cisco asa monitor traffic

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Use prtg to monitor the CPU load and port traffic of Cisco Routers

computers. NetFlow: in fact, most Cisco routers support the NetFlow protocol, which can calculate bandwidth utilization. Although its configuration is the most complex, it is still the most powerful and suitable method for networks with large network communication traffic. Cisco devices that support NetFlow can track the bandwidth utilization of the network from

Cisco ASA Advanced Configuration

Cisco ASA Advanced Configuration first, to prevent IP Shard Attack 1 , Ip the principle of sharding; 2 , Ip security issues with sharding; 3 , Prevention Ip Shards. these three questions have been described in detail before and are not introduced here. For more information, please check the previous article:IP sharding principle and analysis. Second, URL Filter Use AS

Cisco ASA Firewall Common configuration (ASA Version 8.2 (5))

accessed through the extranet IP.To turn on NAT:Global (outside) 1 interfaceNat (inside) 1 port mapping:static (inside,outside) TCP interface 3389 netmask do access control for an external network port:Access-list outside_access Extended permit IP any anyAccess-group Outside_access in Interface OutsideThe above directive realizes, the external network user accesses the internal terminal through the public network IP, but the intranet u

[Cisco Firewall] Cisco ASA firewall Enterprise Network instance

Premise: With the development of the network, network security has become an important topic at present. More and more companies will choose to use the firewall as the company's egress device. Compared with the router, the firewall not only has the forwarding routing function, it can also filter internal and external traffic to further enhance the security of the company's network. Tutorial topology: 650) This. width = 650; "Title =" 1.png" src = "ht

Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall fragment Message Denial of Service Vulnerability

:* Disable the Cisco ASA firewall to redirect Web traffic to the Cisco asa ngfw module:ASA (config) # policy-map cx_traffic_policyASA (config-pmap) # class cx_trafficASA (config-pmap-c) # no cxcs* Disable fragment Message Processing for

Cisco ASA basic Theory with configuration

Cisco's ASA Firewall is a stateful firewall that maintains a connection table (conn) about user information, by default the ASA provides stateful connections to TCP and UDP traffic, and is non-stateful to the ICMP protocol.The message traversal process for Cisco ASA is as fo

The basic idea and application of Cisco-asa

ASA-防火墙-cisco The role of the ASA firewall1, in the network to isolate dangerous traffic, no point.The principle of the ASA firewall1. Distinguish different areas by security level: internal area, external area, demilitarized zone.By default: High-level

Cisco ASA Firewall Active/standby failover

In this article, I'll briefly explain the Active/standby failover configuration on the Cisco ASA. The lab is do in GNS3. Physical topology: ConfigurationCiscoasa/act/pri (config) # sh run failoverFailoverFailover LAN Unit PrimaryFailover LAN Interface failover_stateless GIGABITETHERNET0/2Failover link failover_stateful gigabitethernet0/1Failover interface IP failover_stateless 255.255.255

Asa-handing Traffic

packet reassembly process. Otherwise, someone could send an endless stream of fragmented packets and exhaust the ASA ' s memory. Virtual Packet reassembly is limited in the following ways by default: A maximum of the unique packets that can be reassembled, per interface A maximum of fragments for a single packet A maximum time of 5 seconds for all fragments of a packet to arrive Commands used to Configure Virtual Packet

ASA same-security-traffic

ASA supports two same-security-traffic types. Their application scenarios are1: different interfaces with the same security-level2: traffic between the same interfaces: cisco is called IPSEC hairpinnig, which is mainly defined in ipsec vpn.Description: ipsec vpn is not used for tunneling, or tunneling is not allowed. A

CISCO ASA NAT reflow Solution

In actual cases also encountered this kind of problem, the customer intranet has a server map on the Internet, extranet user access Global-ip no problem, but intranet users want to access Global-ip will not pass, typical is the user will intranet server made public network DNS a record, Both internal and external networks are accessed through domain names.JUNIPER series equipment including NETSCREEN/ISG/SSG no such problems, directly through the ordinary dip can be achieved, the subsequent produ

Cisco ASA firewall VPN configuration

Step 1 of Cisco ASA firewall VPN configuration: Create an address pool. To remotely access the client, you need to assign an IP address during logon. Therefore, we also need to create a DHCP address pool for these clients. However, if you have a DHCP server, you can also use a DHCP server. QUANMA-T (config) # ip local pool vpnpool mask Step 2: Create IKE Phase 1.

Zabbix monitors Cisco switch port 3750 traffic

I will talk about two tips, one about monitoring switch port traffic and the other about store value. 1. Monitor switch port traffic Switch monitoring document in the production environment on the Internet. Therefore, it is complete, and a key knowledge is interspersed in the middle. Zabbix is still innocent .!!! In this demonstration, I used the production envir

Cacti Monitoring Cisco router network card traffic

Recently changed jobs, the company more than 40 people share a 20M bandwidth wireless network, the router for Cisco R2911. Boss, let me make a cacti to monitor Cisco routed network card traffic. The whole days can not get the SNMP data, finally to the routing permission to find that the last operation to the routing SN

Network traffic monitor MRTG Overview

Introduction MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher, MRTG) is a tool software used to monitor network link traffic load. It obtains device traffic information through the SNMP protocol, in addition, the traffic load is displayed to the user in HTML document containing PNG format

Nagios monitors Cisco switch traffic

data from the next time.#第一次提示OK ..., enter this command again after 30 seconds[Email protected] ~]#/usr/local/nagios/libexec/ 2c-c public-h 10001-w 200,300-c 400,500-k-BOk-the traffic in are 1.00KB, out are 0.62KB, Total is 1.62KB. The Check Interval is 46s | In=1.00kb;200;400;0;0 Out=0.62kb;300;500;0;0 Total=1.62kb;500;900;0;0 Interval=46s;1200;1800;0;04. Add the check_traffic command in Commands.cfg (added in moni

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