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H3C MSR 3016 and Cisco 5510 ipsec vpn Interconnection

H3C MSR 3016 and Cisco 5510 ipsec vpn connection preface: Book connected to the, a previous branch of a VPN (cisco5510) device is damaged, temporary find a backup VPN (H3C Msr3016 ), after the system is refreshed, set ipsec vpn. Fortunately, the CISCO5510 configuration was backed up and H3C msr 3016 was reconfigured according to the original configuration. Www.2ct

HDU 5510 Bazinga

3 is not the maximum value we want to get, we continue to start from (2), compare (2) and (1), find (1) also not (2) substring, then look (1) is not(3) (6) The substring, found (1) is not (6) of the substring, the result of the I is 6, is not greater than the previous result 3, so the final result is 6 (these processes can be done with a recursive function)(Is it a little unclear ^_^!.... Debug This example again, OK)#include #include#includestring.h>#include#includeusing namespacestd;Const int

Centos 65 compile and install nginx-1513+php-5510+mysql-5537

script_filename $document _root$fastcgi_script_name; Include Fastcgi_params; } #取消FastCGI the comment for the server section location, and note the parameters of the Fastcgi_param row, instead $document _root$fastcgi_script_name, or use an absolute path /etc/init.d/nginx Restart #重启nginx Copy Code 13. Testing Copy Code cd/usr/local/nginx/html/#进入nginx默认网站根目录 rm-rf/usr/local/nginx/html/* #删除默认测试页 VI index.php #编辑 Phpinfo (); Chown www.www/usr/local/nginx/html/-R #设置目录所有者 chmod 700/usr/local/ngin

HDU 5510 Bazinga (kmp+ violence marker)

Title Link: directly with KMP rash hair, timed out, and later found that if the preceding string is included in the following string, then we do not need to use the preceding string to compare, mark him off.Implementation code:#include #include#include#includeusing namespacestd;Chars[505][2050];intvis[510];intnext1[2050];intSlen,tlen;voidGet_next (Char*mat) { intj,k; Tlen=strlen (MAT); J=0; k=-1; next1[0]=-1; while(jTlen) { if(

HDU 5510 Bazinga (KMP)

Test instructions: Given n strings, let you find out the maximum R, so that there is a SL is not a sub-string of SR (L Analysis: KMP algorithm, but the direct violence don't think about, definitely tle, so we think about, with two pointers L, R, if SL is not a string of SR, then we can update R, continue back, until the last found.The code is as follows:#pragma COMMENT (linker, "/stack:1024000000,1024000000") #include HDU 5510 Bazinga (KMP)

HDU 5510 Bazinga string + hash

Input45ABABCZABCABCDZABCD4YOULOVINYOUABOUTLOVINYOUALLABOUTLOVINYOU5DEDEFABCDABCDEABCDEF3ABACCCSample OutputCase #1:4Case #2: -1case #3:4Case #4:3Source2015ACM/ICPC Asia Shenyang Station-Replay (thanks to Tohoku University)Test instructions:, in turn, give n strings, find the subscript maximum and cannot contain the string of the preceding string (that is, all the strings are the substring of the string). #include Analysis:1. Complexity did not think of a reasonable way down, the right way is to

"Hdu 5510", "2015ACM/ICPC Asia Shenyang Station-Replay" Bazinga Test Instructions & Code (c + +)

Topic Links: Instructions:Given n strings, the largest string is evaluated, and there is a string in the string that is smaller than the subscript in it is not his substring.The following:First can think of kmp+n^2 violent match, but the feeling will time out, so we need to add some pruning, water problem, not to be frightened by his data range.Code:#include #include #include #include using namespace STD;intt,n,m,vis[505];intnex[505][2005];Chars[

HDU 5510 Bazinga

; atscanf"%d",Kase); - while(kase--) { -scanf"%d",n); -memset (Invalid,false,sizeofinvalid); - for(inti =0; I i) { -scanf"%s", S[i]); in if(I match (s[i-1],s[i])) -invalid[i-1] =true; to } + intRET =-1; - for(inti = n1; I >=0 ret = =-1; --i) { the for(intj =0; J 1; ++j) { * if(Invalid[j])Continue; $ if(!match (S[j],s[i])) ret = i +1;Panax Notoginseng } - } theprintf"Case #%d:%d\n"

HDU 5510 Bazinga (Kmp+dfs pruning) 2015ACM/ICPC Asia Shenyang Station-Replay (thanks to Tohoku University)

#%d:%d\n", TM, ans+1);98 } About - intMain ()101 {102scanf"%d", t);103 for(intTM =1; TM )104 { the init ();106 Work ();107 Outit (tm);108 }109}View CodeKMP Algorithm--Http:// Look at other people's code, some directly using the iterative method, the complexity of N^2/2, but with a feeling less reliable pruning. I figured it out, worst case time seems to explode. But the result of the operation is not much slower than mine, drunk. Maybe ther

Cisco product and hardware, Cisco Device Management

Tags: Cisco products and hardware, Cisco Device ManagementCisco product and hardware, Cisco Device ManagementOne, Cisco products and hardware1. Cisco Product System(1) Cisco Routing product SystemBranch company levelUsually refers

Cisco uc-feature -01-phone-unplug the-cisco IP phone

From today onwards, let's show a few of the basic features of Cisco UC, one of the first basic features: Cisco IP Phone.The word Cisco CUCM is bull x!Knowing that the CUCM is a ippbx in a cow's lecture, it provides the phone function of the IP phone to replace the traditional analog phone.In fact, know this is a broken cow, but also in the study of Microsoft's UC

Cutting-Edge Education: Cisco (Cisco) certificates are gold-content, but are you right?

With the advent of the Internet era, more and more work and information technology-related, in the requirements of the times, each person's development and employment needs to have the knowledge and quality of the Internet, then in this do not test the certificate of the age, Cisco gold content such a high certificate in the end there is no use? The leading-edge education small compilation uses the data to explain the question.Because our large depart

Five acquisitions Cisco intensive integration for self-redemption (innovation comes from small and beautiful companies, Cisco does not want to stifle this innovation)

Half a year five acquisitions Cisco intensive integration for self-redemptionWu MicroCisco, a "takeover guru", recently announced a new deal.The acquisition was Cloudlock, a cloud security company, with a total transaction price of $293 million. This is the fifth takeover deal that Cisco has launched this year.As the world's largest network equipment manufacturer, Cisco

Cisco ASA5500 Series Firewall recovery iOS whole process

is upSending, 100-byte ICMP echoes to, timeout is 4 seconds:?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Success rate is percent (19/20)5, execute the TFTPDNLD command, after execution shows the followingRommon #7 > tftpdnldROMMON Variable Settings:address= [email protected] via!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!At this point, iOS is not loa

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Modular with Cisco IOS software (1)

Overview This product announcement focuses on Cisco®Catalyst®Cisco IOS on 6500 series switches®See Figure 1 ). The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series, modular with Cisco IOS software, improves operational efficiency and minimizes downtime through continuous evolution of software infrastructure. By running the modular

WIN8 Cisco VPN 442 Error solution/Error Code 442 Cisco VPN Clinet wit

WIN8 Cisco VPN 442 Error solution/Error Code 442 Cisco VPN Clinet with Windows 8 when you start using win8, because of work needs to use Cisco VPN Client, however, in win8, the Cisco VPN Client reports a 442 Error and cannot be used. The following Error message is displayed: Error Code 442 while connect to VPN server b

Cisco IOS: Cisco Network Operating System

Internet Operating System (IOS) is Cisco's private core software package, which is mainly implemented on Cisco routers and switches. Cisco IOS software uses a set of value-added technologies and features to provide Internet intelligence.Cisco IOS includes a group of superb network technologies, mainly composed of internet devices such as a single router, it is used to provide shared media hub vro modules, v

Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 1. Configure line Connection and login

"Introduction" is a Cisco with Stackwise Plus? Catalyst? The 3750-E series switches are an enterprise-class, stand-alone, stackable wiring switch family that supports the deployment of secure converged applications and maximizes investment protection based on the development of network and application requirements. By combining A/V and power over Ethernet (PoE) configuration with a Gigabit Ethernet uplink, the Cis

Cisco advanced routing with Switching (Cisco section) 3–4 days

Tags: HSRP working principle STP effect ACL access control List loop storm Cisco private protocolDay 031. What is HSRP? How does it work?HSRP: Hot Standby Routing protocolHSRP is a Cisco private protocol that ensures that user communication can be quickly and transparently restored when a network edge device or access link fails.This provides redundant rows for the IP network. By using the same virtual IP a

(Cisco) 12000 Cisco router series trust Analysis

12000 the Cisco router series is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Here we mainly analyze the performance characteristics of the Cisco router series. In today's information age, enterprise mail has become an essential tool for business communication and communication. With the new routing technology, enterprise mail also has more and more innovative features. However, compared with diver

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