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The speed is more convenient! 20 practical chrome plug-ins recommended

We recommended 10 chrome 4.0 plug-ins last time. Today we have carefully selected 20 plug-ins. If you are interested, take a look at them! (Note: All plug-ins in this article have passed the test in Google Chrome + Windows 7 (RTM .)

Chrome Browser: Unique UI Experience

At present, I have become a heavily dependent user of chrome, and even a USB flash drive with a portable version of Chrome. For me, it has a killer advantage that no other browser can replace: fast, stable, and perfectly supportive of all Google's

Chrome extension recommendations for team members

ArticleDirectory It also gives you fresh Google Reader, simple Google Reader (0124 updated by Davids. zerro) A substitute for Weibo on the web page (0123 updated by rednik) Adblock Automatically disable the Download Status Bar, always

High-performance networks in Google Chrome (ii)

Predictive feature optimization for Chrome PredictorChrome will become faster as you use it. This feature is implemented by a singleton object predictor. This object is instantiated in the browser kernel process (Browser Kernel processes), and its

To tell you about Chrome's fast secret.

When it comes to chrome, people tend to think fast, stable, secure, and plug-in-rich, but few people know why Chrome can be faster than other similar products. Product launch speed, page load speed, browsing speed can win the key is where? This

Analyze page load times via Chrome browser

Today, while I was off duty, I looked at the page load time analysis tool and related documents of the Chrome browser, simply write something and record it.Take Baidu homepage Load as an example, analyze the next picture 1.jgp (that is, the

High-performance networking in Google chrome (i)

The following is a draft of "the performance of Open source Applications" (POSA) and the successor to the Architecture of open source applications.Posa includes a number of papers on performance optimization and design, as well as performance

Google finally last week officially launched the Chrome browser

In the spotlight, Google finally last week officially launched the Chrome browser, although it is only a beta, but enough to let the world have too much conjecture. The latest week, about Google Browser news is overwhelming, netizens have to try

Tips for optimizing page load performance for mobile web sites

Tips for optimizing page load performance for mobile web sitesfavorite: 1 time: 2015-06-17 article source: Ma Haixiang Blog Visits: 2501 Web page performance optimization has been the key to the success of the site, more and more research has proved

Web front-end performance optimization--How to improve page loading speed

Objective:In the same network environment, two also can meet your needs of the site, a "duang" of the load out, a tangled half a day just out, you will choose Which? Research shows that: the user most satisfied with the open page time is 2-5 seconds,

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