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How to Use Cisco router configuration to implement VoIP

agents are concentrated throughout the province. In order to enable customers to enjoy the service of provincial center agents by calling the local 95533 China Construction Bank uniform Special Service Code), VoIP technology is adopted between municipal banks and provincial banks. Solution Design The provincial branches need to process a large number of voice and fax services, so the Cisco AS 5300 universa

Cisco 3640 VoIP configuration instance

The following is the VOIP configuration of Cisco 3640. The structure is VOIP between Taipei and Shanghai, followed by Alcatel's PBX. There are many things to note. Taipei configuration code: Taipei # sh runBuilding configuration.

Configuration example of cisco router and layer-3 Switch environment, cisco layer-3 Switch

Configuration example of cisco router and layer-3 Switch environment, cisco layer-3 SwitchSimple environment configuration instance for cisco router layer-3 Switch I. network topology:

Switch: instance for VLAN configuration of Cisco L3 switch + L2 Switch

An instance of VLAN configuration for Cisco L3 switches and L2 SwitchesCisco VLAN implementation is usually port-centric. The port connected to the node determines the VLAN in which it resides. There are two ways to allocate a port to a VLAN: Static and Dynamic. The process of creating a static VLAN is to forcibly allocate the port to a VLAN. That is, we first create a VLAN on The VTP (VLAN Trunking Protoco

Cisco (Cisco) switch Configuration chapter "two"

Previous page Everyone talked about Cisco Basic Operation command switch, while dragon boat holiday, the Cisco simple switch configuration, and hope you share "Happy Dragon Boat Festival"! Ok, configure the switch, first, you must

CISCO router & amp; Switch SNMPv2 configuration, cisco Router

CISCO router switch SNMPv2 configuration, cisco Router Cisco router SNMP Configuration Snmp-server community CQGASPZW-R RO // ro read-only Snmp-server trap-source Loopback0 // use the loopbackaddress as the source address of the

Cisco Cisco switch VLAN configuration Tips

Technical standards for VLANs IEEE 802.1Q was formally promulgated by IEEE Commissioners in June 1999, and the earliest Vlna technology was proposed by Cisco (Cisco) companies in 1996. With the development of the past few years, VLAN technology has been widely used in large and small enterprise networks, becoming the most popular Ethernet LAN technology at present. This article is going to introduce one of

Basic configuration and Telnet login via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer Learning Network 2--switch

, adding switches and end devices1, double-click switch into switch command line (CLI) mode, switch configuration mode by command2 in most cases for security reasons, you need to configure the switch privileged mode passwordValidation test3 Configuring the telnet login switc

Cisco (Cisco)-Switch initialization configuration

(global configuration mode)S1 (config) #interface vlan 1 --Enter VLAN 1 PortS1 (config-if) #ip address --Configure the vlan1 with an IP address so PC1 and S1 can ping interoperabilityS1 (config-if) #no shutdown --activating VLAN 1 PortS1 (config-if) #end --Return to privileged modes1#copy running-config startup-config --Save configuration (from memory RAM to hard disk NVRAM)s1#sh

Basic configuration: cisco switch configuration vlan (2)

-if) # channel-group 1 mode desirable Switch (config-if) # end Appendix: Switch (config-if) # channel-group port_channel_number mode {auto | desirable | on} // Add the physical port to an Ethernet channel and determine the PagP mode. 3) layer-2 Ethernet Channel Configuration Switch # configure termina

Basic commands for Cisco switch configuration

(config-if) #switchport Access VLAN 2SWA (config-if) #int F0/6SWA (config-if) #switchport Access VLAN 2SWA (config-if) #int F0/7SWA (config-if) #switchport Access VLAN 2SWA (config-if) # EndSwa#sh VLANSWA#WR (Save)18. Cisco and PC Connection methodFirst, the software cannot connect to the real device:Select a PC, one device (switch, router is OK)Connect PC and device, cable choose blue Cable, English shoul

Cisco switch configuration problems and related usage skills

Cisco switch by default. But it can be implemented with only one command, namely: 3550 # terminal monitor. In order to experience the actual effect, we can open two DOS windows on our PC and log on to the same Cisco switch through TELNET. One is used for monitoring, and the other is used to perform specific operations

Cisco switch Port Mirroring configuration

(config) #no monitor session 1Switch (config) #endSwitch#wrSwitch#show MonitorNo SPAN configuration is present in the system.3. Other(1) Port image filtering, port mirroring can do filter.Monitor session session_number Filter VLAN Vlan-id [, |-]* * Specifies which VLANs belong to the traffic that the source port is entering, and can be emitted from the destination port.(2) Delete imageNo monitor session {Session_number | all | local | remote}**SESSIO

Cisco LAN switch maintenance and configuration

Cisco LAN switches are still commonly used. So I studied the maintenance and configuration problems of Cisco LAN switches. I would like to share them with you here, hoping to help you. Cisco LAN switches have evolved from a HUB-based LAN shared in the traditional sense to a broader space. Take Cisco's ipvst5000 series

Cisco switch configuration key steps and statements

It is also helpful to understand some of the knowledge about switch configuration, and here we explain the main statements and procedures for Cisco switch configuration. Last talk with you about how to properly connect the switch,

Cisco MDS9000 Switch configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting (1)

Cisco Fabric Manager is a Web-based, easy-to-use, responsive application that can be used to manage switches and networks in an integrated manner, thus simplifying the storage lan san) management of Cisco MDS 9000 series switches. Cisco Fabric Manager provides network-level management functions for storage administrators, including identification, multi-

Cisco switch QOS speed limit and restriction BT download configuration instance (1)

In a Cisco switch, how does one configure QOS speed limit? How to restrict BT download? This blog will use detailed examples for your explanation. Instance 1: QOS speed limit problem on CISCO switches It is used to control the bandwidth of a leased line user on a vswitch. The vswitch is usually at 10/100/1000 or three

Basic configuration: cisco switch configuration vlan (1)

Vlan configuration ideas: access, Trunk) 1) create a Vlan Configure static VLAN on an IOS-based switch: Switch # vlan database Switch (vlan) # vlan-num name vlan-name Switch (vlan) # exit Switch # configure ter

Cisco's basic configuration example of four----VLAN planning and configuration (access switch)

4.2 related configuration of access switches# # In this example, we are connecting to an access switch where the GI0/1 port is allied to the core switch. It also means that we need to configure GI0/1 as trunk port. The specific configuration is as follows:D-2960-3 (config) #int GI0/1D-2960-3 (config-if) #swD-2960-3 (co

Basic configuration and management of the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (1) switch

Basic configuration and management of the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (1) switchExperimental Purpose : Master the basic configuration and management of the switch, and understand the basic commands of the switch configuration.

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