cisco routing basics

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Cisco routing configuration: Cisco routing configuration via fixed IP or dial-up internet

-address The IP is not assigned by DHCPIP DHCP pool dhcp-test Configure DHCP address poolImport all (importing DNS and WINS server)Network IP address range for the DHCP address poolDefault-router Set default route (that is, Gateway)  Sixth step: Configure NAT:Access-list 1 Permit Setting the range of IP addresses allowed to access the extranetIP nat inside source List 1 interface Dialer 1 overload set NAT address translation fr

Cisco advanced routing with Switching (Cisco section) 1–2 days

protocol between as is called the External Gateway Protocol External Gateway Protocol (also called Inter-Domain routing protocol): there are two types of inter-domain routing protocols: externalGateway Protocol (EGP) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)2) Dynamic routing according to the algorithm can be divided into: Distance vector

Cisco advanced routing with Switching (Cisco section) 3–4 days

Tags: HSRP working principle STP effect ACL access control List loop storm Cisco private protocolDay 031. What is HSRP? How does it work?HSRP: Hot Standby Routing protocolHSRP is a Cisco private protocol that ensures that user communication can be quickly and transparently restored when a network edge device or access link fails.This provides redundant rows for t

Learning Network 8--rip routing via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Tags: process proc ima RAC Technology share static term ADOBy configuring static routes, you can achieve an increase in routing entries for routers in a relatively simple network.However, if there are more than 20 routers in a network, it is difficult to configure static routes to accommodate the complexity of routing entries and changes in the network. At this point we can use the RIP protocol to configure

Cisco advanced Routing and Switching (Cisco section) 5-day operation

Tags: routing switching technology HSRP working principle three-layer Exchange STP function DHCP serviceFirst, the questionDay 011. What is a Vlan? What does VLAN do? is the interface of the default switch in that VLAN? What kind of Vlan??2. What is Trunk? What is the mode of Trunk? How to negotiate?3. What is the role of EtherChannel?4. What is DHCP? What is the role of DHCP?Day 021. What is the three layer Exchange? What is the difference between a

Learning Network 6--single-arm routing via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Tags: color-o switch test one-arm routing access via interface implementation representationTo achieve inter-VLAN communication, in addition to configuring the SVI interface on the switch, you can also implement VLAN data forwarding by configuring sub-interfaces under the physical interface of the router.Configuration ideas:1 The access switch configures the corresponding VLAN and sets the access PC port to access mode2 Setting the physical interface

Learning Network 4--vlan routing via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Through the previous experiment we learned that by configuring VLANs, the terminals under different VLANs could not communicate with each other, but if you wanted to communicate between different VLANs, you would need to configure inter-VLAN routingLayer three switches have the capability of the network layer and can be forwarded via the routing functionNetwork environment1 set the IP address and gateway of the terminal ( and, r

Cisco simulator static Routing and dynamic routing configuration

Cisco simulator static routing, dynamic routing rip configuration Dynamic routing protocol RIP commands are simpler than two lines The experiment topology diagram is as follows: More Wonderful content: http://www.bianceng.cn To implement PC1 and PC2 communication, you need to c

Cisco advanced routing with Switching (Cisco section) 5th Day

Day 051. What is NAT? What are the implementation methods?NAT (Network address translation): By translating the private IP address of the internal network into the world's only public IP address, the internal network canTo connect to an external network such as the Internet.How NAT is implemented:The corresponding relationship of the IP address is one-to-one, and is constant, with the help of the static transformation, it can realize some specific service in the external network.Access to the se

Using GNS3 and Cisco IOU to build routing exchange experiments-concept paper

Using GNS3 and Cisco IOU to build routing exchange experiments-concept paperWhen it comes to simulators, everyone is familiar with Hyper-V, VMware, and VirtualBox operating system simulators (virtual machines), as well as emulators such as QEMU, which are commonly used in UNIX and Linux, which are object-oriented simulators. There are also arcade game simulators for arcade-oriented objects. Network simulato

Demonstration: Hybrid configuration of Dynamic Routing Based on Linux winows cisco Environment

Demonstration: Hybrid configuration of Dynamic Routing Based on Linux winows cisco Environment With GNS3 + VM, you can complete all the experiments on one physical computer) Supporting Demo Video: Training focus:The configuration is based on the dynamic routing protocol r12002 in different operating system environm

A thorough understanding of Cisco, Linux, and Windows IP routing

A thorough understanding of Cisco, Linux, and Windows IP routing-1. As long as you understand the essence, the name is not important! Many Linux-based network experts consciously beat Cisco administrators in terms of management distance, route measurement, and other words. I think it's a pity that everyone is a family. Why is it so difficult for each other? If yo

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (14) router configuration for OSPF dynamic routing

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (14) router configuration for OSPF dynamic routingExperimental Purpose :Mastering the configuration method of OSPF dynamic route selection protocolMastering the OSPF route description in the routing tableFamiliar with the principle and process of routing and packet forwardingExperimental Background : The company connects to the egre

cisco-sw-three-layer switching between-vlan routing protocols

(All of the following is the hand of pure hand, there are flaws in the place, please also contain a lot of information to send piglets to exchange!) )(All content and annotations in this article are displayed in the recursive architecture, because the format display does not understand the point of understanding!) )(In this paper, the command keyword is mostly used shorthand, if there is an unknown, it is best to type the command when you use TAB completion!) )

Ccna-4-cisco Dynamic Routing

change in the case of a restart• When the priority of the Hello packet is the same, the election by router ID is required:· Router ID:The identification number of the router in OSPFDefault: The maximum active interface IP address after the OSPF process is enabledManual configuration is the highest priority and then the loopback interface is better than the physical interface, then the physical interface is larger than the physical interface smallRouter ID is a IPv4 address, can be set by hand.

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (13) router RIP dynamic routing configuration

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (13) router RIP dynamic routing configurationExperimental Purpose :The configuration method of mastering RIP Dynamic route selection protocolMastering RIP routing descriptions in routing tablesFamiliar with the principle and process of Routing

How Cisco routers lead the development of the routing Industry

As a leader in the current routing market, Cisco routers have advanced routing technology. Here we mainly analyze the future development of Cisco routers. Cisco routers are the leading enterprises in the routing industry, its mark

Cisco Learning note--BGP14-strip routing principle

BGP is a path vector routing protocol, which is to exchange routing information between autonomous systems in order to discover the most efficient way to access data somewhere on the Internet. How do I choose the best path for routing? The Cisco borderless network reveals the BGP 14 route selection principles for us:BG

Upgrading Cisco 3750G iOS to support advanced Routing and SSH features

In order to allow Cisco switched remote connections to the security of the account password improved, you can use SSH to connect the terminal, but many factory switches default iOS is not supported by the SSH feature, in order to enable Cisco switches to support SSH, must upgrade with "K9" iOS. The following is the factory Cisco 3750g-24ts default iOS screenshot

Cisco/linux/windows IP Routing Detailed

1. As long as the essence of understanding, the name is not important! Many of the network masters using Linux in the face of Cisco administrators such as management distance, routing metrics, and other vocabulary, there is no PK on the conscious defeat. I think it is really a pity that we are all family and why are we so embarrassed? If you understand the essence, how to describe it is not so important. H

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