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Code _vbs for automatically modifying IP using VBS

Unit room of the system needs to be reinstalled, a total of nearly 300 devices, the use of Ghost network cloning, the client reset IP is a troublesome thing. We use the teaching management software requires the client must have fixed IP, Unit 5

Use vbs to automatically modify ip code

The system of the data center needs to be re-installed. There are nearly 300 devices in total. It is troublesome to re-set the ip address of the client after cloning using the ghost Network. The teaching management software we use requires the

PHP big5 Utf-8 gb2312 mutual transcoding Solution

During the PHP code writing process, you often encounter problems that require Chinese transcoding, such as gb2312 Unicode, gb2312 big5, and so on. If the PHP compilation contains mbstring, you can use the multi-byte string function to partially

Research on HTTP interface PHP of QQ

Tencent has an http qq interface in 8000 of through this interface, you can perform some basic operations, such: login, logout, change login status (online, busy, offline, invisible), add and delete friends, view friends information,

Algorithm Learning (ix)

1.Parity ControlDescription: Anna lives in Al Gore, and Bob lives in Betigueri. Because these stars are located in different constellations-Perseus and Orion, the distances between them are far away. They found a way to communicate via

How does php splice binary data into strings?

How does php splice binary data into strings? For example, the UTF-8 & nbsp; encoding of the character "you" is "E4BDA0 ". There is an array $ arr & nbsp ;=& nbsp; array (chr (228), & nbsp; chr (189), & nbsp; chr (160 )); how can I splice php binary

How does php splice binary data into strings?

How does php splice binary data into strings? Binary php UTF-8 encoding For example, the utf8 encoding of the character "you" is "E4BDA0 ". There is an array $ arr $arr = array(chr(228), chr(189), chr(160)); How can we splice it into one piece so

PHP to achieve basic QQ function: QQ robot

1. Research Notes Tencent in 8000 has a use of HTTP QQ interface, through this interface, you can do some basic operations, such as: Landing, log out, change the landing status (on-line, busy, offline, stealth), add delete friends,

PHP Kanji to Pinyin

/***+------------------------------------------------------* PHP kanji to Pinyin*+------------------------------------------------------* How to use:* $py = new PinYin ();* Echo $py->getallpy ("Output kanji all pinyin"); Shuchuhanzisuoyoupinyin*

ASP HTML Conversion Character program

This is a simple security filtering function that converts HTML conversion characters into text that can be displayed. Function HtmlDecode (restring)Dim str:str=restringIf not IsNull (STR) Thenstr = Replace (str, "", "&")str = Replace (str, ">",

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