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Using PS to compensate for chromatic aberration

caused by the different wavelength of light, which results in the deviation of the focal position of the image, also known as the longitudinal chromatic aberration. A lens with a long focal length, or a telephoto lens, is prone to this chromatic aberration. However, recently, in order to reduce this color offset many

Installation of chromatic aberration meter software and battery charging

Now the chromatic aberration meter is the standard color information analysis and functional expansion of the software, the purpose is to use and analysis of the color difference instrument is more perfect. The color difference instrument and color management software produced by different companies are mostly non-universal, only the software developer company produced by the

Chromatic Aberration and range Definition

Some time ago, the concept of chromatic aberration was used for primary color extraction. The color difference is applied to the LAB color space. I still feel that the effect is acceptable. I don't know why there are not many applications in this area. Are there any major drawbacks? Please give me more advice! For definition of chromatic

Solutions for Android chromatic aberration (especially white)

In Android sometimes chromatic aberration, I encountered the situation is the Galaxy ACE4 white and the system white is different, so the display time color is different, difficult to see.The problem I found was Color.White, Android. R.color.white, R.color.white is different, specific differences and links are still to be tested.Solution:In the code, set the background color of the view that appears to be

About Navigationbar background chromatic aberration problem with black border below solution

Background chromatic aberration, the reason is that if the simple setting background color also has the effect of Gaussian blur, the solid color Gaussian blur after the equivalent of a solid color 70% (guess) transparent processing, but the color is bad anyway.Workaround One:Through the picture method[Self.navigationController.navigationBar setbackgroundimage:[uiimage imagenamed:@ "navigation_ BackgroundIma

Solution to the Problem of playing chromatic aberration in rm format in Ubuntu

Remove the XVideo check box in tool-preferences-hardware. scp seems very convenient. As long as you can ssh, you can upload files to each other, this seems to be more convenient than ftp for GFTP, and it seems that it can directly transfer the ssh2

Glsl implements Fresnel and chromatic aberration []

Http://   The effect of using shader to implement freell and color dispersion is very simple. In the CG tutorial and OpenGL Shader Language, there areFor a detailed introduction, I personally

Visual design Theory: The physiological chromatic aberration in design

Sorting out such an article, superficial understanding, is primarily a desire to further understand the problems that have arisen in recent projects.There are Americans on the top of the company, and the questioning of some of the template designs has always felt confusing.Just started to think that the design of the problem, the effect is not ideal after modification.It suddenly occurred to me whether the color difference caused by the difference in the eyes.I think gray-scale perception should

How to use action action in Photoshop

The action "action" in Photoshop can help us quickly complete a series of repetitive tasks, and when we use "action", we actually play a series of commands for a single file or a batch of files. For example, if you often want to handle a large number of similar digital photos, you need to adjust the photos to a uniform

Photoshop action custom shortcut to play the selected action

Tags: Ui Photoshop mouseToday, I am creating a group. To use the same action, I will search for the shortcut key of the triangle play button "Play the selected Action" on the Internet. It is expected that the production process will be greatly accelerated.First, make the action.Then, in the upper-right corner of the Action

How Photoshop saves action in the action panel

In the action panel, click the action that you want to save, then point to the small triangle in the upper right corner, select "Save ACTIONS" in the pop-up menu, and choose Save location. Photoshop is one of the most famous image processing software of adobe company, which integrates image scanning, editing, image making, advertising originality, image i

Frame for Picture: The recording of Photoshop action

Beautiful warm photos, fresh and moving pictures, in the enjoyment of them, add a beautiful border how about it? A piece of land plus? That's a lot of trouble! It is much more convenient to record a "border action" with the action panel of Photoshop. Just open the photo you want to add a border to, and then click the "Execute

Photoshop Action set of actions

The Photoshop5.5 action set provides us with a convenient image processing function. Not to be exploited, a little pity. And, through the Study of Action action set of the various command combination, you can learn Photoshop to deal with the image of some effective methods, and combined with automatic batch processing

Photoshop Getting started: Action installation and use instance-PS tutorial

This article describes how to use the downloaded Photoshop brush ?, Continue to explain how to apply some online download operations? Tutorial: Photoshop Getting started: install and use Action. 1. first open the drop-down menu 1 on the right of the action panel and select loading

Make your photos more effective: 80 + color change Photoshop action

Color plays an important role in photography. It helps to change the photo atmosphere and color, but these are determined by the light of photography. However, photographers do not always have control over what they want. In this case, Photoshop becomes a good assistant to photographers, because through the PS action function, you can quickly complete the effects that cannot be achieved by photography. This

How do Photoshop's action work with

The action is actually a Photoshop macro file with the extension *.atn. Select Windows>show Actions in Photoshop to open the action panel, which will have some Photoshop-attached action on the panel by default. Clicking the small

Post-tutorial on using action to quickly create cool flame effects in Photoshop

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the use of action to quickly create a cool flame effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: The effect of the following figure: Original artwork, no slots and G-points. Balabala Energy, mainly look at the charm of temperament seal inflammation explosive secret surgery. T

Application Techniques of Actions batch action in Photoshop

Skills Flexible use of "action" and "batch processing" in Photoshop, and then a lot of duplication of work is a piece of cake. Let's take a look at some of the how-to techniques in Photoshop for actions in the batch action. To add a command after a command in one action, yo

Photoshop Action Inserts a frame for the picture

Beautiful warm photos, fresh and moving pictures, in the enjoyment of them, add a beautiful border how about it? A piece of land plus? That's a lot of trouble! It is much more convenient to record a "border action" with the action panel of Photoshop. Just open the photo you want to add a border to, and then click the "Execute

Photoshop Navigator and action tips

in the Navigator panel, you can change the color of the display box in the agent preview area. To perform a single step in an action, select the steps you want to perform and hold down the CTRL key to play (at the bottom of the behavior panel). Note: To change the parameters of some of the commands in the action, double-click the steps to open the related dialog box: Any newly filled values are automatic

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