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After loading Ubuntu in VirtualBox, found that the hard disk space is too small, how to increase the capacity of hard disk? That's to build another hard drive.

After loading Ubuntu in VirtualBox, I found that the hard disk space is too small to increase the capacity of the hard disk. That is to build another hard drive: 1. Add a new hard drive

Adding hard drive space to the Virtual Machine

This article come from Ti am335x wiki: If you followed the instructions in this Wiki and created a 40g Ubuntu 10.04 machine, you will find that this is Good size for the installation of one Sitara SDK and all of its tools. However, there may come a time when you runOut of space in the Virtual Machine. If you have plenty of hard drive

Windows users: How do I control the space occupied by hard drive system restoration?

Document directory 1) Check the space used: 2) Check the resize parameter and use the last example to determine the proper size: 3) I changed to a limit of 5 GB for restoring space. Statement: common users should be cautious in using this function. Please refer to instructions to learn about the actual function usage. Vista (including other Windows versions), the

Two articles on hard drive repair-page 1/2 of hard drive repair and data recovery

process and there is a bit of friction between the side and the rack, in addition, this place is also the easiest place for fingers to stamp when taking the hard disk. If there is not enough sag and the paper is exposed to this position, it is just playing with fire. If a hard disk manufacturer refuses to provide three-pack services to its customers after the hard

How to transfer data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive

Buying a new hard drive solves the immediate storage space and can also help improve your computer system and rejuvenate your computer. However, before you transfer data from your old hard drive to your new hard

What about computer hard drive lights flashing? Win7 system hard drive lights always flash

"Configure" and select "Turn off System protection" in the subsequent interface. The so-called system protection here is actually the Win7 automatic backup function, if you do not need to restore the system frequently, it can be shut down completely. Select "Turn off System protection" Step fourth, undo file compression and indexing The purpose of file compression is to save disk space, but in fact this function does not save much

How to choose mobile Hard drive mobile hard drive how to look

How to choose mobile Hard drive mobile hard drive how to look First, capacity The current market on the mobile hard disk capacity from dozens of G to a few T (1g=1000g), the class is multifarious, the price from sell his grove block to thousands of yuan, the difference is

The difference between a SAS hard drive and a SATA hard drive

SAS hard Drive, is a serial connection to the next generation of SCSI technology, the use of serial technology to achieve higher transmission speed, and by shortening the connection line to improve the internal space. SAS is a parallel SCSI interface that develops a new interface. Improves storage system performance, availability, and scalability, and provides co

About the hard drive various maintenance knowledge

the screen: DATA Error reading drive C: Abort, Retry, Ignore? "Analysis processing" causes this failure, one is the disk body wear or improper use of hard disk, resulting in the loss of internal hard disk information, the second is the disk repeatedly read and write, file connection confusion, the allocation of too much fragmented

If you want to use a mobile hard drive to install Linux without affecting your computer's hard drive, please verify the feasibility!

If you want to use a mobile hard drive to install Linux without affecting your computer's hard drive, please verify the feasibility! -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. Because one of my family would like to try Linux and often use Linux

How to install fedora 18 from hard drive (how to install fedora 18 from hard drive, Fedora-18-i386-DVD.iso)

add the input method you want, If no input method is available, enter the following command in the console to display all input methods: Gsettings set org. gnome. desktop. Input-sources show-all-sources true 4. In the shortcut key/shortcut setting, set "switch to next source" to Ctrl + space. Now, install fedora18 from the hard disk. Assume that your hard

How to install Windows XP from a hard drive without an optical drive

Many of my friends asked me what should I do if the optical drive on my computer is broken and I want to reinstall the system? Next I will introduce how to install the system from a hard disk. I. Preparations 1. Prepare an original xp sp3 system and extract the i386 package directly with WinRAR. You only need to extract the i386 package. If you are using a SATA ha

Desktop computer dual hard drive set graphics and text detailed explanation tutorial!

At present, desktop computer dual hard disk is not a rare thing, but many friends of the two hard drive set method is not very understanding, and in the case of error settings, it is also very easy to have problems, here we found a dual hard disk set graphics and text detailed tutorials, hope to help the needs of frien

Repair and maintenance of hard drive bad track of notebook computer

ScanDisk to scan the disk surface, the hard drive of the rough way to understand, can be accurate scoring area of the scheme. For example, the hard drive bad road around 30%, you can use pqmagic the hard drive on the front of C d

Seagate Discwizard Hard disk partitioning tool cracked 3TB hard drive partition

First we need to download a Seagate Discwizard tool. Seagate Discwizard Software Installation Interface Follow the steps to the next step until you finish Click on the Seagate Discwizard software to install, select the first installation "Disc Discwizard", and then click "Next" step, until "complete", you can complete the installation. Select the Expand Capacity Manager After you open the Seagate Discwizard software, start to automatically scan all the di

How to fix a damaged removable hard drive by moving hard drives out of the way

waiting for the test to complete, you can continue to use the hard drive. Mobile hard Drive not open processing Method 2: 1, on the hard disk partition right click, select "Properties":2. After clicking the Tools tab, click Start Check:3. After selecting all two options,

Guide to SATA hard drive setup [an article useful to friends who use SATA]

free space is at least 700 mb). If you put the generated CD image in this partition, make sure that there is a disk with double capacity, that is, around GB) to create a folder on the hard disk partition, such as "D:/xpsata", to save all the installation files for Windows XP. Put a good Windows XP installation CD into the optical drive, select all the files on t

How to properly maintain your computer hard drive

is a problem. Of course, the heat of the hard disk itself can only be solved by the manufacturer, the user can only improve the use of the hard disk environment, the specific considerations are as follows: Hard disk up and down space to be enough: the hard

Hard Drive Extraction Box detailed

the built-in IDE interface, but he is not the only way to interface, the other is Scsi,ide external, the IDE outside the extraction box and 2, one through the mouth to connect, the other is the most popular USB interface now, The biggest advantage of this external extraction box is that it is used in environments where there is no temporary need for large amounts of data transmission within the 2 units that are not installed inside the built-in extraction box. Not only the desktop can use the e

Ways to add hard drives and increase hard disk space to Linux in VMware

in the process of use, you often encounter virtual machine disk space is not enough or on demand to increase the hard disk situation. the detailed steps for adding a hard disk or adding hard disk space to Linux in VMware are as follows:First, Vmware in the Linux ways to add

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