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A test report of BGP Route-map Policy Routing advertisements

Today, we gave a client a test report based on Route-map to filter through different routes to different end-to-end Cross-domain neighbors. The function point is very small, but for the junior students want to help. BGP is actually a very powerful routing protocol for routing filtering. CCIE is also the focus of the exam, in fact, there is a very good book to r

Community attribute resolution for "Cisco" BGP

Permit 10Match Community Exact-match//Strictly match no-export, a little bit lessSet metric 1111!Route-map Test Permit 20!Router BGP 300Neighbor Route-map Test inClear IP b * sView Results12.0/24 of the Metric The value has changed, and 11.0/24 is still empty. 650)

Relationship between BGP routes and core route tables

Technorati labels: BGP, CCIE, default-information, originate, route BGP default-information originate function testing report 1, Requirement description This Testing need check MAIPU and cisco bgp default-information orginate compatible with each other or not. 2, Testing top

BGP Route jitter penalty

Bgp dampeningTo enable BGP route dampening or change various BGP route dampening factors, use the bgp dampening command in address family or router configuration mode. to disable the function or restore the default values, use the

Iv. Verify the key issues of default routes in BGP Route summary protocol (with the extended ACL matching research process)

Key Issues 1) How does an ACL match route entries with the same subnet and different masks? How do I match entries with the same mask and different subnets? 2) Why does a summary route cause a tumble of BGP peers? 3) Why does the acl fail to match the route entry when attribite-map

BGP route selection principle and attribute detailed explanation: weight

In the IGP era, we all know, for example, OSPF, link state protocol, in the routing of the time, than the cost of the link, which link consumption will be more priority, if two of the same link consumption, then do load balancing. In fact, the 2 principles to achieve the OSPF---shortest path first work principle. What if, in BGP, there are multiple routes to achieve the goal, how should the choice be made? Which path is the preferred one? Take a lo

47. The Med route of BGP configuration experiment from R2R1 ConfigurationIP prefix-list 1 seq 5 Permit MED Permit 10Match IP Address prefix-list 1Set Metric 10Route-map MED Permit 20Router BGP 4Neighbor Route-map MED out650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://

Engineering experience in BGP Route reflectors

Some experiences in man will be shared with you. The approximate topology is shown in (physical connection diagram). The two downlink devices (R1 and R2) and the two core devices both establish IBGP neighbor relationships with the two route reflectors RR, in the BGP of R1 and R2, use the network to publish the network segment at the same time. 1. If no multiple paths (maximum-paths) are set o

Route filter command details route-map

-throughput1000 8 min-delay --------------- ---------------------- Interface Serial0 ip address ip policy route-map sense! Interface Serial1 ip address ip policy route-map sense! Access-list 1 permit 0.255.255access-list 110 permit tcp any eq www any!

route-map/default route

The commands involved in this document are: Neighbor [Ip-address|peer-group-name] advertise-map [route-map-name1] non-exist-map [route-map-name2] Neighbor [Ip-address|peer-group-name] Default-originate Neighbor [ip-address|peer

Cisco Route: fast recovery and stable restart switching (1)

synchronization can continue layer-3 packet forwarding when the RP and the centralized route table are switched. What is Cisco IOS installed on the above router platform? Software 12.0 (22) S or later can support Cisco NSF. It can shorten the router downtime when the primary RP is scheduled for maintenance or when the RP encounters an unexpected fault. In most c

Cisco Policy Routing (policy route) fine Solutions

Note: PBR was previously a major tool used by Cisco to discard messages. For example, set interface null 0, which, according to Cisco, would save a bit more overhead than the ACL's deny. Here I remind: Interface NULL 0No IP unreachable//Join this commandThis avoids the return of many ICMP unreachable messages because of the large number of packets discarded. When a three-tier device forwards a packet base

Hacker intrusion technology details: cisco Route intrusion art (3)

, ActiveState Perl must be installed in Windows. The installation process is very simple. You can view the routing scan results in Html and ASCII text format. The following is a specific scan instance. Exploit: C: \> perl c: \ rat \ bin \ rat-a-u username-w passwd-e enablepass {router_ip_addr} Snarfing router_ip_addr... done. Auditing router_ip_addr... done. Ncat_report: Guide file rscg.pdf not found in current directory. Searching... Linking to guide found at c: \ rat/rscg.pdf Ncat_report: writ

Cisco Route Basics

0 Next Hop address 1 External BGP 20 Internal MongoDB 90 OSPF 110 Rip 120 Equivalent route When a vro finds multiple paths to a certain network, it selects the optimal path based on the measurement value. If the number is the same, Server Load balancer can be achieved. A maximum of six routes can be selected before IOS 12.3 (2) T, 16 parallel routes supported by IOS 12.3 (2) T Re-release Routing For the

Route-map routing policy

[Original] Route-map (1) (14:01:59) reprintedTags: route-map route ing cisco miscellaneous classification: RouterIt is also called a route chart or a

Application and note of Route-Map in redistriing and Policy-Routing Route-map cracker Match ip address 20 Set ip next-hop Access-list 10 permit 0.0.255 Access-list 20 permit 0.0.255 Int s0/0 Ip ad Ip policy route-map cracker In the above example, if the packet of the 6-segment is forwarded to 1.1, the packet of

Routing filtering Command Route-map detailed

(i) Route Maps Characteristics: The Route maps is similar to access lists, except that Route maps can change some of the properties of the packets/routes. Use: Route maps is mainly used for redistribution and Policy Routing and BGP implementation. Realize: Policy routi

Route-map analysis

then run redistribution r2 (config) on R2) # router ospf 111R2 (config-router) # redistribute rip subnets R2 (config) # router ripR2 (config-router) # redistribute ospf 111 metric 1 the key to our experiment is the control of route entries implemented by route-map. For example, we only want r3 to learn and The steps are as follows: Write aclR2 (

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