|awk-F','{'Print $4'}|awk-F'=='{'Print $'}|sed 's/\ "//g') Echo "Done 70-persistent-net.rules file!"fi#===================================#将新的网络配置入写网卡文件, restart the networkif(Cat$net _conf_file|grep$netmask _conf); Then Echo "Done/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0"elif[!-N" $"] ; Then Echo "You had not input a IP address!"Else sed-I."/$old _ma

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