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Zabbix monitors Cisco switch port 3750 traffic

I will talk about two tips, one about monitoring switch port traffic and the other about store value. 1. Monitor switch port traffic Switch monitoring document in the production environment on the Internet. Therefore, it is complete, and a key knowledge is interspersed in th

Introduction to Cisco 3750 switch Stack

, and the slot number is different) Iii. Stack instances: 1: The stacked cables are physically connected. The connection method is master stack1, which is connected to slave stack2. 2: enable the master without any configuration. . 3: Server Load balancer is enabled. 4: No configuration is required. Line plug, automatic stacking election upon startup, master is highlighted) Note: You can also configure stacks first, such as IP addresses and priorities. 4. Check the current stack status: Show pla

Cisco 3750 switch stack configuration points

Cisco 3750 switch stack configuration points 3750 stack is a real stack, the Catalyst 3550 series uses StackWise technology, it is an innovative stack architecture, A 32 Gbps stack interconnection is provided to connect up to nine switches and integrate them into a unified, logical, and optimized device for convergence

Cisco 2950 3550 3750 series switch password hack

#十二步 Save ConfigurationDestination filename [startup-config]?Building configuration ...[OK]switch#-=--------Switch#reload#重新启动-----------Press RETURN to get started!00:00:14:%spantree-5-extended_sysid:extended sysid enabled for type VLAN00:00:17:%sys-5-config_i:configured from memory by console00:00:17:%sys-5-restart:system restarted--Cisco Internetwork Operating

CISCO 3750 Dual Switch stack operation, cisco3750 dual

CISCO 3750 Dual Switch stack operation, cisco3750 dual Double switch stack operation I. Basic Requirements: The ios version must be consistent with the dedicated stack module and stack cable, and the maximum number of stacks is 9. Ii. Stack advantages: High-density ports, easy to manage, and stacked switches can be reg

Configure the Cisco MDS Optical Fiber storage Switch configuration Zone

Tags: Cisco MDS zone san Configure a Cisco MDS Optical Fiber storage switch (MDS multilayer Director Switch multi-layer optical fiber array switch)General process: 1: Create a vsan,

CISCO mds FC optical fiber switch configuration reference

CISCO mds FC optical fiber switch configuration reference(1) There are several concepts that must be clarified (different from brocade ):(1) brocade divides zones directly. While mds divides zones under vsan, mds can divide several vsan first, and each vsan includes several zones.(2) brocase: the default port is open,

Cisco launches a new multi-layer smart optical fiber switch

enterprises hope to deploy a high-intelligence, high-availability, and high-reliability storage network (SAN) on the basis of cost control ), or, if you want to extend your SAN infrastructure from an entry-level network to enterprise-level deployment, try to protect your SAN infrastructure investment. Cisco's upcoming CiscoMDS9100 series of multi-layer smart Optical Fiber switches will make customers' wishes a reality.

Multi-port Cisco switch Module)

The implementation of the multi-port Cisco switch module is a common problem. How to configure the Cisco switch module, any problems related to ports will be fully resolved in this article. Cisco

How to pair an internet cafe fiber optic switch with the distribution frame Port

) and connect the launch end of the testing terminal to the network cable at one end of the computer, then, use the receiver to test the network cable of the optical fiber switch of the Internet cafe one by one, and find out the end of the signal to connect to the indicator. The end is mounted to the number tube and stabbed into the status of the optical fiber

Port activation process of brocade San optical fiber switch (new version)

I have previously reprinted an article about port activation of the brocade San optical fiber switch. You only need to use a direct connection to connect the NIC AND THE brocade switch.The IP address of the computer is set to Enter the default IP address in the browser to directly configure the vswitch.There is no random network cable, onl

Port activation process of brocade San optical fiber switch

Document directory 1. Collect the WWN address of the SAN Switch: 2. It takes 5 steps to register licnese from the official brocade website. 3. Import the license key: Technorati labels: brocade, brocade, San, optical fiber switch, port Activation Port activation process

Check the connected switch port according to the IP address. Applicable to the CISCO Network

In the middle of a Cisco switching network, how do I find out which port of the switch is connected to the IP address of a machine? The most convenient and quick way is to use the User tracking function of the CiscoWorks 2000 LMS network management software. The graphical interface is clear at a glance. If you do not have this software, you can use the following

Cisco switch Port Mirroring configuration

(config) #no monitor session 1Switch (config) #endSwitch#wrSwitch#show MonitorNo SPAN configuration is present in the system.3. Other(1) Port image filtering, port mirroring can do filter.Monitor session session_number Filter VLAN Vlan-id [, |-]* * Specifies which VLANs belong to the traffic that the source port is entering, and can be emitted from the destinati

Port security Configuration for the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (7) switch

Port security Configuration for the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (7) switchExperimental Purpose : Master the port security function of the switch, control the user's secure accessExperimental Background : The company network adopts the personal fixed IP Internet program, in order to prevent the company internal User

Cisco switch Port Aggregation configuration

The port rate between switches and switches, between switches and routers, does not meet the actual rate and requires tying more than two ports together to load balance and prevent single points of failure.1. Select Switch SW2960 to configure the F0/1 and F0/2 port modes to truck#conf Terminal into privileged mode#interface Range Fa0/1–2 used to bind a set of po

Cisco switch port broadcast storm settings

Cisco switch port broadcast storm settings are more practical. When a port receives a large number of broadcast, unicast, Or multicast packets, a broadcast storm occurs. Forwarding these packets will slow down the network or cause timeout. Using broadcast storm control on ports can effectively avoid network paralysis c

Practice: CISCO Switch Port Security (1)

We have explained a lot about the configurations of CISCO switches. Here we will mainly explain the port security configurations of CISCO 3550 switches. Scenario: There is a CISCO3550 switch in a certain unit. For the sake of network security, the security requirements for some ports are high, that is, only the specifi

Cisco switch configuration and console port connectivity

Switch configuration command base user mode hostname#; Switch Configuration Command Basics User mode hostname#; Privileged mode hostname (config) #; Global configuration mode hostname (CONFIG-IF) #; Switch Password settings: Switch Basic configuration Includes VLAN creation, deletion, setting of

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