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The first step in building microservices: Where does microservices come from?

Many people talk about " microservices " and are grappling with an old problem more than 20 years ago ; Particle size "; What is the " granularity" of microservices partitioning ? More than 20 years , many people are taking a " Standard answer " ; particle size Span style= "font-family: ' Helvetica Neue '"; In doing software development. Unfortunately, when you have been using the so-called " Standard a

[Server architecture] in-depth thinking of microservices

microservices have and have only a very specific feature that provides the rest of the system through remote APIs. For example: Imagine a warehouse management system in which microservices may provide some of the features: Receiving inventory Calculate where the new inventory should be stored Calculate the route where the inventory is shipped to the correct point of placement within the war

Thrift builds distributed microservices (1) and thrift builds distributed microservices

Thrift builds distributed microservices (1) and thrift builds distributed microservicesI. What is Thrift? For a basic introduction to Thrift, see the Thrift introduction in Zhang Shanyou's article. Ii. Why use microservices? In the rapid development of the company, with the growth of business, more and more subsystems. Different systems have different degrees of overlap in some logic scenarios. For efficie

Building Microservices-PDF documentation, microservices-pdf

Building Microservices-PDF documentation, microservices-pdf I translated several articles in English that are based on Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS to facilitate sharing and exchange, and sorted them into PDF documents. PDF document directory: Directory I. microservice operation model... 3 1. Prerequisites... 3 2. Extension... 5 3. problem... 6 4. required components... 7 5. Reference Model... 8 6. Next s

"MicroServices" Six: Easy to fix springcloud microservices-API Gateway Zuul

Through the introduction of the previous articles, we can easily build up a few of the more important infrastructure services in the microservices system. So, in this blog post, we'll focus on how to design API Gateway concepts by agreeing to expose all microservices APIs. This series of tutorials"MicroServices" easy to fix springcloud Micro Service catalog

Using spring Cloud Zuul as a gateway to integrate multiple microservices into one swagger service under the MicroServices architecture

Attention:If you are working on microservices, there is a need for mutual invocation between services, and the interfaces between services and APIs must generate the management documentation of the system. If you want to better manage your API, you want to have a tool to solve all the API-related things one-stop, then, swagger will be a good choice, the following for you to introduce swagger is the use of methods, if there is wrong, but also to correc

Chris Richardson microservices Translation: Building process communication for microservices architecture

Chris Richardson Micro-Service series translation of all 7 links: Micro Service Introduction Building the Use API Gateway for microservices Building process communication for microservices architecture (this article) Service discovery in micro-service architecture Event-driven data management for micro-services Micro-Service Deployment Reconstruction of monomer application f

"MicroServices," the ongoing deployment under the MicroServices scenario

Over the past two years, the authors have been involved in the MicroServices team in overseas deliveries to enhance the scalability of the Finance system for customers. The author's team, 3 pairs of development (pair programming, 2 dev for pair) Support 11 services for customers, and the continuous deployment pipeline (CD pipeline) is an essential technical practice. This sharing author will share the ongoing deployment (CD) under the

"MicroServices" four: Easy fix springcloud microservices-load Balancing Ribbon

Load balancing is an essential name for any high-availability, high-load system. In a large-scale distributed computing system, a service in a single case, it is difficult to deal with a variety of unexpected situations. Therefore, load balancing is a solution that allows the system to distribute traffic in the event of a performance bottleneck or in some of these states. In the Springcloud system, many of Netflix's best products have been added, one of which is the Ribbon for server-side load b

How to properly implement the internal consistency of microservices through localization events, and the final consistency between event bus across MicroServices

timeProblems with this scenario:Publisher is sent successfully, and the local publishevent event is published , meaning that it is not known from the publisher side Subscriber consumption failure needs re-consumptionSolution: Get publishevent for event retry by detecting publishevent subscribeevent Republish publishevent to subscriber 5. Support the above programming model with NuGet installation componentsInstall-Package SmartEventBus.RabbitMQImplInstall-Package SmartEventBus.R

Quickly set up Feign in microservices and set up Feign in microservices

Quickly set up Feign in microservices and set up Feign in microservices Build a declarative REST client feign in the microservice architecture ].Feign is a declarative Web service client. This makes writing to the Web service client more convenient. Use Feign to create an interface and annotate it. It has support for pluggable comments, including Feign comments and JAX-RS comments. Spring Cloud supports Spr

"Architecture" microservices Combat: From publishing to architecture--Next

maxleap 2016-03-25 13:53 The previous article introduced the differences between microservices and monomer architectures, the design of microservices, messaging, inter-service communication, and data-centric, and this article will continue in-depth microservices to introduce other features. Governance to be centralizedUsually "governance" means b

Micro-service anti-patterns and traps microservices antipatterns and pitfalls reading notes

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Catalogue [−] Data-driven migration anti-pattern Too many data migrations function segmentation first, data migration last Timeout anti-pattern Use timeout Using fuse design mode Share anti-pattern Too much Reliance Techniques for sharing Code Arrival report Anti-pattern Micro-Service Reporting issues Asynchronous Event pushing S

MicroServices, SOA, and API comparison and analysis

Transferred from: SummaryThe contrast between MicroServices architecture and service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a sensitive topic that often leads to heated debates. This article will describe the origins of these debates and analyze how best to address them. Then look further at how these concepts are used in conjunction with API management concepts to achieve a more agile, decentralized, and

Create a microservices service? Please answer these 10 questions first

Original Address: 5cac9aa4ae113592e1513c1ff70ea917scene=21#wechat_redirectAt first glance MicroServices seem to be easy to build, but to really build microservices, the work done is much more than running some code in the container and using HTTP requests to communicate between the code. Before you can develop a new

Micro Service guide North (i): what is microservices

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Micro-Service "microservices" has become one of the most popular hot words in software architecture. There are a lot of articles about microservices on the web, but it feels a lot too far away from us, and we don't find many instances that really apply in enterprise scenarios. Omitted here 10,000 words ~ ~ ~ so want to u

NET implementation of DDD, CQRS and microservices architectures

Wetext Project: A demo case of the DDD, CQRS and MicroServices architecture based on. NET implementationRecently, I learned a little bit about the microservices architecture (Microservice Architecture,msa) for job needs. I have spent two weeks in my spare time, based on my understanding of micro-service architecture from scratch. NET creates an application case for demonstrating the

8 key ideas, practices, and experiences from single-unit architecture to MicroServices

Reproduced in this article should be annotated source: EAII Enterprise Structure Innovation Research Institute (No.: Eaworld), offenders must investigate. To join the group participation in micro-classroom, architecture design and discussion live please respond directly to this public number: "Add group name Company Position No.".As the microservices architecture continues to burn, more and more discussions are being devoted to

Why distributed transactions are no longer applicable to microservices architectures

Traditional applications use local transactions and distributed transactions to ensure data consistency, but in a microservices architecture the data is private and needs to be accessed through the API provided by the service, so the distributed transaction no longer applies to the MicroServices architecture. So how does the MicroServices architecture guarantee d

Read the story between Spring Boot, microservices architecture, and big data governance

Micro-Service ArchitectureThe birth of MicroServices is not accidental, it is the product of the rapid development of the Internet, the rapid changes in technology and the traditional architecture can not adapt to fast changes, such as the impetus of the emergence of multiple factors. In the Internet era, the products usually have two kinds of characteristics: rapid demand changes and large user groups, in this case, how to build a flexible, easy-to-e

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