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Network Configuration Guide for centos with vlan id in the Cisco UCS Environment

Recently, a number of Cisco ucs c Series servers have been added. After two weeks of deployment and installation, the server can finally be tested. This document briefly introduces the network configuration of the Operating System (centos 6) in the Cisco UCS server. It can be simply considered that this article describ

Cisco UCS 62XX firmware upgrade for personal use

Cisco UCS 62XX firmware upgrade for personal useBecause again to some blades, the new blade firmware different, the version is very new, some can be downgraded to the current use of 2.2.1b, some do not know why not down ...More fixed bug, compatible with Vmware6, so upgrade ...Main preparatory work:1, confirm that the machine is running well, there are no major errors;2, check your profile file, confirm the

Cisco UCS 5108 tool box fan failure handling

The user's UCS Manager, found chassis 2 6th slot fan Alarm, led does not light, the slot fan and other normal slot fan interchange, the fan is working properly, but the original good fan inserted in the 6th slot, still alarm, LED does not light. The initial judgment should be the problem with the knife case. A case was opened to Cisco and the Cisco TAC Engineer w

Cisco UCS C-Series server configuration manual using Webbios configuration Rdid

Cisco UCS C-Series Server Configuration GuideAfter rebooting, press Ctrl+h to enter the RAID configuration interface in Figure 6, as shown in the 5 interface.650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image002 "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none; border-bottom:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;border-left:0px;padding-right:0px, "border=" 0 "alt=" clip_ image002 "src=" http://s3.51cto.c

Cisco uc-feature -01-phone-unplug the-cisco IP phone

From today onwards, let's show a few of the basic features of Cisco UC, one of the first basic features: Cisco IP Phone.The word Cisco CUCM is bull x!Knowing that the CUCM is a ippbx in a cow's lecture, it provides the phone function of the IP phone to replace the traditional analog phone.In fact, know this is a broken

Learn Cisco UC deployment in action with rookie-video course-Online (more than 1 years have been expected)

************************************************************************First, declare:I am rookie level for Cisco UC, if you are a bull, please take a detour.In the spirit of sharing, appropriate collection of some hard money, will be the contribution of their own learning.************************************************************************It is estimated that many people are looking forward to this se

For the first time in the home of Cisco UC,36, fixed

"src=" M01/7f/9c/wkiol1clsa2iouogaad5mk3eorm242.png "border=" 0 "/> 650" this.width=650; "height=" 623 "title=" Clip_ image010 "style=" Margin:0px;border:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-left:0px;background-image:none ; "alt=" clip_image010 "src=" "border=" 0 "/ >How does it feel weird, halves?actually otherwise!Just produce the effect.Let's see what the SFB phone version looks like.

For the first time in the home of Cisco UC,36, fixed

) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image012 "style=" border-top:0px; border-right:0px; Background-image:none; border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px; padding-left:0px; margin:0px; border-left:0px; padding-right:0px "border=" 0 "alt=" clip_image012 "src=" Wkiom1clrz6zncawaab8tndokjm729.png "" 347 "height=" 614 "/> 650) this.width=650;" title= "clip_image014" style= " border-top:0px; border-right:0px; Background-image:none; border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px; padding

Learn Cisco UC deployment in action with beginners-video lesson-Learning Investment

prepare a second-hand server.6. Time (as determined by your cleverness!)Two Online video (recording and broadcasting):1. Tuition Fee:1680 yuan, 7488 yuan cheaper than online training (live).Learn Cisco UC deployment in action with rookie-video course-Online (more than 1 years have been expected) Phone initial installation feeInitial installation Fee: 150 yuan

Learn about Cisco UC deployment with newbies-on-line

After a few months of struggle, "with the Novice learning Cisco UC Deployment Combat"-training course, on-line.Training course-the number of places is limited (limited to 20 people ), registration is speedy!This is not just video, it is training small class, need package to teach package meeting. (Even if you go to a Cisco training organization, not everyone can

1.05. Experience-cisco uc-basic Function v1.1 (please-download-Accessories (Baidu cloud Disk)! Have a surprise!)

1.05. Experience-cisco uc-Basic functionsLearn Cisco UC deployment in action with beginners-real-combat training-features implemented-show!v1.1LearningDate: Produced on June 19, 2016 (lunar calendar: May 15, the author is 36 years old!)qq:3313395633 (!!! Welcome to INQUIRE!!! )1.05. Experience the basic functions of-

Lync tips -57-for Cisco UC download YouTube videos (afraid to forget, make notes)

paid to provide training, project planning, implementation, operation and maintenance, troubleshooting:/"Skype for Business 2015 project"/"Learn about Cisco UC Deployment with Beginners"/"Big Enterprise Cloud Desktop Deployment Combat"Consulting qq:3313395633Learn Cisco UC deployment in action with rookie-on-line (offl

Learn Cisco UC Deployment with Beginners-1th chapter planning (free Video)

1th Chapter Planning (FREE)This chapter mainly introduces:1. Demo IP Phone registered to CUCM 11.X, realize the inbound and outbound call function.2. Demo Jabber Register to cup 11.X for instant messaging functionality.3. Demo seat monitor, the agent registers to the UCCX 11.X, realizes the function in call center (similar to 10086).4. Explain the CUCM 11.X, Cisco 2811, Skype for business Server 2015 integrated, to achieve mutual calls, Skype for busi

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