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Troubleshooting methods for Cisco switches and routers

I. Network Complexity General networks include routing, dialing, switching, video, WAN (ISDN, frame relay, ATM ,...) , LAN, VLAN ,... Ii. Fault Handling Model 1. Define the Problem) Detailed and accurate description of fault symptoms and potential causes 2. collect detailed information (Gather Facts) R> Source: key users, network management systems, routers/Switches 1) identify symptoms: 2) Repeat the fault

Basic management of Cisco routers and switches

The management of the equipment is the basic condition for maintaining the normal operation of the equipment, so let's take a look at some basic management commands and methods of Cisco routers and switches. The methods and commands for managing routers and switches are mai

What is the difference between the startup sequence of cisco switches and routers?

Startup Process of cisco routers and switches: I. cisco switch startup process: The START loader is a small program stored in NVRAM and executed when the switch is started for the first time. ① The vswitch loads the loader software from NVRAM. ② Start the loader. ③ Perform POST (self-check on startup) for the lo

Cisco configures endpoints, routers, switches, and servers

First look at the requirements: (to make the following effect)Take a look at the overall topology diagram:put a Laptop : L0DHCP automatically get IPput a server-pt : DHCP ServerSet IPSet Config inside the DHCPGateway (first routed address IP )Dns Serverput a switch: sw0(No configuration required, just a function of the expansion port)Place several routers: R0 , R1 , R2,dte , DCEconfigure each port's IP Address requirements:The connection is ensured by

CISCO switches Overview

In the network industry, Cisco System Inc. is unknown. With its IOS (Internet Operating System), Cisco is an absolute leader in the multi-protocol router market. Currently, nearly 80% of routers on the Internet come from Cisco. In fact, Cisco also has a full range of network

Identify Cisco switch models

Cisco System Inc. identifies Cisco switch models in the network industry. With its IOS (Internet Operating System), Cisco is an absolute leader in the multi-protocol router market. Currently, nearly 80% of routers on the Internet come from

How to distinguish between L3 switches and routers using Ethernet interconnected Wan

More and more Wan solutions are now using Ethernet overSDH. On the surface, L3 switches and traditional routers can meet the needs of Wan interconnection. Therefore, many partners and customers have this question, what is the difference between the two in the wide area network connection? The following are some of my opinions for your reference.What is the difference between using a

How to identify Cisco switch models

Cisco System Inc. With its IOS (Internet Operating System), Cisco is an absolute leader in the multi-protocol router market. Currently, nearly 80% of routers on the Internet come from Cisco. In fact, Cisco also has a full range of network devices, including hubs,

Cisco Catalyst 2950 series switches

performance of the system. Command line interface (CLI) is supported. common interfaces and command sets for Catalyst switches and Cisco routers can be provided. Cisco Discovery Protocol CDP) enables the CiscoWorks network management workstation to automatically discover switche

Security deployment and upgrade of cisco switches

alone. For example, the PPPoE authentication function requires support from the Radius server. In addition, some other switches can interact with intrusion detection devices, you need support from other network devices or servers. Cisco switch security upgrade There are many new cisco switch security products on the market. They are born with some

Enhanced Enterprise Network Security with Cisco switches

the entire system. Cisco Security service module designed for Catalyst 6500 The Cisco IPSec VPN service module is a high-speed module designed for Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches and Cisco 7600 Internet Routers. It can provide infr

Cisco Cisco routers HSRP configuration and troubleshooting those things ~ ~

the router: Configure the IP address and enable the port for the router's three interfaces, as a simple one:Router (config) #interface fastethernet 0/0Router (config-if) #ip address (config-if) #no shutdownRouter (config-if) #exitRouter (config) #interface fastethernet 0/1Router (config-if) #ip address (config-if) #no shutdownRouter (config-if) #exitRouter (config) #interface fastethernet 1/0Router (config-if) #ip address 192.1

Describes how Cisco routers improve security

the defects such as slow convergence of RIP routing information protocols. When talking about the OSPF security, the author briefly introduces the relationship between the OSPF protocol and the RIP route information protocol, mainly to emphasize that the OSPF protocol is similar to the RIP Protocol, it is a commonly used protocol in enterprise network design. Therefore, it is especially important for network administrators to improve the security of the Protocol. Ii. OSPF Authentication Method

Comprehensive Analysis of Two Cisco access routers

Timing protocol NTP ). It also supports enhanced QoS functions such as LLQ, FRTS, CEF, WRED, DiffServ, MLPP, and LFI ). In Special encryption feature sets, enhanced IP Sec 56 and enhanced IPSec 3DES can be provided. To create an ip vpn, we recommend that you use an IP/firewall function to enhance IPSec 56 or an IP/firewall to enhance IPSec 3DES. You can find a more detailed list of features and memory requirements for a given feature group in the Cisco

Techniques for maintaining and configuring Cisco LAN Switches

5000 series switches include 5505 models Catalyst 5002, Catalyst 5500, Catalyst 5509, Catalyst Four, all of which are cataly St 5000 enhanced type. This period works for the Catalyst 5509 switch for the old equipment. Taking the commonly used Catalyst 5509 as an example, the Catalyst 5509 Rack has 9 slots, the first slot is used for the Supervisor engine module, the module provides the 2nd layer Exchange a

Centralized management of switches, System log syslog for routers

One. Configure Server-side Configuring the Log server Install Splunk 64-bit free version2. If there is a firewall on the log server, be sure to open udp514 and tcp146 in inbound rulesTwo. Configuring the Client Cisco switches, routers1 Open Log service Router (config) #logging on2 Define the log server address Router (config) #logging host Define time timestamp Router (confi

Resolve MPLS technology: converged routers and ATM switches (1)

During the development of IPOA technology, the classic IPOA (traditional lP on ATM), lane lan simulation), and MPOAATM multi-protocol transmission have gradually emerged) IP address switching, CSR cell Switch Router technology), ARIS integrated IP address switching technology), TapSwitching Label Switching Technology), MPLS and other technologies. These IPOA technologies can be divided into two types: overlapping models and integration

Password recovery for routers and switches

In some enterprise networks, there are often human factors that cause some device passwords to be forgotten, requiring administrators to restore or change the password for those devices, and to change the password on those devices, see the configuration example below.Suppose there is a Cisco switch with a password forgotten to make a re-change password what should we do?First, we look at the switch, the general switch is a button on the button is the

Classic Ethernet configuration for Cisco switches

It's classic. I use it.DeploymentsThe deployments in this document were implemented in an isolated lab environment. the deployments were cleared by issuing the write erase command on the routers, and the clear config all command on the switches to ensure that all devices have a default configuration. make sure you understand the potential impact of any configuration or command on your network before using i

Precautions for setting Huawei switches compared with Cisco

interface consistency between vswitches of different models is good. Unlike Cisco, vswitches of different models are different. In terms of Vlan implementation, cisco Trunk cable generally adopts isl encapsulation (802.1Q is also supported). Because ISL is a CISCO protocol,

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