cisco asa 5505 license upgrade

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Configure AnyConnect Client VPN on Cisco ASA 5505

This is certainly not the first article on "Quick Guide to building a VPN using Cisco devices, however, we still hope that this guide will become an all-in-one guide for users who use ASA 5505 devices to set up VPN and connect to the Internet. The ASA itself has a setup wizard, but this wizard does not cover all aspect

Cisco ASA 5505 Password reset

Company A Cisco asa5505 collapsed, fortunately there is a standby machine, but before the other people have used, do not know the login password, so take out the console line access to the standby 5505, re-power, press ESC at startup, then the prompt Rommon #0 >The value of the configuration register is 0x41 Rommon #0 >confreg 0x41Enter reboot, restart the device Rommon #1 >rebootThe process of entering a p

Cisco ASA iOS Upgrade or recovery

Cisco ASA iOS upgrade or RestoreFirst, pre-upgrade preparation work1 , prepare the iOS file you want to upgrade and the corresponding ASDM file2 , set up TFTP on a computer, configure the directory, and connect to the firewall (assuming the computer IP is

Cisco ASA iOS Upgrade or recovery

Cisco ASA iOS Upgrade or RestoreFirst, pre-upgrade preparation work1. Prepare the iOS files to be upgraded and the corresponding ASDM files2. Set up TFTP on a computer, setup the directory, and connect with the firewall (assuming the computer IP is, upgrade

Cisco VSS License Upgrade steps

Cisco VSS License Upgrade steps:1. Close standby all non-VSL portsint range Gigabitethernet 2/2/1-12Shint range Gigabitethernet 2/3/1-12Sh2. Install license on active:License Install Bootflash:SPE16220060_201309210212042440.lic3. Close the VSL port on activeint RA tengigabitethernet 1/1/2-4Sh4. Install

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