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PHP remote access to chrome bookmarks to help your mother's program ~

My mother will sometimes surf the internet online shop, there are things like or need to use Chrome collection up, I came back to help her take the pay.How to browse to her collection of things is a problem, if you go to her computer operation, need to login users, install security control what a lot of, and I like to fold on the rice first, then buy. Plus her computer is a bit slow, every time to get half

Phpstorm + Xdebug + Chrome Xdebug Help

First, configure the Php+xdebug In the php.ini file plus [xdebug]zend_extension = "D:\xampp\php\ext\php_xdebug.dll"//xdebug Dynamic library file path Xdebug.profiler_append = 0xdebug.profiler _enable = 1xdebug.remote_enable = On Second, phpstorm configuration 1. Configure PHP 2. Configure Debug Third, Chrome Xdebug help 1. Install Chrome Extensions

We recommend a chrome extension to help you find Google + Hangouts video group chat.

If you like to use hangouts in Google + to chat with people from all over the world, do not miss my hangouts for Google + chrome extension. It can do the following: Show all public hangouts in Google + Show hangouts in your circle Quick one-click hangouts chat View the video in album format (for example) Hover your mouse over your avatar to see the number of Captive Students (as long as he is in your circle) The author is constantly

I wrote a chrome user script to help you download video files from a domestic video website.

Slave4.0.237.0StartChrome Dev on Windows platform supports installing userscript directly. You have written a script trainer for yourself. Kuber's video downloader helps youDownload a video file from a video website in China. after the script is installed, a translucent icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the video playback page. Click the icon to go to the video resolution page of in this way, you don't need to copy Paste when I download Kangxi every day. Currently, the

centos6.5 install Google Chrome + Google Chrome Flash plugin installation + Google Chrome PDF reader installation

since Centos/rhel 6 is already an outdated system, chrome is no longer available. Although later due to the community protests, and thus changed, no longer mention Centos/rhel 6 is outdated system, but currently on Centos/rhel 6 has no chrome can be downloaded to use. In fact, the basic reason is not how old Centos/rhel 6, even Windows XP and the stop update of Ubuntu 10.04 can continue to use

The file structure of chrome extensions developed by Chrome extensions

forget the quotation marks. The version number can be up to 3, separated by 4 numbers, such as "".3,"Manifest_version": Specify the version of the manifest file format ( number );After Chrome18 (open chrome://help in Chrome to see your current version of Chrome), it should all be 2, so write 2 directly.Other c

Compilation of chrome skin and chrome

Compilation of chrome skin and chrome Paste Reprinted from: /? P = 59 Chrome skin compiling materials ThemeCreationGuide Guide and use the extended creation topic. Reference Subject, Phase Implementation Update Passed in October 16, 2014 Phist... @ Topic creation Guide Image elements Color Element Color Element UI

Chrome development tools learning notes (5) and chrome learning notes

Chrome development tools learning notes (5) and chrome learning notesDebug JavaScript As JavaScript applications become more and more widely used, developers need powerful debugging tools to quickly and effectively solve problems in the face of front-end work. Chrome DevTools, the main character of our article, provides such a tool to

Data local storage and download in the three--chrome extensions of the Chrome extension development

Directory: 0--Overview of the 0.Chrome extended development (Gmail Accessory Management Assistant) series One of the 1.Chrome extension development file structures for--chrome extensions 2.Chrome Extended Development--chrome The script's operation mechanism

Teach you how to develop chrome extension 1: Developing chrome extenstion is actually very simple

Teach you how to develop chrome extension 1: Developing chrome extenstion is actually very simple Teach you how to develop chrome extension 2: Add behavior for HTML How to Develop chrome extension 3: about local storage data The update speed of Chrome is unprecedented. No

An offline chrome plugin that installs the. crx extension in Google Chrome.

I. Local drag-and-drop installation1. Download the extension/script to the local computer;2. Drag it directly to the browser's extensions (chrome://chrome/extensions/) page.Second, the solution "can only install the program through the Chrome Web Store"For some special reasons, chrome plug-in uses the installation meth

Chrome browser features of various versions of Chrome

When users try to download the use of chrome, only to find chromium version of the numerous, version number is a week upgrade, those chromium, Dev, Beta, stable and other nouns make it difficult to choose which one is suitable for use. In fact, Chrome is an open source browser software that can provide various versions for different system platforms/users. Generally speaking, the earliest release is chromiu

Chrome plug-in development plug-in-acfun see Figure 1, chrome-acfun

Chrome plug-in development plug-in-acfun see Figure 1, chrome-acfun I used to read articles in acfun. I often see images from other websites that I cannot see. This is not good. If you want to see these images, you can change the final jpg to jpeg after obtaining the image address. This simple operation should be very easy to implement, so I want to develop a simple small plug-in to

Ubuntu installs Chrome browser and resolves problems with Chrome browser not booting

Install Chrome Browser#将下载源加入到系统的源列表sudo wget http: // -q-o- | sudo apt-key add-# Update the list of available updates for the current system sudo apt-get update# perform the installation of the Google Chrome browser (stable version) sudo apt-get Install Google-

Getting Started with chrome Extensions 2. How do I use the chrome Extensions API?

Getting Started with chrome Extensions 2. How to use the Chrome Extensions API. Google's Chrome Extensions API is one of the most authoritative materials for developing chrome extensions, detailing the features that Chrome extensions can achieve and the interfaces that

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 14.04 chrome

Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 14.04 chrome Installing Google Chrome in Ubuntu 14.04 is very simple. You only need to download and install the Deb installation package on the Chrome website. Of course, you can also use APT Package Manager to install Google Chrome

Chrome plugin Development (i)--Create the first chrome plugin

Recently in the development of a chrome plug-in, found some articles on the internet, although according to the article can write the corresponding example, but to carry out the actual development, found that there are many articles do not have pits. I will add some of these pits in conjunction with several aspects that I have encountered during the development process.If you have experience with front-end development, then you will be able to start y

How to install chrome in Linux and install chrome in Linux

How to install chrome in Linux and install chrome in Linux Download the chrome. deb file and use the command to install it. $ sudo dpkg --install chrome.debError: [sudo] password for young: Selecting previously unselected package google-chrome-stable.(Reading database ... 141861 files and directories currently insta

Chrome frame allows you to use chrome in IE

Google has an Open-source project called the chrome Frame, which allows Chrome's rendering engine to run inside Microsoft's IE 6, 7, 8. This plugin allows developers to choose whether to switch to chrome rendering and JavaScript engines. Users can continue to use IE, completely seamless switch, the user interface will not change significantly. Chrome Drilling in

DIY Implementation of Google Chrome Free installation of green portable version + slimming and streamlining + single process mode (only one chrome) Tutorial

Original address: T = 944423What if you want to copy Google Chrome to a non-system disk and copy USB flash drives? Then, the configuration file is also included with the chrome.exe main program? You can use the secret command line parameters! No installation, Instant copy. Extract chrome from the system directory Run Windows + R in VistaCode: C:/users/Your username/A

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