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2016 costume action comedy "Dumb Thief Don't Run" hd720p. Mandarin Chinese Characters

Director: ReginkScreenwriter: Guo Weipeng/Li Shiyi/MajiangStarring: Miss Hollis Zhang/Li Tianno/retrieved/Hanfeng/Dong YijunGenre: Comedy/action/CostumeProduction country/region: Mainland ChinaLanguage: Mandarin ChineseRelease date: 2016-03-11 (Mainland China)Duration: 90 minutesAKA: Don ' t Run the ThiefDumb thief, don't run. Synopsis ...In the late Ming Dynasty, the Japanese Pirates Qigujun expelled the treasure buried in the Stone Mei village, and left a mysterious treasure map. Decades later

Failed Chinese game "Blood Lion"

Blood lion It was a very failed game. The typical best choice for domestic game failure examples is blood lion. Advise you not to waste time.The following post (the original article is the five years of domestic games, published on, author of the famous game topic editor Zhu Jiayin ):As Long As gamers are older, they should remember the time-April 27, 1997.In early 1997, various major game media in

Transplant OS X Mavericks built-in English-Chinese dictionary to Mountain Lion

Porting OS x Mavericks's built-in English-Chinese dictionary to Mountain Lion OS X Mavericks has built-in system-level English-Chinese dictionary, which is a huge benefit for domestic Mac users. However, currently, only developers can enjoy OS X Mavericks. What Should common users do if they want to use it in Mountain Lion

Mac OS X Lion System with Chinese input method to input facial expressions

Emoticons word, just like:-) This non-graphic expression, which is made up of punctuation marks, is often used when chatting on the internet and writing things. Apple Computer Mac OS X Lion system comes with the Chinese input method has built-in facial expression input function, while pressing the shift+6 two keys to bring up the facial expression list, click to insert. If you can't remember this shortcu

The Lion system comes with a method for inputting facial expressions in the Chinese input method.

Yan text is a non-image expression composed of punctuation marks, such as :-), which is often used for online chat and writing. The Chinese Input Method of Mac OS X Lion System of Apple Computer also has built-in facial expression input function. Press shift + 6 to bring up the facial expression list and click to insert it. If you cannot remember this shortcut key, you can click the input method icon

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