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Analysis of Cisco networking device password

Cisco networking device: password explanation Password0 + password: Set the plaintext password. The password can be seen in both transmission and show. Password7 + password: Set the ciphertext password, which must be followed by the ciphertext. How can this ciphertext be obtained? In fact, you do not have to consider that when your switch enables the encryption service, it is the ciphertext directly.

Networking features of Cisco Route

The networking features of Cisco Route are essential for a network to communicate normally. Cisco routers interconnect different networks to make more efficient use of network resources, it brings great convenience to your life and work.I. Network isolation 1. With the development of the network, security has begun to attract people's attention. To improve networ

"Security Networking" Cisco IOS Device Foundation app

password, and if two passwords are used together,Enable password will not work unless the password for enable secret is valid. The Setup method is as follows:123321Configure the console password and some auxiliary commands:Router#config ter (enter global mode) Router (config)#lineConsole 0 (Enter the configuration control port mode, at which time the command is only valid for console 0)Router (config-Line ) #login (log in thread) Router (config-line) #password123(Set password) Router (config-li

Hub Networking in Cisco Packet tracer

assume that the PC1 computer is selected.1, click the icon, pop up the dialog box, operate as follows, then command the terminal too early.    2, enter in the terminal of the popup:Ping waiting for packets to return resultsPing waiting for packets to return resultsIf it appears as a result, the communication is normal.     Attention:The way of the hub network has been abandoned by the times, the reason is that the hub sends the packet is broadcast form, the packet volume

Cisco 2621 vro networking configuration command

The cisco 2621 router networking configuration command uses the cisco2621 router to form a small LAN, note: Configure command 1, configure the access password conf tenable secret flw521521line vty 0 4 password Authentication service password-encryption limit 2, configure interface IP enableconf tinter fa0/0ip address shutdown inter fa0/ 1ip address sh

20-Cisco Firewall: Network static NAT: Networking still NAT

, strange.Experiment Two: Range conversion1. Clear the object configuration from the previous experiment and review the validation:ASA (config) # clear Configure ObjectASA (config) # show Run ObjectASA (config) # show run NAT2. Configure network static NAT to convert the DMZ network to the outside zone (config) # object Network Out-poolASA (config-network-object) # range (config) # object Network Dmz-yuanASA (con

Family Networking Tutorials

In real life, we all know that many people want to or have set up their own small local area network, the family network is an economic convenience, it is not only convenient for the exchange of data, but also significantly reduce the post PC investment. File sharing allows you to access another machine's documentation on one machine, and family members playing online games. The following article is for you to explain in detail Well, perhaps someone has to ask, how to build a home network? Can

Tutorials for using Cisco SDM under GNS3

(config) #ip http server // allow http login # IP http secure-server// allow login with HTTPS Router (config) #ip HTTP authentication local // Specify only local authentication Router (config) #ip http timeout-policy idle life 86400 requests 10000//idle http Connection time-out (no action is automatically disconnected within ten minutes ) //life 86400 http Maximum connection time (max. hours) //requests 10000 http Maximum number of concurrent connections allowedRouter (config)

Cisco Packet Tracer Experimental Tutorials

Cisco Packet Tracer Experimental Tutorials This note is the experimental source of the school computer networks in the course of experimental data, I slightly collated some, in the implementation of the command line to add some comments, implementation is not unique, my implementation is not necessarily optimal, if there is mistake, please correct me; The following entries directly link to my note-takin

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