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Openstack storage Summary: explains how to use NFS as the cinder's back-end Storage

Tags: centos openstack cinder NFS device drive-virtio-Brief description of NFS service NFS is short for network file system, that is, Network File System. An agreement for the use of distributed file systems, developed by Sun, was published on April 9, 1984. The function is to allow different machines and different operating systems to share individual data with each other through the network, so that applications can access data on server disks throu

Cinder Debug-Cinder service status is down

1. QuestionsWe often find that the status of a cinder service is down. For example, the Cinder-scheduler and BLOCK1 nodes on the controller are down on the Cinder-volume state.[Email protected]:~$ Cinder service-list+------------------+---------------------------+------+---------+-------+----------------------------+--

Explore OpenStack (9): In-depth block storage Service Cinder (Part 1)

After studying the neutron, continue Nova's peripheral study tour. This site is a research block storage service cinder.0. Verifying the EnvironmentThe environment includes:1, a controller node, running NOVA-API, Nova-scheduler, Cinder-api, Cinder-scheduler, MySQL, RABBITMQ2, a Nova compute node, running a virtual machine3, three

OpenStack m Installation Storage (Cinder) service Chapter

Installation Configuration Cinder ServiceController nodeFirst, create a database[Email protected] ~]# mysql-u root-p>>create DATABASE cinder;>>grant all privileges on cinder.* to ' cinder ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' Cinder_dbpass ', >>grant all privileges on cinder.* t

Linux cloud Computing (Keystone Swift cinder configuration)

filter:authtoken Identity_uri[Email protected] ~]# Crudini--set/etc/swift/proxy-server.conf filter:authtoken admin_user Swift[Email protected] ~]# Crudini--set/etc/swift/proxy-server.conf filter:authtoken admin_password 123456[[email protected] ~]# systemctl start memcached;systemctl enable memcached[Email protected] ~]# systemctl start openstack-swift-proxy; Systemctl Enable Openstack-swift-proxy————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Cinder Component Details-5 minutes a day to play OpenStack (47)

In this section we will explain in detail the various sub-services of Cinder.Cinder-apiCinder-api is the portal for the entire cinder component, and all cinder requests are processed first by NOVA-API. Cinder-api exposes several HTTP REST API interfaces to the outside world. In Keystone we can query the endponits of CINDER

Understanding the Cinder architecture-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (45)

Starting from this section we learn about OpenStack's Block Storage service,cinderUnderstanding Block StorageThere are generally two ways that the operating system obtains storage space: Mount the bare hard drive by some protocol (SAS,SCSI,SAN,ISCSI, etc.), then partition, format, create the file system, or directly use the bare hard disk to store data (database) Mount remote File system via NFS, CIFS, and other protocols The first type of bare hard drive is called Block Storag

Openstack Cinder uses NetApp NFS as back-end storage

The company uses NetApp FS8020 R6 as a test environment for NFS storage. There's a chance to measure OpenStack's cinder and NetApp storage integration.Description1.OpenStack using NetApp Storage to mount NFS files directly without any problems, production has been using a more stable test iops in 160-220m/s.2. Cinder with OpenStack cannot be used directly like a Linux host shared NFS file, requires a call t

Mastering Cinder Design Ideas-5 minutes a day to play OpenStack (46)

The previous section describes the architecture of Cinder, which discusses how Cinder components work together and how they are designed.How cinder-* Sub-services work together from the volume creation processFor Cinder learning, Volume creation is a very good scene, involving each

Understanding the Cinder architecture-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (45)

throughout the life cycle.From the instance point of view, each of the mounted Volume is a hard disk.OpenStack provides a Block Storage Service that is Cinder, with the specific features: Provides the REST API to enable users to query and manage volume, volume snapshot, and volume type Provide scheduler dispatch volume create request, reasonably optimize the allocation of storage resources Supports multiple back-end (back-end) storag

Redhat 6.3 openstack cinder installation Configuration

Redhat 6.3 openstack cinder installation configuration cinder configuration installation: 1) download source code2) pip install3) yum install scsi-target-utils4) yum install iscsi-initiator-utils.x86_64 (these two are equivalent to open-iscsi and tgt under ubuntu) 5) edit cinder config filenormally it except des: database config keystone access confi

Cannot create cinder volume in devstack environment

The cinder volume is not successfully created in the newly installed Devstack environment, and the volume status created is error:See the failed log in Cinder Scheduler:2015-10-15 14:12:22.057 ERROR Cinder.scheduler.flows.create_volume [req-14f77cef-6ee9-463c-b9ce-2ffd40b4076b BA152F9F637C4BC2810F35CF3D3696DD 0d777ab85d9949c6ab961c6a883f3f40] Failed to run task Cinder.scheduler.flows.create_ Volume. Schedul

Mastering Cinder-scheduler Scheduling logic-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (48)

In the previous section we discussed in detail the Cinder-api and Cinder-volume, and today we discuss another important cinder component Cinder-scheduler.When Volume is created, Cinder-scheduler chooses the most appropriate storage node based on conditions such as capacity,

Pvcreate Create PV appears Can ' t initialize physical volume "/DEV/LOOP2" of volume Group "cinder-volumes2" Witho

First, currently using the Losetup emulated hard drive to create a VG, as follows: Mkdidr-p/var/lib/cinderDD If=/dev/zero of=/var/lib/cinder/cinder-volumes bs=1m count=10000Losetup/dev/loop2/var/lib/cinder/cinder-volumesPvcreate/dev/loop2Vgcreate CINDER-VOLUMES/DEV/LOOP2 (Lo

The Cinder of OpenStack

First, cinder Overview:1, before the F version, there is no cinder, the corresponding component is nova-volume; provide services in the form of rest APIs2. Cinder Target:Reduce the complexity of nova, reduce the load on Nova, support multiple back-end storage, and increase interaction with other components;Back-end storage includes isics and ceph, etc.;  

Cinder-multi Glusterfs Volume backends

Cinder supports a variety of backends in the backend, and it really fits the needs of the user. Recently, our company's own internal OpenStack platform with SATA, SSD glusterfs volume, studied the configuration of the next cinder multi backends. Actually, the main thing is cinder.conf.The cinder.conf configuration file is as follows:[default]enabled_backends = glusterfs1,glusterfs2 # enable two glusterfs vo

Process Analysis of adding a cinder volume to Nova

Process Analysis of adding a cinder volume to Nova    1. Nova uses the command Nova volume-Attach server volume device-name or HTTP Request Req: Post/v2/{tenant-ID}/servers/{server-ID}/os-volume_attachments' Body: {'volumeattachment ': {'device':'/dev/vdb ', 'Volumeid': '951be889-b794-4723-9ac9-efde61cacf3a '}}' Initiate a volume mount request. 2. nova obtains available mount points. If a mount point is specified, it verifies its validity. If no mou

The customer reported that the virtual machine could not be created and the time was not synchronized. How can the cinder service be up and down for a while ?, Novacinder

The customer reported that the virtual machine could not be created and the time was not synchronized. How can the cinder service be up and down for a while ?, Novacinder The customer reported that they could not create a virtual machine (the openstack version is Juno). They logged on to the control node and found that the nova and cinder services were down. They checked the nova and

Accelerate Cinder Delete volume speed

Cinder default configuration, regardless of whether the backend is LVM or ceph delete volume, it will clear 0 of the entire partition, resulting in slow speed.The log shows that he wrote the disk directly with the DD command.DEBUG Oslo_concurrency.processutils [req-47e7d88d-8bf1-4cb3-980b-26f713579e8e 2b6c47d8328b4270ab643b3ab9870d54 1cc33477a6594fd2a0228ec16c59f4eb-default default] CMD "sudo cinder-rootwra

OpenStack: Configuring the Cinder-volume backend for NFS storage

(Rw,relatime,vers=4.0,rsize=524288,wsize=524288,namlen=255,hard, proto=tcp,port=0,timeo=600,retrans=2,sec=sys,clientaddr=,local_lock=none,addr= Compute node backend configured for NFS Storage-compute node CINDER.CONF configurationconfiguration in cinder.conf:[DEFAULT]Enabled_backends=nfs[NFS]Volume_driver=cinder.volume.drivers.nfs.nfsdriverNfs_shares_config =/etc/cinder/nfs_sharesNfs_mount_point_base =/var/nfs/Volume_b

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