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Security settings for Web-Dedicated Servers _ security settings

Related Settings for IIS: Delete the default established site virtual directory, stop the default Web site, delete the corresponding file directory c:inetpub, configure all the site's public settings, set the relevant number of connection limits, Other settings such as bandwidth settings and performance

Server Security Settings-Local Security Policy Settings

You can also enter gpedit. msc in the running process to enter Computer Configuration → windows SettingsSecurity Settings → Local Policies Command for automatic security policy update: GPUpdate/force (the Application Group Policy automatically takes effect without restarting) Choose Start> Administrative Tools> Loc

Personal PC Security Settings Data collection _ Security settings

Personal PC Security Settings = optimization + security Optimization: Antivirus + firewall (prompt attack) + prevent malicious plug-ins (anti-plug-in software) + Prevent some social engineering + do not visit the Yellow Web site + update patch The 139 port is closed by selecting the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) attribute in the local area Connection in network and

What do I do with Destoon security settings? Destoon Common Security Settings method

Destoon Common Security settings Method after installing the Destoon system, it is best to make some security settings for the security of the website.The Destoon system typically has the following steps that require safe operation.1, founder Password

Dedecms server environment security settings and Dede Security Configuration Settings

Introduction: This is the dedecms server environment security settings. The Dede security configuration method is displayed on the details page. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: // biancheng.dnbc?info/pingjia.php? Id = 344028 'rolling = 'no'> Dedecms server en

Home Wireless Router Security Settings tutorial, Wireless Router Security Settings

Home Wireless Router Security Settings tutorial, Wireless Router Security Settings Nowadays, many families are secure from the home wireless wi-fi system, but many users do not know how to set up the home wireless network safely during installation. Many users feel very difficult, I think

Server Security Settings-component Security Settings

Security Settings for WindowsServer2003 + IIS6.0 + ASP servers-component Security Settings A. Uninstall WScript. shell and Shell. application Component, save the following code as. BAT file execution (in 2000 and 2003 systems) windows2000.bat Copy codeThe Code is as follows: regsvr32/u C:/WINNT/System32/wshom. ocx Del

Windows 2003 server Prevent Trojan security settings _ security Settings

Delete the following registry primary key: Wscript.Shell Shell.Application Shell.application.1 Wscript.Network regsvr32/u wshom.ocx carriage return, regsvr32/u wshext.dll carriage return Windows 2003 hard Drive security settings C:\ Administrators All System All IIS_WPG only This folder List Folder/Read data Read properties Read Extended Properties Read permissions C:\inet

Arjunolic Windows Server Security Settings _ security Settings

ObjectiveIn fact, in the server security settings, although I have some experience, but there is no research, so I write this article when the heart is very not practical, always afraid to say wrong will be mistaken for others.This article is more focused on the prevention of ASP vulnerabilities, so the server black and other aspects of the explanation may be slightly too little.Basic server

In IE, the current security settings do not allow Downloading this file. Security Settings do not allow

In IE, the current security settings do not allow Downloading this file. Security Settings do not allow Solution 1: 1.0 open IE, click the "Tools" menu in the menu bar, and select the "Internet Options" command in the pop-up menu: 2.0 in the pop-up "Internet Options" dialog box, open the "Internet Options" dialog bo

MSSQL security settings for Server Security Settings

MSSQL Security Settings: delete SQL statements with security issues. This is comprehensive. Everything is safe! The permission to corrupt shell, registry, and COM components is deleted. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: use master EXEC sp_dropextendedproc 'xp _ export shell' EXEC sp_dropextendedproc 'SP _ OACreate' EXEC sp_dropextendedproc 'SP _ OADestroy' EXEC sp

Server security settings MSSQL security Settings _win Server

MSSQL security settings to remove the SQL process with security issues. More comprehensive. Everything for safety! Delete the call shell, registry, COM component's corrupted permissions Copy Code code as follows: Use master EXEC sp_dropextendedproc ' xp_cmdshell ' EXEC sp_dropextendedproc ' sp_OACreate ' EXEC sp_dropextendedproc ' sp_OADestr

Windows Server 2008 R2 General Security settings and basic security Policies _win servers

Tencent Cloud was first purchased when the only Windows Server 2008 R2 system, the original use of Windows Server 2003 to 2008 is not very skilled, for some basic settings and basic security policy, search the Internet, Finishing probably have the following 17 aspects, if have not mentioned hope everybody enthusiastically propose ha! Some of the more important 1. Change the default administrator username,

Windows Server Security-website Server Security Settings

In addition to patches provided by security vendors, website server security is more important to set some common security problems that can withstand attacks by some cainiao tools. Basic Security Settings 1. Adjust the testing environment (set resolution, IP address, an

Route security settings and maintenance create security barriers

This article describes how to configure and maintain route security to create a security barrier and configure high security performance for your vro. Enter the network age with peace of mind! A router is an important bridge between a LAN and an external network. It is an indispensable part of the network system and a leading edge in network

PHP security and security settings

configuration file httpd. conf. It should be: Server Root/usr/local/apache 3. SSI Configuration In the configuration file "access. conf" or "httpd. conf", add the "except des no exec" option to the Options command to disable the execution function in Apache Server. This prevents you from directly executing the execution programs on the Apache server, resulting in the openness of the server system. Options Includes Noexec 4. Prevent Users From modifying system

Windows permissions settings Detailed _ Security settings

. Therefore, we can only say that DOS does not support the setting of permissions, can not say that it does not have permissions. As people's awareness of security increased, permission settings were born with the release of NTFS. Windows NT, the user is divided into many groups, groups and groups have different permissions, of course, a group of users and users can also have different permissions. Now let

Web-Server security settings and security policies for data intrusion

. This article takes the typical configuration in the WEB System (Win2000 server + SQL + IIS5.0) as an example to focus on the system security settings of the WEB server and the security policies of SQL Injection.2. Network Security Risk Analysis and Security TechnologyIn ge

Component security settings for server security _win server

WindowsServer2003 + IIS6.0 + ASP Server security Settings--component security Settings Chapter A, uninstall the Wscript.Shell and Shell.Application components, save the following code as one. BAT file Execution (minutes 2000 and 2003 systems) Windows2000.bat Copy Code code as follows: Regsvr32/u C:/winn

[Windows security Settings] Win 2000 security Audit policy makes intruders nowhere to hide

look at the signs of a hacker attack and find no records, then there is no way, but the audit project if too much, not only will occupy a lot of system resources, and you may not be free to read all the security logs, so that the meaning of the audit is lost. Auditing for file and folder access Auditing of file and folder access requires that the approved file or folder must be on an NTFS partition, and then the object Access event audit policy mu

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