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PACKET Tracer Learning Network through Cisco simulator Cisco 3--Initial understanding of VLANs

Tags: cal enhancement packet share image share access Cisco virtual SRCVLAN, the virtual LAN (Virtul local area network), the VLAN divides the physical connected LAN logic into different virtual networks, its existence can reduce the broadcast domain, enhance the network security and convenient and flexible networking, adding PCs and switchesBy configuring VLANs, you can implement PC1 and PC2 that are connected to the same switch and cannot communicat

Basic configuration and Telnet login via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer Learning Network 2--switch

, adding switches and end devices1, double-click switch into switch command line (CLI) mode, switch configuration mode by command2 in most cases for security reasons, you need to configure the switch privileged mode passwordValidation test3 Configuring the telnet login switchTo achieve remote login, first need to configure the login user and device management addressVerify the configuration by matching the IP address of the PC with the switch management address into the same network segment and

Learning Network 7--static routes via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Tags: size src zone sha port text topology Cisc-oTwo networks in different regions if you want to communicate, you need to configure routing on the router to implement the packets across the networkRouters can connect to multiple networks, but the router itself does not know about other networks, and we need to manually configure static routes to let routers know about other network information or to configure dynamic routing to let routers learn about other networks themselves.This

Successful Learning Experience of Cisco trainees in Shanxi Sinoe

The experiences of successful users are undoubtedly very important to us, because they not only know the road to success, but also know the road to failure, these experiences are of great reference value to latecomers. Friends who have already passed ccna are very willing to share their experiences with you. Some netizens collected some experiences and sorted them out, hoping they could help those who are preparing for the ccna exam. Winner 1: It is not difficult to test questions. It is mainly

Learn Cisco UC deployment in action with beginners-video lesson-Learning Investment

Have friends, have students, ask what to learn to invest, note: Investment can be reused! It depends on how you use!!!So, I write this blog, the purpose of more convenient for students to learn!A Online Training (Live):1. Tuition Fee:8168 Yuan.(Currently no classes, if required training syllabus, training program, please contact QQ: Learning 3313395633)2.1 Phone initial installation feeInitial installation Fee: 150 yuan (about) + 31 yuan/month, after

Cisco Learning note--BGP14-strip routing principle

extended community properties of the BGP cost Community (BGP costs community) provide a way to customize the best path selection process. This automatic path selection process is inserted after the 8th of the BGP13 rule (priority to the lowest path of the next hop Igp-cost), and the path with the lowest cost value is the preferred one. However, you can use the BGP bestpath cost-community Ignore to ignore this step and configure it in an as or federated configuration so that you can avoid routin

View my learning process at Cisco [reprint] (haihong)

result is in vain. Is that true for friends? After so long time, I finally felt that. Learning really requires a goal and a positioning. I will make a small Report on the process and progress of learning Cisco. I hope to help you learn more. At school, even if you are learning a computer, you can just learn it. This

The first article of Cisco Command Learning

, configure the router to access other network segments required by the gateway18. Show the status of each line19, transport input all, allow all protocols to enter the line20, int loopback0, enter Loopback0 interface21, IP host R1 2033, a host name for the host22. Alias Exec CR1 Clear line 33 for Clear Line command23, privilege exec level 0 clear line, the command clear line to 0, in user mode can execute it24, Banner MOTD, set the user to log on the router when the prompt messa

Cisco 3550 switch stp learning notes

Cisco 3550 switch stp learning notes STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) (IEEE 802.1D) Spanning Tree Protocol-review the working principles of SW: 1. the frame it forwards cannot be modified. create a MAC-PORT ing table based on source MAC learning. forward the frames in the target MAC ing table directly from the corresponding port. for frames without target MAC ing/Tar

Cisco Device Learning

Four (five) types of passwords for Cisco devices:1.Console Port Password2.AUX Auxiliary Port Password3.VTY Remote Telnet password4.enable password/enable secert Privileged mode passwordPassword encryption for plaintext services: service password-encryptionTwo-layer switchMAC address learning + filtering and forwarding of data frames+ Cycle Avoidance (STP)STP action: To ensure that there is no loop in the ne

Also large self-learning 51cto---Cisco switch terminal PC MAC address tracking

and get connected to the switch IP address6. Enter the access layer switchRun the box "Telnet";Show mac address-table dynamic address 3w45.65e3.8866 get port numberShow mac address-table Dynamic interface Gi2/0/17 detail get only one piece of information that proves that the MAC address is on this switch, if not repeat steps 4, 57, first introduced to switch configuration modeEnd8. Enter into the interface mode to divide the attribution VLANInterface GI2/0/17Switchport Access VLAN

Cisco self-taught knowledge points-------VTP domain Concept Learning

using VTP, each switch that joins a VTP domain advertises the following information on the relay port:1) name of the admin domain 2) version number (V1 or V2)3) Configuration Modification Number (0~4294967295)4) MD5 Summary5) identity of the person who updated2, the characteristics of the announcement:1) Send using multicast address: 01-00-0C-CC-CC-CC2) pass through trunk only3) VTP messages are forwarded via VLAN13. VTP Message Type:1) Notification request from the client2) Summary Notice3) Su

CCNA Cisco Basic Learning (iii)

converted to clear text and that non-command text such as "--more--" and IOS messages should also be deleted. This process is discussed in the experiment.In addition, the device must be set to global configuration mode in the CLI to receive commands from a text file that is being copied.The steps to use HyperTerminal are as follows:1. Locate the text document you want to copy to the device and open it.2. Copy all text.3. In the Edit menu, click Paste to host.The steps to use TeraTerm are as fol

Cisco Learning Note CCNP-OSPF

Interface Serial 0/1Ip OSPF authentication Message-digestIp OSPF authentication Message-key 1 MD5 12345 Regional certification: Router OSPF 1Area 0 AuthencationInterface Serial 0/1Ip OSPF Authencation-key 123 Router OSPFArea 0 Authentication Message-digestInterface Serial 0/1Ip OSPF message-digest key 1 MD5 123123 Virtual link Authentication : Router OSPFArea 1 Virtual-link authentication Authencation-key 123123 Router OSPF 1Area 1 Virtua

CCNA Cisco Basic Learning Summary

The main learning is the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) software and the configuration files for routers and switches. This includes accessing and using the IOS CLI mode and configuration process, as well as understanding the meaning and help features of the prompt.Managing IOS profiles and using an orderly approach to test and document network connectivity is an important skill for network admin

Cisco Router Switch Learning

When configuring the Cisco 3560 switch in the morning with the Cisco Packet Tracer practice, it is found that the IP address of the port cannot be configured in port configuration mode.Switch>Switch>enableSwitch#configure TerminalSwitch (config) #interface F0/1Switch (config-if) #?DhcpOnly DHCP commands are available. Check on the Internet, the original switch port is Switchport, that is, the two-layer swit

Cisco Learning Note Ccnp-rip

authenticationMD5 Certification principles:1. Sending the minimum key ID keys2. The number that carries the key ID3. The receiver first looks for the same key ID, if any, matches only once, determines whether it succeedsIf there is no key ID, only one hop down is found, and if it matches, the authentication succeeds; if it does not match, the authentication failsRIP v2 Support Auto-summarizationRip issued default route (5 kinds)1. Method one. Default-information originate---------------recommen

CCNA Cisco Basic Learning (v)

Switch port configurationA LAN switch is an intermediary device that provides interconnection for each segment of a network. Therefore, the physical interface on the switch does not have an IP address. The physical interfaces on the routers are connected to different networks, and the physical interfaces on the switches are different, and they are connected to devices within the network.Switch Link network segment no IPRouter Link Network has IP---------------------------------------------------

Cisco Technology Learning Notes: VTP and three-tier switched VLAN communication

Experiment topological diagram Experiment Request: Using static route to realize network interoperability, using VTP management VLAN, using three-layer switching technology to achieve VLAN communication. Experiment steps: 1, using Visio to draw a topology map 2. Planning IP Address 3, using packet Tracer 5.0 for simulation experiment. Summary of Knowledge points: This experiment set involves static route, VTP, three layer exchange three knowledge points. Where static routing I have men

Embark on a new journey to Cisco Learning

I am engaged in LAN maintenance, and gradually found that their platform, as well as the salary has a great limitation, perhaps it is their own mastery of the technology is not perfect ...On and off the Cisco knowledge, although the previous period of time to obtain the CCNA certificate, but the follow-up study did not catch up in time,Before learning, back to forget, had to start from scratch, from scratch

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