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List of vbs CHR code values

Character whose CHR (0) is 0 CHR (1) CHR (2) CHR (3) CHR (4) CHR (5) CHR (6) CHR (7) bell rings CHR (8) Return CHR (9) tab (horizontal tab) CHR (10) line feed CHR (11) tab (vertical tab) CHR (12) form feed CHR (13) carriage return CHR (13) & CHR (10)

List of CHR code values

The CHR ("0") is a string of 0 characters.CHR ("1 ")CHR ("2 ")CHR ("3 ")CHR ("4 ")CHR ("5 ")CHR ("6 ")CHR ("7") RingCHR ("8") ReturnCHR ("9") tab (horizontal tab)CHR ("10") line feedCHR ("11") tab (vertical tab)CHR ("12") form feedCHR ("13") Press

CHR (9), CHR (10), CHR (13), CHR (32), and CHR (34)

CHR (9), CHR (10), CHR (13), CHR (32), CHR (34) All ASCII code tables: [url]] CHR (13) is a carriage return CHR (10) is a line break CHR (32) is a space character 9 \ 34 is a tab, not sure? The following are some

Chr (9), Chr (10), Chr (13), Chr (32), Chr (34) Explain _asp basics

Chr (9), Chr (10), Chr (13), Chr (32), Chr (34)All About ASCII code table: [Url][/url]Chr (13) is a carriage returnCHR (10) is a newline character.Chr (32) is a spaces9\34 is tab, not OK?Here are some of the columns

Chr (9), Chr (10) ... The code that represents the

Chr (13) is a carriage return Chr (10) is a newline character Chr (32) is a spaces 9\34 is tab, not OK? Chr (13) is a carriage return Chr (10) is a newline character Chr (32) is a spaces 9\34 is tab, not OK? Here are some of the columns

ASCII Chr (9), CHR, Chr (13) usage in Oracle

--1 Building TableCREATE TABLE City_table(City_name VARCHAR2 (100), District varchar2 (100));--2 Inserting dataInsert into city_table (City_name, DISTRICT) VALUES (' Beijing ', ' Dongcheng District ');Insert into city_table (City_name, DISTRICT)

The string Chr () function of PHP is used

Chr (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) Chr-return a specific character chr-returns the specified character Descriptionchr($ascii)//Returns a one-character string containing the character specified by ascii.//返回相对应于 ascii

The CHR of Oracle functions

The Chr () function converts ASCII code to character: character – ASCII;The ASCII () function converts a character to an ASCII code: ASCII code-"character;In Oracle, the CHR () function and ASCII () are a pair of inverse functions.Chr () Function

CHR, ChrW functions

Chr, ChrW functions The Visual Basic language character function that returns the character associated with the specified character code.   The CHR, ChrW function returns the character associated with the specified character code. Public Function

PHP function-understanding of ord () and chr () function applications-PHP Tutorial

PHP functions: Master the applications of ord () and chr () functions. The third part of the Chinese character encoding Study Series, the PHP function section, master the application of the ord () and chr () functions, in the previous [PHP Basics],

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