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What is the Cisco NAC architecture?

Cisco's NAC Framework is an architecture designed to help multiple hardware and software components work together to protect your network from adverse client attacks. This article mainly introduces the NAC Framework architecture. What is a Cisco NAC Framework component? Cisco's NAC

Cisco NAC network access control White Paper

This article describes in detail how to set up the Cisco NAC network, and introduces the advantages of NAC and Its Implementation options. I believe this article will help you. Cisco network access control (NAC) is specially designed to ensure adequate protection for all ter

Solve Problems with Cisco router NAC

The Cisco router NAC solves the problem. The so-called NAC is an architecture that allows multiple hardware and software components to work together to protect the user's network from adverse client attacks. 1. It is not easy to fully implement NAC, because the entire architecture contains too many different components

Extend NAC Measures to network security devices (on)

, therefore, the implementation of this policy can block the network access of undesirable applications-you can set the time limit for users to install these applications from managed laptops and PCs. Integration makes your current NAC policies more fine-grained-at the application layer, rather than at the network layer-to give you control levels that are not available in many standard NAC solutions. Table

New Role of network access control (NAC)

configuration checks. Now, NAC has been further developed into an EVAS platform to meet enterprises' demands for environmental security awareness. He said Cisco, Juniper, ForeScout, And Bradford have all launched such products. The feature of EVAS is the addition of two new features. This platform can be integrated into other security and policy systems. Unlike early N

Use open-source NAC to prevent unauthorized Network Access

the same as that of the IDS system. You can use the bypass method to access the network, that is, the bypass access method through the SPAN port. Another method is to connect the PacketFence to the firewall, which may cause single point of failure, therefore, we recommend that you connect to the access network through a bypass. This figure clearly shows the detailed information of the illegal access point. Example: Operating System distribution information Example: Packetence logs 3. FreeN

Cisco Network Security Solution

security strategy and describes and defines available NAC methods.Advantages of NACAccording to 2005According to the CSI/FBI Security Report, although security technology has been developing for many years and its implementation is even more costly than millions of dollars, however, viruses, worms, spyware, and other forms of malware are still the main problems facing various organizations. The large number of security incidents that organizations en

NAC network access control makes it difficult to implement network security.

NAC Network Access Control) is a huge topic widely discussed in the industry and also the focus of many vendors. Over time, this acronym has almost become a popular term that is overused, and there are also many variants in definition. When I asked some itmanagers how they defined NAC, they agreed that NAC involves three factors:· Access Control, which selectivel

Open-source network access control (NAC) tool-packetfence

Packetfence is an openSource codeNetwork access control tools, which are actively maintained and used by some large organizations. It can effectively ensure network security, including different types of networks from small to very large. Features of packetfence include registering new network devices, detecting abnormal network activities (in combination with SNORT), and isolating problematic network devices, based on registered and planned vulnerability scans. Packetfence Version 1.9.0 has

Typical applications of NAC in the Enterprise

NAC Typical applications in the EnterpriseFREEAC The forum's typical application notes for NAC in the Enterprise1 , NAC for bridging, does not affect the existing topology and IP address planning;2, NAC under the hang switch, the switch hangs the AP;3, all the APS concentrated on AC centralized management, AP are brid

Free NAC Minimalist deployment topology

In conjunction with the free version of NAC released in the FREEAC forum, wireless operations can also be deployed locally using the NAC appliance for wireless networks. It is characterized by:1. a PC server for installing Web servers and RADIUS servers;2. can be in the free NSDP Portal Server source code to test, you can also make the necessary adjustments as needed;3. the free

NAC and VPN access network Focus

communicate over the network. Network Access Control (NAC) is a hot topic. Therefore, it is not surprising that products in this field become news of this week. StillSecure released the Safe Access 5.0 network Access control system software. This software can help enterprises protect the security inside and around the network. Safe Access 5.0 applies a single management platform to network Access control through a centralized management console. This

Comprehensive Understanding of Cisco Series Router Security Configuration

, Cisco SDM users can perform step-by-step firewall locking and quickly deploy secure site-to-site connections through step-by-step VPN. The IPS signature table bundled with Cisco SDM recommended by Cisco can quickly deploy worm, virus, and protocol attack defense systems. The Cisco SDM network access control (

How the Cisco 1800 vswitch works and its skills

uses modular configurations. Compared with the previous generation of Cisco 1700 series routers, the fixed configuration router is designed for broadband, Metro Ethernet, and wireless secure connections, it can provide significant performance improvement, function improvement, rich application and higher value. Cisco 1800 series fixed configuration routers can provide secure broadband access and multiple c

Five acquisitions Cisco intensive integration for self-redemption (innovation comes from small and beautiful companies, Cisco does not want to stifle this innovation)

Half a year five acquisitions Cisco intensive integration for self-redemptionWu MicroCisco, a "takeover guru", recently announced a new deal.The acquisition was Cloudlock, a cloud security company, with a total transaction price of $293 million. This is the fifth takeover deal that Cisco has launched this year.As the world's largest network equipment manufacturer, Cisco

Cisco Network Admission Control Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: 2013-02-01 Affected Systems:Cisco Network Admission Control 4.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 57632CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2012-6029The Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) system consists of Cisco NAC Manager and servers. It i

Cisco product and hardware, Cisco Device Management

Tags: Cisco products and hardware, Cisco Device ManagementCisco product and hardware, Cisco Device ManagementOne, Cisco products and hardware1. Cisco Product System(1) Cisco Routing product SystemBranch company levelUsually refers

Cisco Secure Desktop ActiveX Control Executable File Download Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Cisco Secure Desktop 3.5.841Cisco Secure Desktop 3.5.841Cisco Secure Desktop 3.5.1077Cisco Secure Desktop 3.4.2048Cisco Secure Desktop 3.2Cisco Secure Desktop Secure Desktop Secure Desktop 3.1.1Cisco Secure Desktop 3.1Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 46536Cve id: CVE-2011-0926 Cisco Secure Desktop can reduce the

Cisco IOS: Cisco Network Operating System

Internet Operating System (IOS) is Cisco's private core software package, which is mainly implemented on Cisco routers and switches. Cisco IOS software uses a set of value-added technologies and features to provide Internet intelligence.Cisco IOS includes a group of superb network technologies, mainly composed of internet devices such as a single router, it is used to provide shared media hub vro modules, v

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Modular with Cisco IOS software (1)

Overview This product announcement focuses on Cisco®Catalyst®Cisco IOS on 6500 series switches®See Figure 1 ). The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series, modular with Cisco IOS software, improves operational efficiency and minimizes downtime through continuous evolution of software infrastructure. By running the modular

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