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Learning Network 10--standard Access control protocol via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

port to enable ACL policyNetwork topology1, configure Router 1, turn on the single-arm routing configuration subinterface address and connect the physical interface address of another route and open the port2 Configuring the VLAN of the switch, configuring the port type3 Configuring the IP address of the PC, specifying the gateway4 Configuring router static routing to enable network interoperability5 Create a new ACL policy on the destination router6 Enter the destination port to make the new A

Ssm-mybatis-10:mybatis sqlsession Getmapper () and Simple tool class Mybatisutils

------------I do not have him, but the hand is ripe, humble and foolish, and eager to be hungry-------------Getmapper function, get to the interface, directly through the point of call method, so as not to directly hand-hit way to write the wrong method name, (strong type of way)Example:Ibookdao mapper = Session.getmapper (Ibookdao. Class); ListThe tool class, the main thing is to get sqlsession object, the wordingPackage Cn.dawn.util;import;import org.

Propertiesmethodnameresolver Property Method Name Resolver in SSM-SPRINGMVC-10:SPRINGMVC

/SCHEMA/MVC"> "Mymultiactioncontroller" class="Cn.dawn.day05multiActioncontroller.MyMultiActionController"> --"Methodnameresolver" ref="Propertiesmethodnameresolver">class="Org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver"> "prefix"Value="/">"suffix"Value=". JSP"> --"Propertiesmethodnameresolver" class="Org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.multiaction.PropertiesMethodNameResolver"> "Mappings"> "/doone">doFirst"/dotwo">doSec

Basic configuration of the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (10) router

Basic configuration of the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (10) routerExperimental Purpose :Mastering several common configuration methods of routersFamiliar with different command line operation modes of routersBasic configuration commands for the Palm-lift routerExperimental Background : as a network administrator, you first in the equipment room to the router after the first configuration, I hope in the f

10 Cisco IOS file management commands

10 Cisco IOS file management commands in this article, author David Davis will list our commonly used Cisco IOS file management commands to help us consolidate how to manage flash on Cisco routers, nvram or files in other file systems, and teach you how to easily and quickly back up vro configurations, upgrade vrouters

CCNA clearance cheats, 10 Cisco training Experts ' wisdom

simulator can be used under class, now the simulator is very good, with the realIOSimport, and real machine almost no difference, the most commonly used are:Cisco Packet Tracer, industrial Darip,GNS3,IOUand so on, these simulators each have the advantages and disadvantages, can alternately use. seems to have written a lot, and then write down is in the test everyone's endurance, about the test I will write another article and communicate with you. Finally, I wish everyone in the it Sky, make co

Cisco nav-10 WF configuration port forwarding from China Telecom Business pilot

I found some posts about Cisco nav-10 WF configuration port forwarding sent by China Telecom Business pilot online, but it seems that one post said that later China Telecom gave him a newProgram, The Flash is normal. Later, he did not post the program. I found some information about business pilot. If you need to study it in depth, you can go and see: Router the latest version of the program download: nav

The classic "Cisco Lan Switching" chapter sixth (10): Topology Change Process

and continue to "keep calling". However, if host-d tries to send a frame to host-e within 20 seconds (assuming HOST-E has not already sent the packet), the frame floods all the switch links, because the Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee MAC address is no longer in the Address table. table 6-8 shows that three switches converge in the new topology and the data traffic is also restored after the entry of address Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee in the MAC address table. Table 6-8. Bridge Table Value after topology change

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