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Symmetric cipher, asymmetric cipher, hashing algorithm and PKI

symmetric cipher, asymmetric cipher, hashing algorithm and PKICryptography issues to solve: confidentiality, integrity, authentication (anti-repudiation):First, symmetric password:Symmetric cryptography: The sender and recipient use a single key

php-cryptography algorithm and its application-symmetric cipher algorithm

Transferred from: PHP hash function and its application2. Symmetric cipher algorithm in PHP and its

Hot Pursuit: Deciphering foxmail "Cipher Bible" _ Loophole Research

The author's most commonly used mail client software is Foxmail5.0, I believe many people also use it, because of its simple interface, powerful. In the process of using foxmail found a problem, that is, Foxmail mailbox password is not safe! And

Block cipher algorithm

Substitution, S-box, diffusion and confusion, these concepts form the basis of group cryptography.if the packet length of plaintext and cipher is n-bit, then each packet of clear text has 2n possible value ;Substitution:In order for the

Ucenter cipher algorithm rules and Generation methods

If you want to use ucenter smoothly, then this article must Hong Sing's series of products, including Discuz, Uchome, Supesite are integrated with the same user system--ucenter, the user login password is also saved in Ucenter, for other systems to

Caesars Cipher (algorithm)

TopicLet God be God, Caesar's Caesar.Here we introduce the world's most popular Caesar password Caesar cipher, also known as the shift password.The shift password, which is the letter in the password, is shifted according to the specified number.A

Java plaintext cipher Triple encryption method _java

This article introduces two methods of cipher encryption, these two are very common can be found at random Baidu. 1. Morse Code; Say password encryption has to be put to the method. It's a classic. First of all, tell him the comparison table,

Information Encryption and information encryption technology

Information Encryption and information encryption technology There are various encryption methods for information. We have introduced a self-designed encryption method. If you are interested, you can enjoy it. Thank you for your advice. Today, we

Java des encryption and decryption

Java des encryption and decryption Package com. des. test; import java. security. noSuchAlgorithmException; import java. security. secureRandom; import javax. crypto. cipher; import javax. crypto. keyGenerator; import javax. crypto. secretKey;

Python3 method of generating random cipher _python

This paper illustrates the method of generating random cipher by Python3, which has a wide range of practical value in Python programming. The specific methods are as follows: This article mainly realizes the creation of 8-bit random password

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