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An in-depth discussion on shared pool (i.)

An in-depth discussion on shared pool (i.) Link Http:// The setting of shared pool is always a controversial subject. In many articles, shared pool sets up an additional management burden that can lead to

Shared Pool Series two: free lists/shared pool LRU List

Describes the free lists and shared pool LRU list. Allocation of chunk in Shared pool 1, the size of the chunk in the shared pool is not the same, but is continuous 2, because chunk is the smallest unit allocated, so the session needs to allocate

Shared pool 2: free lists/shared pool lru list

This section describes free lists and shared pool lru list.1. The chunk size in the shared pool is different, but it is continuous.2. Because the chunk is the smallest unit for allocation, the session will apply in chunk units when it needs to

Sharedpool 2: freelists/sharedpoollrulist

This section describes freelists and sharedpoollrulist. freelist idle list is divided by bucket. There are a total of 255 buckets. bucket0 --- bucket254 each bucket has a chunklist; freelists have unused chunkRESERVEDFREELISTS: the number of buckets

Internal Management Mechanism of Oracle Share Pool

Internal Management Mechanism of Oracle Share Pool The share pool is managed using HEAP memory management. It is physically composed of multiple memory zones (EXTENT) and consists of multiple chunks of different sizes. The CHUNK can be reused and

Bucket sequencing and C language implementation

This article mainly refer to this blog: basic principle of the bucket sorting algorithm is that all the elements in the array are divided into chunks, that is, several buckets, then the data in each bucket is

A further understanding of shared pool principle based on parametric shared_pool_reserved_size

Conclusions1, the parameters associated with the shared pool are: shared_pool_size,shared_pool_reserved_size,_shared_pool_reserved_pct _shared_pool_reserved_min_alloc 2,shared_pool_reserved_size generally default is Shared_pool_size 5%, this ratio

Analysis of memcached memory management mechanism

Memached is a high performance distributed memory object system that reduces the number of data reads to the disk and improves service speed by storing data objects in memory.Start with the business requirements. After we insert a key-value pair

Memcached-distributed memory object Cache System

What is memcached? Memcached is a software developed by Brad fitzpatric, danga interactive under livejournal. It has become an important factor in improving the scalability of Web applications among many services such as Mixi, hatena, Facebook,

Python calls Baidu Voice (speech recognition-bucket landlord voice card)

I. OverviewThis article briefly introduces the basic use of the voice recognition of Baidu (in fact, when the landlord wants to get a card player and no money, grab a bag of what is not, had to make speech recognition)Second, create the

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