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The experience to config Cisco 2811 for VOIP

Introduction My company wowould like to set up a call center. the call center needs a VOIP router. we choosed Cisco 2811, and we applied an E1 cable to host 30 phones in. we need to do necessary configuration in the Cisco 2811 router. Config the Cisco

Packet Tacer doing Cisco Terminal Access server experiments

, after logging in R1, you cannot use ctrl+shift+6, and then type "X" key to return to terminal in this way. It seems Packer Tracer still have a lot to be perfected.Write here, the configuration of the terminal access server is done. Because I am also a beginner, writing these things is also to give themselves a summary of learning, so inevitably there is a wrong

Cisco 2811 Routers Detailed configuration

Cisco 2811 Routers Detailed configurationRouter>enableRouter#configure TerminalRouter (config) #hostname cisco2811//define router name2811 (config) #enable password 124563831//Set Login password2811 (config) #line vty 0 42811 (config-line) #password 124563831//Set Telnet password2811 (Config-line) #login2811 (Config-line) #exit2811 (config) #interface fastethernet 0/0//Set Intranet interface2811 (config-if)

Cisco 2509 Terminal Server Configuration

This article uses the Cisco 2509 Terminal Server to log on to other machines. how to configure the server? The following article describes the configuration process in detail and provides configuration commands. Use Cisco router reverse Telnet for

Cisco Packet Tracer 6.0 configuration Terminal Server

Cisco Packet Tracer 6.0 configures the Terminal Server method:Look at my topology first.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" capture. PNG "alt=" Wkiom1bnyxwrijp5aaaktarjm2m738.png "/>Server configuration:1, configure the IP address, and client side

Cisco Terminal Server Configuration tips (NHWIC-16A & NM-32A)

"Connection refused by remote host" still appears in telnet host 1015, and an asterisk appears in front of tty. In this case, "clear line tty 68" is required" Terminal Server Configuration: The asynchronous port of the terminal server is connected to the console port of the test router using a

Configuration of Cisco 2509 Terminal servers

Use Cisco router reverse telnet to do Terminal ServerIf we have more than one router to do the experiment, if it is according to the control line of a single configuration will be very troublesome, so we need to configure a Terminal server to log on to other machines here, the following practices:Install the eight claw

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (18) router DHCP server and relay configuration

protocol router (config-router) #network the network that needs to be advertised (located in the routing interface) router ( Config-router) #network (config-router) #exit/*=part3dhcp Relay Agent configuration */ Router (config) #service dhcp //enable DHCP feature router (config) #inter f0/0 //Enter No. 0 module NO. 0 port (Fast Ethernet interface) Router (config-if) #ip HELPER-ADDRESSNBSP;;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;//forwards DHCP request packets in

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