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PowerDesigner Low version Open high version mode for read-only causes unable to save PD read-only Read-only-mode

Because the version number is inconsistentPrompt after opening PD file:Click "OK" to open, click "Cancel" can not openHowever, after opening the modified save prompt:Workaround:The PDM file is actually an XML file that is opened directly with a text editor to modify the version numberChange the last version number of the root node to your PD version number and save it to open the edit.PD version Number View method: Open Pd>> help >> about PowerDesignerPowerDesigner Low version Open high version

Socket API-C/S Mode: Service read/write, client write read. Io mode: Blocking

Server: Socket->address->bind->listen->loop{accpet->read->write->close (auto socket)}->close (Listen socket)1) because it is blocking mode, the client does not shut down when the server is blocked in the Read function,2) Disconnect after the client sends. is an ordered piece of data. The service driven by the kernel through a sorted slice. must receive the data.A

Set global read_only=0; Turn off read-only, you can read and write set global read_only=1; Start Read Only mode

mysql> set global read_only=0; Query OK, 0 rows Affected (0.00 sec) mysql> show variables like '%read_only% '; +------------------+-------+ | Variable_name | Value | +------------------+-------+ | innodb_read_only | Off | | read_only | Off | | tx_read_only | Off | +------------------+-------+ 3 rows in Set (0.00 sec) mysql> set global read_only=1; Query OK, 0 rows Affected (0.00 sec) mysql> show variables like '%read_only% '; +------------------+-------+ | Variable_name

Read/write data read/write Transmission Mode

client sends a "Get/index.htm HTTP/1.1133 request, nginxneeds to send the index.htm text file stored in the site root directory to the client as response data. The Writable Text File data is read into the memory, and then the first data read into the memory is written to the connector interface descriptor to send the response data: As shown in, nginx applications use

Description of the read and consistent read in the Current Mode

In the previous article "differences between read in the current mode and consistent read", I used two special examples to describe the differences between read in the current mode and consistent read, it also mentions that "if th

Springboot Getting started three-read configuration information two (read properties file mode)

In the previous article, we briefly introduced the self-contained read method. Springboot provides several ways to readFirst, @ConfigurationProperties (value= "my")Supports more flexible binding and metadata support, but does not support SpelDefine AppConfig receive (requires set Get method)@Component@ConfigurationProperties (value = "my")public class AppConfig {private String name;Private String version;Private String FirstName;Private String ServerP

Linux-0.11 source code read two real mode to protected mode

The Bootsect section has been completed and the program jumps to the Setup section: start:! OK, the read went well so we get current cursor position and save it for! posterity. mov Ax, #INITSEG ! This is do in bootsect already ... mov Ds,ax mov Ah, #0x03 ! Read cursor Pos xor bh,bh int 0x10 ! Save it in known place, Con_init fetches mov [0],dx ! it from 0x90000. First

Read headFirst design mode and headfirst Design Mode

Read headFirst design mode and headfirst Design Mode Inheritance can extend the function of the parent class when the parent class code is reused. At the same time, inheritance increases the coupling between objects, so use inheritance with caution. Is there a way to expand the features of the parent class and decouple objects? The answer is yes. This is the Past

Socket api-c/s Mode: Service write, client read. Io mode: Blocking

Scene:1) The client obtains information from the server.2) blocking mode.So:1) service side, step, socket, Addr,bind,listen, loop{accept,write,close (auto socket)},close server socket.1.1. The service-side address must be bound to provide the service.After 1.2.listen, each client connect causes the end of the listen queue to join the server.1.3.accpet, when the customer address is removed from the Listen queue's team header, the kernel is established and a new automatic address socket is created

Read headFirst design mode and headfirst Design Mode

Read headFirst design mode and headfirst Design Mode Every time I write a blog, I don't know how to introduce the topic to be written. This is a headache. Today, we will go straight to the door. What we want to learn today is the factory model, where factories are the place for mass manufacturing. Here, the factory is the place where mass production objects are l

Slow drive Read speed-current transfer mode: PIO mode

Search the internet for a bit, found two articles:Title: Hard disk read speed Slow current transfer Mode PIO solutionHttp:// (Solution: First uninstall the driver, restart the computer, and then install a driver)Title: I also often encounter HDD for PIO mode problem, now find out the solution.Http://

Mycat in MySQL master-slave mode (1 master 1 slave) Read and write separation and automatic switching mode verification

server_id One is 36, the other one is 37, here must be inconsistent:3: Execute the following command to establish a master-slave relationship, for slaveExecute on Replication Slave on * * to ' sync ' @ ' ' identified by ' sync ';Execute on Master to master_host= ' ', master_user= ' repluser ', master_password= ' Replpass ', master_auto_ Position=1; (used here is Gtid multithreaded replication)Start

Command mode of read design mode

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Using System; /// 1. Easy to design command queues /// 2. If necessary, you can easily log commands /// 3. easily undo and redo commands /// /// Command mode: /// Split the object requesting an operation from the object that knows how to perform an operation. /// Note: Generally, a method is called directly through an objec

Solve Linux flash drive into read-only mode

In a recent project, you need to copy some of the files under Linux. After inserting a USB stick, it is read-only mode.The USB stick can be written out and not writable.Toss a turn:Finally, this solves the following:Insert a USB flash drive under WindowsExecute CHKDSK g:/F (g is the drive letter on which the USB drive is located)This process requires that you modify all of the N to execute. If you delete th

Python uses the list or dict field mode to read files,

Python uses the list or dict field mode to read files, Preface Python is a powerful tool for processing text data. It is extremely simple to read, split, filter, and convert, so developers do not need to consider complicated stream file processing processes (compared with JAVA, hey ). Some complex text data processing and computing tasks, including writing Stream

4 years ago read "Big talk design mode" excerpt of the classic statement

ObjectiveWhen looking for memcached related data in your own network, I stumbled upon the classic statement that I had read when I was reading "Big Talk design Mode" earlier. After reading this book, the design pattern has a superficial understanding, communicate with others can also say one or two. Thanks to the author for his selfless sharing!Classic statement1 reduced coupling of programs by encapsulatio

On the type of read-write lock and lock mode of InnoDB

Tags: name water hang Process Control point for SNAP isolation level(in order to facilitate, the English keywords are used in lowercase, the relevant knowledge points will be introduced briefly, strive to be able to read independently)At the beginning of the article I will first introduce the following knowledge points required in this article: Knowledge of InnoDB clustered index (clustered index) and non-clustered index (two-level index, non

Device read/write Method for driver development: direct mode

The previous section introduces the buffer-based read/write method. Let's take a look at the direct read/write method. 1. Directly read and write the device. The operating system locks the buffer in user mode, and then the operating system maps the buffer address in kernel mode

Set read-only mode for PostgreSQL login user

A. Description:To make the database read-only, PostgreSQL does not have a strictly read-only mode (such as temporary tables that are available in read-only transactions). You can set the session or the current transaction for subsequent logons to read-only

MySQL read-only mode setting method and experiment "turn"

write state, mainly rely on "read_only" global parameters to set; By default, the database is used for read and write operations, so the READ_ONLY parameter is also a 0 or faluse state, both local users and remote access to the database can read and write operations , set the READ_ONLY parameter to 1 or true if you want to set it to read-only state, but there ar

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