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The midpoint drawing line in computer graphics, the midpoint drawing circle, Bresenham drawing line and Drawing circle algorithm

, int radius, int color){int x = 0;int y = radius;int delta = (1-radius);int direction;while (y >= 0) {Putpixel (centerx+x, centery+y, color);Putpixel (centerx-x, centery+y, color);Putpixel (centerx-x, centery-y, color);Putpixel (centerx+x, centery-y, color);if (Delta if ((delta+y)-1) Direction = 1;}else {Direction = 2;}}else if (Delta > 0) {if ((delta-x)-1) Direction = 2;}else {Direction = 3;}}else {direction=2;}switch (direction) {Case 1:x + +;Delta + = (2*x+1);BreakCase 2:x + +;y--;Delta + =

A method of drawing a circle by the equation of a known circle

For example, the equation of the known circle: x2+y2=32, the method of drawing a circle has the following two kinds: Method One will evolve the circle equation to 2 functions, drawing images separately In the first step, the circle

Algorithm of midpoint drawing circle

coordinate method, assuming that the angle between a point P (x,y) and the x axis in the rectangular coordinate system is θ, the polar equation of the circle is: x = rcosθ y = rsinθ The circle is generated by the eight-point symmetry of the circle, so that the value range of the independent variable θ (0,45°) can be used to draw the whole

JS code to achieve the Baidu map drawing Circle Delete labeling _javascript skills

circle = new (mpoint,5000); Circle.setfillcolor ("Blue"); Fill Color circle.setstrokeweight (1);//Set the width of the circle edge, with an integer greater than or equal to 1. Circle.setfillopacity (0.3);//Returns the fill transparency of the circle. Circle.setstrokeopacity (0.3);//Set the edge transparency of the

ArcGIS JS Learning Note 2 to realize the imitation of Baidu's drag-and-drop drawing circle

Draw a CircleSolve the problem of drag and drop, and then you can implement drag-and-drop drawing circle. We pass in the center point to draw the initialization circle, the default radius is 500 meters,Startdrawcircle:function (centerpoint) { this._unregistmapevents (); This.centerpoint = CenterPoint; = Th

Using Flash as to realize the effect of the mouse drawing circle

increased lineTo (Ma Th.cos (TH) *100, math.sin (TH) *100);//by Parametric equation of while (thfunction DrawOval (sx,sy,ex,ey,n) {//The method of drawing a circle/ellipse, in fact, the first four parameters determine a rectangle, but note that only the logical rectangle,//We do not draw it out, just inside its range to paint the ellipse, The following comment describes what this rectangle looks lik

D3.js to make a point drawing with a circle (i.)

colors (i);}). Call (Force.drag); Increase the drag effect, pull the nodeFinally, we'll take a little bit, draw the dotted line to the canvas.Force.on ("tick", function () {edges.attr ("x1", function (d) {return d.source.x;}) . attr ("Y1", function (d) {return d.source.y;}) . attr ("X2", function (d) {return;}) . attr ("Y2", function (d) {return;}); Nodes.attr ("CX", function (d) {return d.x;}) . attr ("Cy", function (d) {return d.y;});});In this way, ea

Midpoint Drawing Circle Algorithm

()); theSetPixel (XC + circpt.gety (), YC-circpt.getx ()); +SetPixel (Xc-circpt.gety (), YC-circpt.getx ()); - } $ $ voidCirclemidpoint (Glint xc, glint YC, glint radius) - { - SCREENPT circpt; the -Glint p =1-radius;//Initial value for midpoint parameterWuyi theCircpt.setcoords (0, radius);//Set coords for top point of circle. - //Plot the initial point in each circle Quadrant Wu circleplotpoints (

Php circle drawing method

This article describes how to draw a circle in php. It analyzes in detail the basic steps and implementation methods of drawing a circle in php. For more information, see This article describes how to draw a circle in php. It analyzes in detail the basic steps and implementation methods of

HTML5 drawing a Gradient circle <canvas> third article

Draw a Gradient circleContext.createradialgradient (x0,y0,r0,x1,y1,R1); Parameters Description X0 The x-coordinate of the beginning circle of the gradient Y0 The y-coordinate of the start circle of the gradient R0 The radius of the start circle X1 The x-coordinate

D3.js make a point drawing with a circle (a) __js

what is SVG. how to draw a circle on SVG. How to draw a line on SVG. what are the basic attributes of the attempt? These questions will be answered by this article. In the code, we use the above Web page framework, the body inside the JS to replace the current JS can. SVG SVG, Scalable vector graphs, we later draw the data display diagram mostly in the SVG this large container to complete, it is equivalent to the canvas. Creating SVG is a good way

"iOS Dev-80" quartz2d Drawing Introduction: Line/Circle/ellipse/square and context stack management Cgcontextsavegstate/cgcontextrestoregstate

); Draw Arc Cgcontextaddarc (CTX, M_pi_4, M_PI, 1); Cgcontextstrokepath (CTX); Draw 1/4 circles, as well as set new methods of color Cgcontextmovetopoint (CTX, 10, 230); Cgcontextaddlinetopoint (CTX, 10, 280); Cgcontextaddlinetopoint (CTX, 60, 280); Cgcontextaddarc (CTX, ten, 280, 0,-m_pi_2, 1); [[Uicolor Greencolor]Setstroke]; Cgcontextstrokepath (CTX); Draw pictures and text (do not need to get the context manually) NSString *[emailprotected] "Xin-chou-an-year-e

Two examples of php circle drawing: Use of php plot functions imagearc () and ImagePng ()

Two examples of php circle drawing: Use of php plot functions imagearc () and ImagePng () Header ("Content-type: image/png "); $ Im = ImageCreate (150,150 ); $ Gray = ImageColorAllocate ($ im, 230,230,230 ); $ Black = ImageColorAllocate ($ im, 0, 0, 0 ); ImageString ($ im, 3, 5, 5, "Figure 18.5: Circle

Midpoint Brehensam Drawing Circle algorithm

#include #include #include #include void midbrehansemcircle (int x, int y, int radius);int main (){int gdriver = DETECT, gmove;int x, y, radius;printf ("Please input Circle corner:\n");scanf ("%d%d", x, y);printf ("Please input Circle radius:\n");scanf ("%d", radius);Initgraph (gdriver, gmove, "");Midbrehansemcircle (x, y, radius);System ("pause");Closegraph ();return 0;}void midbrehansemcircle (int x, int

Cocos2d-x of the Drawing circle

, angle (in radians, now 360 degrees), - //number of edges, whether to draw a line connected to the center of the circle) - //the number of sides is just a few sides of the shape - //drawprimitives::d rawcircle (Point (0, 0), M_PI * 2, 3, true); in //drawprimitives::d rawcircle (Point (0, 0), M_PI * 2, 5, true); -Drawprimitives::d rawcircle (Point (0,0), -, M_PI *2, -,true); to } +}In the bool Helloworld::init ()Aut

CSS Border-radius Drawing Circle

1.CSS Painted Solid Circle The length and width are equal, and the Border-radius is set to half the length (width). { width:px; height:px; Background-color #a72525; -webkit-border-radius: +px; } 2.CSS Painted Hollow Circle Similar to drawing a solid circle method, just set the border size to less t

OpenCV various drawing straight Rectangle circle Ellipse

Drawing functions (1) Linear cvline function Its structure void Cvline (//Draw line cvarr* array,//canvas image cvpoint pt1,//start point cvpoint pt2,//end cvscalar color,//color int thickness = 1,//width int connectivity = 8//anti-aliasing );Instance Code #include Output results (2) Rectangle Cvrectangle function Its structure void Cvrectangle (//Draw rectangle cvarr* array,//canvas graphics cvpoint pt1,//start point cvpoint pt2,//

The basics of Java drawing: Draw a circle

/*** Basic principles of Java drawing: Draw a circle* @author TFQ* @date 2011-08-27*/ Import javax.swing.*;Import java.awt.*; public class Drawcicle extends jframe{ Mypanel Mp=null;public static void Main (string[] args) {Drawcicle dc=new drawcicle ();}Public Drawcicle () {MP =new Mypanel ();This.add (MP);This.setsize (300, 250);This.setlocation (600, 300);This.setdefaultcloseoperation (this. Exit_on_close)

HTML5 Canvas Drawing Circle

HTML5 Canvas Drawing Circle1. Design Source code2. Design Results3. Analysis and explanation(1) Create a pathContext.beginpath ();(2) Create a circular pathContext.arc (600,300,200,0,math.pi*2,true);The first parameter x: The beginning of the horizontal axisSecond parameter y: Start ordinateRadius of the third parameter: radius of a circleFourth parameter startangle: Start angleFifth parameter endangle: End angleSixth parameter anticlockwise: whether

Llustrator Design Beautiful Overlay circle Drawing method sharing

To the users of the Llustrator software to share a detailed analysis of the design of a beautiful superimposed ring of the drawing method. Tutorial Sharing: Well, the above information is small set to you llustrator of this software users of the detailed design of the beautiful superimposed circle of the drawing metho

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