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MongoDB Learning Note Series One

First, Introduction and installation./bin/mongod--dbpath/path/to/database--logpath/path/to/log--fork--port 27017MongoDB takes up 3 of the disk space just after it starts up-4G around,--smallfiles ii. Basic Commands1, Login to MongoDB

Encryption and decryption of RSA cipher

This time to bring you the RSA cipher encryption and decryption details, RSA cipher encryption and decryption of the notes are what, the following is the actual case, take a look. As shown below: Public $pi _key; Public $pu _key; Determines

Encryption Algorithm (II) -- base64

Base64 encoding converts three 8-bit bytes to four 6-bit bytes (3*8 = 4*6 = 24 ).In fact, it is still 8 bits, but the height of the two bits is set to 0. When a byte is only 6 bits, its value space is 0.6 to the power of 2 minus 1, that is, 63, that

The arithmetic and mathematics behind the Bitcoin

A hashing algorithm in bitcoin implementationIt can be said that the entire implementation of Bitcoin is based on the existing and even many years of computer science in the field of technology or concepts of integration, hashing algorithm in the

Pseudo docode MD5 CODE, pseudo docodemd5code

Pseudo docode MD5 CODE, pseudo docodemd5code //Note: All variables are unsigned 32 bit and wrap modulo 2^32 when calculatingvar int[64] s, K//s specifies the per-round shift amountss[ 0..15] := { 7, 12, 17, 22, 7, 12, 17, 22, 7, 12, 17, 22, 7, 12,

Overview of library cache and dictionary cache in Oracle

The main function of library cache is to store user-submitted SQL statements, SQL statement-related parse tree (parse tree is the representation of all objects involved in SQL statements), execution plan, user-submitted PL/SQL program block

Lua load functions: require and dofile

Lua provides advanced require functions to load the Runtime Library. Roughly speaking, require and dofile perform the same function, but there are two differences: 1.Require searches for directories to load files. 2.Require checks whether the file

webpack4.0 Conquer (4)--javascript & Splitchunk

webpackAs the most fire-front building tool, is the most important part of the front-end automation tool chain, the use of high threshold. This series is the author's own study record, compares the foundation, hoped through the problem + solves the

webpack4.0 Conquer (4)--javascript & Splitchunk

Directory A. JS Modular development Two. js file for general packaging requirements Three. Using Webpack to process JS files 3.1 Using Babel to convert es6+ syntax 3.2 Script Merge 3.3 Public Module identification

react-webpack2-Complete Case __web

React-webpack 2-full configuration case Source Webpack Development Cross-domain problem solvingReact16 + react-router4 + webpack development environment Build 1. Define some configuration constants first/webpack/config.js Introduce node.js path

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