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Basic commands for Cisco switch configuration

(config-if) #switchport Access VLAN 2SWA (config-if) #int F0/6SWA (config-if) #switchport Access VLAN 2SWA (config-if) #int F0/7SWA (config-if) #switchport Access VLAN 2SWA (config-if) # EndSwa#sh VLANSWA#WR (Save)18. Cisco and PC Connection methodFirst, the software cannot connect to the real device:Select a PC, one device (switch, router is OK)Connect PC and device, cable choose blue Cable, English shoul

How to configure IP on a cisco switch

# defines a MAC address access control list and names the list named MAC10 Switch (config) permit host 0009.6BC4.D4BF any # A host that defines a MAC address as 0009.6BC4.D4BF can access any host Switch (config) permit any host 0009.6BC4.D4BF # defines hosts that can access MAC addresses as 0009.6BC4.D4BF Switch (config-if) interface fa0/

Recovering Cisco Access Switch passwords

There was just one Cisco 2960 switch that failed this afternoon, replacing an alternate switch immediately, but the backup switch was transferred back from another branch and the password was forgotten. Just use the recovery password process, also share it.1. Set the Windows HyperTerminal, name customization. Recommend

Cisco switch Port Mirroring configuration

(config) #no monitor session 1Switch (config) #endSwitch#wrSwitch#show MonitorNo SPAN configuration is present in the system.3. Other(1) Port image filtering, port mirroring can do filter.Monitor session session_number Filter VLAN Vlan-id [, |-]* * Specifies which VLANs belong to the traffic that the source port is entering, and can be emitted from the destination port.(2) Delete imageNo monitor session {Session_number | all | local | remote}**SESSION_NUMBER Specifies the session number, all is

Cisco switch operations: Basic query command

In the complex network environment today, the switch has become indispensable, so the switch manufacturers also develop quickly, here to take Cisco to give us a simple exchange! Cisco: Cisco; A simple introduction: Cisco is the wo

Cisco switch configuration key steps and statements

routing switch and Hub. The fast port no longer experiences the four states of the spanning tree and goes directly into the forwarding state to improve the access speed. Pconline1 (config) #interfacerangefastethernet0/1-20/* to 1-20 port configuration; Pconline1 (Config-if-range) # switchportmodeaccess/* set port to access mode; Pconline1 (config-if-range) #span

Cisco switch configuration tutorial

Vswitch Virtual Network (Virtual LANs) settings: VLAN division and external VLAN routing settings on Catalyst 5000 Assign a VTP Domain) Add Cat5000 to the domain Specify the relay Port(A Trunk) Dynamic ISL Allocate VLAN to Port Set VLAN 20 Configure the Router Note: There are three VLANs, which are routed between VLANs through the Router. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Allocate VTP Domains What is VTP? VTP is short f

Cisco mds9222i Fibre Switch most commonly used debug commands

Cisco mds9222i Fibre Switch most commonly used debug commands1. Check the switch portShow interface [Interface-range]View specified port run status, WWN information, configuration parameters, and packet statistics.Demonstration:mds9222i-1# Show Interface FC1/1FC1/1 is trunking-port FC1/1 operating normally, is a TE portHardware is Fibre Channel, SFP was short wav

Switch basic commands (CISCO+HW)

Division fa/ One-20 port is vlan20switch (config-if-range) #exitSwitch #show VLAN View VLANCISCO layer-3Configure the IP address of the VLAN10 and Vlan20 so that vlan10 and Vlan20 can communicate with each other. Switch (config) #InterfaceVlan10 into Vlan10Switch (config-VLAN10) #ip Address192.168.1.1 the IP address of the Vlan10 Switch (c

Cisco switch configuration and application techniques of extension ACL for graphic settings

Whether it's on a Cisco router or a network device such as a Cisco switch, the standard ACL access control list is always unable to match both the traffic source address and the destination address, nor does it meet the requirements of the "granular" control of the current network world, such as: A service function that allows access to a server, However, pinging

Cisco switch configuration (1)

management domain named cisco and set it to VTP client. It will receive VTP configurations and updates from the VTP server.Note: by default, the Catalyst 5000 series switches are VTP servers.Cat5002> (enable)Cat5002> set vtp domain cisco mode clientTrunk ports)VLAN Trunk protocol (VTP) is transmitted only on the Trunk port (ISL, LANE, and 802.10) and should be transmitted on two Trunk st5000Which port is d

Basic configuration: cisco switch configuration vlan (2)

VLAN settings on a layer-3 Switch 1) Method 1: General Configuration Switch#configureterminal Switch(config)#vlan20 Switch(config-vlan)#nametest20 Switch(config-vlan)#ipaddress1.1.1.1255.255.255.0 Switch

Cisco switch,

Cisco switch, Cisco switchesSwitch> enable Switch # con Switch # conf Switch # configure ter Switch # configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

Talk about the Cisco 3650 Switch system upgrade that thing!

drwx 4096 Feb 2018 00:59:14 +00:00 Core54209 drwx 4096 2018 00:55:52 +00:00 Prst_sync69697 drwx 4096 2018 00:55:53 +00:00 Rollback_timer77441 drwx 4096 Jul 2018 02:09:22 +00:00 Dc_profile_dir77443 drwx 4096 Feb 2018 00:56:02 +00:00 Gs_script15499-rw-65301 Jul 2018 02:09:39 +00:00 MEMLEAK.TCL15500 drwx 4096 2018 00:56:31 +00:00 Installer15502-rw-2097152 Jul 2018 02:12:32 +00:00 Nvram_config15503-rw-2097152 Jul 2018 02:12:32 +00:00 Nvram_config_bkup15504-rw-35 Jul 2018 06:29:18 +00:00 Pnp-tech-ti

Cisco launches a new multi-layer smart optical fiber switch

enterprises hope to deploy a high-intelligence, high-availability, and high-reliability storage network (SAN) on the basis of cost control ), or, if you want to extend your SAN infrastructure from an entry-level network to enterprise-level deployment, try to protect your SAN infrastructure investment. Cisco's upcoming CiscoMDS9100 series of multi-layer smart Optical Fiber switches will make customers' wishes a reality. Cisco provides

Cisco switch vlan Division

Cisco switch vlan division // Add vlanSwitch> enableSwitch # vlan dataSwitch (vlan) # vlan 10 name v1VLAN 10 added: Name: v1Switch (vlan) # vlan 20 name v2VLAN 20 added: Name: v2Switch (vlan) # vlan 30 name v3VLAN 30 added: Name: v3Switch (vlan) # exitAPPLY completed. exiting .... // Add an interface

How to handle Cisco low-end switch iOS upgrade failure

-11.binBut Cisco low-endSwitchRomm Mode (Cisco Low-endSwitchRomm mode prompt for switch:) No Confreg command, what to do? Without this command does not mean that it can not modify the serial port rate, using the following command: (note case)Switch:set BAUD 115200Switch:reset (restart)This is changed, but the Romm mode of the low-end

Cisco switch, switching capacity, backboard bandwidth, packet forwarding Rate

switch kernel becomes a bottleneck for performance implementation; the second is the cross-bus structure. It can establish direct point-to-point connections between ports, which is good for single-point transmission performance, but not suitable for multi-point transmission. The third is the hybrid cross-bus structure, this is a hybrid cross-bus implementation method. Its design idea is to divide an integrated cross-Bus Matrix into small cross matric

CISCO mds FC optical fiber switch configuration reference

port interface to the noshut state.Configure default switchport interface state (shut/noshut) [shut]: noshut(3) There are two configuration steps:(A) If zone is not used, initialize it in the default mode.Sw1 (config) # interface fc 1/1-20Sw1 (config-if) # no shutdown ------- Open Port 1-20. Because the cisco san port is disabled by defaultSw1 (config-if) # exitSw1 # show int ----- check whether your port

A Cisco switch rstp fault

A rstp fault Early in the morning, I received a call and the ping gateway to the direct connection failed. No interface arp table for dis ARP Dis mac-address without related interfaces It seems that there are only physical problems, but it is said that interfaces and cables are okay. View dis stp interface Ethernet 1/0/1 ---- [CIST] [Port1 (Ethernet1/0/1)] [DISCARDING] ---- Port Protocol: enabled Port Role: CIST Designated Port Port Priority: 128 Port Cost (Legacy): Config = auto/Active = 200 De

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