cisco 2811 modules

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The experience to config Cisco 2811 for VOIP

Introduction My company wowould like to set up a call center. the call center needs a VOIP router. we choosed Cisco 2811, and we applied an E1 cable to host 30 phones in. we need to do necessary configuration in the Cisco 2811 router. Config the Cisco

Cisco 2811 Routers Detailed configuration

Cisco 2811 Routers Detailed configurationRouter>enableRouter#configure TerminalRouter (config) #hostname cisco2811//define router name2811 (config) #enable password 124563831//Set Login password2811 (config) #line vty 0 42811 (config-line) #password 124563831//Set Telnet password2811 (Config-line) #login2811 (Config-line) #exit2811 (config) #interface fastethernet 0/0//Set Intranet interface2811 (config-if)

It helps you identify various mainstream Cisco switch modules

Different types of switches use different module design methods. as a leader in the switch industry, the performance of Cisco switch modules is still very good and has been recognized by many people. Cisco switch module adaptive 1/2 Gbps interface: provides high-performance connections and is compatible with existing devices. The highest-performance inter-switch

Line cards and modules supported by Cisco Catalyst 4500 Switches

The following are the modules supported by vswitch 4500: WS-F4531-Cisco Catalyst 4500 NetFlow service daughter WS-X4148-FE-LX-MT-Cisco Catalyst 4500 Fast Ethernet Switching Module, 48 Port 100BASE-LX10 Single-Mode Optical Fiber SMF) MT-RJ) WS-X4148-FX-MT-Cisco Catalyst 4500 Fast Ethernet Switching Module, 48 Port 100BA

Some cisco switch modules

Some cisco switch modules organize the TwinGig Converter Module of the Catalyst 3750-E Series Switch: TwinGig SFP converter can convert the 10 thousand M Ethernet X2 interface into two Gigabit Ethernet Small pluggable (SFP) ports. XENPAK uplink modules of Catalyst 3750G series switches: common optical modules

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