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American Amazon Sea Amoy Chromecast TV Bar Tutorial

What is Chromecast? what function does Chromecast have? Chromecast is the new connection device that Google released on July 25, 2013. The device runs a simplified version of the chrome operating system, which can be plugged into the TV HDMI interface. In the same WiFi environment, users can push a YouTube video broadcast on a cell phone or tablet to the TV via

GooglePlayservices4.2 global push, full support for Chromecast!

official support for Chromecast. In this way, developers only need to use the Google Cast SDK to integrate Chromecast into existing mobile or Web applications and publish it on the Google Cast developer console, this allows users to control the content displayed on large devices, such as televisions, through smartphones and tablets. For the brand new Google Drive Android API, Google said that in addition

Implementation of Linux UDP unicast multicast multicast __linux

Reprint 1, multicast and broadcast need to be in the LAN to achieve, and also to see whether the Linux system support multicast and broadcast: Ifconfig up broadcast multicast mtu:1500 metric: 1Explains that the NIC supports2, send multicast packet host need to set t

Overview of IP Multicast for H3C multicast series

First, the basic introduction of multicastMulticast refers to the way that a sending source sends a single IP packet over the network to a specific set of recipients. Multicast combined with the advantages of unicast and broadcast, in the point-to-multipoint transmission, the sending source does not need to care about the number of recipients, only send a message, the router is only concerned about the interface under the recipient, also do not need t

Basic concepts of the network TCP, UDP, unicast (Unicast), Multicast (multicast) (multicast)

The chapter is quite low, but very important!Everything around us is almost dependent on abstracting things down to a lower level and at some point detailing them in some design concepts. The interface layer is clear and the target is very focused, the application does not consider how the operating system works, the operating system does not have to consider how the hardware works, the 4th layer of the OSI model does not need to consider how the third layer works. So we just need to focus on a

Multicast (multicast)

What is multicast Unicast is used for end-to-end communication between two hosts, which is used for data communication of a host on all hosts on the local network. Unicast and broadcast are two extremes, either communicating to a single host or communicating to a host on the entire LAN. In practice, it is often necessary to communicate with a specific set of hosts, rather than all hosts on the entire LAN, which is the purpose of multicasting.

Analysis of multicast protocol and Multicast Route

1. What is multicast 1. What is multicast? Multicast is a data packet transmission method. When multiple hosts become the receiver of a data packet at the same time, multicast becomes the best choice for bandwidth and CPU load. 2. How does multicast work?

multicast IP conversion to multicast MAC address "reprint"

Links: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.Multicast IP conversion to a multicast MAC address is a 32:1 mapping relationship.Multicast IP Address:The IANA assigns the class D address space to the IP multicast address. The address of

Linux configuration and test IP multicast (multicast) to these are called multicast addresses.Let me give you a less rigorous example.There are several hosts that have joined the group. as these three IP addresses joined the group the multicast source information to this group address, the group of the host will receive the

C # implements arbitrary source multicast with specific source multicast

IP multicast traffic requires a special multicast address, the IP multicast address is a group of class D IP addresses ranging from to Many of these addresses are reserved for special purposes. to 's address is best not to use because they are mostly kept for special purposes (such as the IGMP protocol).IGMP is the

Differences between broadcast, multicast, and Multicast

The terms unicast, multicast, and broadcast are used to describe the communication methods between network nodes. So what exactly do these terms mean? What is the difference ?. 1. unicast: communication between network nodes is like a conversation between people. If a person speaks to another person, the network technology is used to describe "unicast". At this time, information is received and transmitted only between two nodes. Unicast has been wide

Java unicast, broadcast, multicast (multicast)

I. Classification of communication methodsThere are three communication modes in the current network traffic: unicast, broadcast, and multicast (multicast), where multicasting occurs at the latest, with the advantages of unicast and broadcast. Unicast: Communication between a single host and a single host Broadcast: When a host communicates with all hosts in the network

Why do Android apps use MulticastSocket to listen for multicast? Why do they connect to different routes and run on different mobile phones? Some of them cannot receive multicast messages.

Why do Android apps use MulticastSocket to listen for multicast? Why do they connect to different routes and run on different mobile phones? Some of them cannot receive multicast messages. ---------------------------!! Reprinted please indicate the source !! ----------------------- A project that uses Wi-Fi multicast to discover devices in the LAN. However, it is

Multicast translation gateway for IPv6 multicast (1)

With the gradual use of IPv6, our integration with the original IPv4 network has become a key issue in the current transitional phase. We will not go into details about multiple types of excessive technologies here. This article will introduce the basics of the multicast translation gateway model for IPv6 multicast. Multicast translation gateway Model The

Multicast (multicast) implemented under Linux

Unicast can only be sent to one receiver, but when sent to multiple receivers, it is not only consuming traffic, but also time consuming, total traffic = The receiver of the traffic per recipient.Broadcast mode is sent to all hosts, the disadvantage of broadcasting is to cause information pollution, a large amount of information will occupy the network bandwidth.Multicast (multicast): Only hosts that join a multic

Principle analysis of multicast (multicast)

Why to use multicast: The network card receives the target physical address from the net the corresponding all bit bit bits all 1 data timekeeping, will receive this message and passes it to the driver, this network card's working mode is called the broadcast mode, the network card's default working mode contains the direct mode and the broadcast mode. With this feature, the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) also provides the ability to send broadcast pack

Multicast (multicast) transfer

Multicast (multicast) transfer:A point-to-multipoint network connection is implemented between the sender and each receiver. If a sender transmits the same data to multiple receivers at the same time, only one copy of the same packet is copied. It improves the efficiency of data transfer. Reduces the likelihood of congestion in the backbone network. The differences between unicast,

C # Multicast delegation/Multicast Proxy

methods, which are called multicast delegates.If you call a multicast delegate, you can call multiple methods sequentially consecutively. For this reason, the signature of the delegate must return void (otherwise, where should the return value be sent?). (When a delegate contains only one method, the declaration of its return type can refer to the encapsulated method, not necessarily void). In fact, if the

"Unicast", "Multicast", and "Multicast"

From "Baidu Knows", I don't know! There are three communication modes in the current network: unicast, broadcast, and multicast. Among them, multicast occurs at the latest time, but it also has the advantages of unicast and broadcast, it has the most promising future. I. unicast: One-to-one communication mode between hosts. vswitches and routers in the network only forward data and do not copy the

H3CSE: detailed explanation of multicast forwarding mechanism and h3cse multicast forwarding

H3CSE: detailed explanation of multicast forwarding mechanism and h3cse multicast forwarding Different from unicast, the multicast data forwarding path is based on the tree structure. Different from unicast, multicast forwarding needs to check whether the inbound interface of the packet is optimal. All

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