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Ubuntu _ how to set a wireless network adapter in Ubuntu as an access point for WiFi devices to access the Internet

The future of this article: Your machine can access the network through a wired network, and there is a wireless network card, the driver has been loaded. The wireless network card must also support AP mode, My system is Ubuntu 11.04, the wireless network adapter is w541u V2.0, And the wired network is a campus network that uses mentohust for ruijie certification. Fortunately, the system already supports this Nic and does not need to load the driver.

PEAP user access process for Cisco AP as a WLAN user access authentication point

. Generally, the user ID is in the format of username @ domain, where username is the identity ID provided by the carrier to the user, and domain is the carrier's domain name such as " ").4) The AP sends the EAP-Response/Identity to the RADIUS of the authentication server in the format of the EAP Over Radius packet, and carries the relevant RADIUS attributes. 5) Radius receives the EAP-Response/Identity from the client, uses EAP-PEAP authentication according to the

Application point of view: introduces Cisco Router Security Configuration

kind of configuration can best meet security needs without compromising network performance? This article describes the following parts: Cisco Router Security Configuration. Password Management A vro uses a password to prevent unauthorized access to the vro and is a part of the security of the vro. The best way to han

Cisco fixed ip Access and pppoe access configuration (1)

This article describes in detail how to configure a Cisco fixed IP address or PPPOE connection through network interface configuration and DHC matching value. For more information, see the following article. Existing customers need to use cisco's 2600 router to access the Internet. The user is 10 m optical fiber and has applied for 16 fixed IP addresses, with the

Cisco's basic configuration example of four----VLAN planning and configuration (access switch)

4.2 related configuration of access switches# # In this example, we are connecting to an access switch where the GI0/1 port is allied to the core switch. It also means that we need to configure GI0/1 as trunk port. The specific configuration is as follows:D-2960-3 (config) #int GI0/1D-2960-3 (config-if) #swD-2960-3 (co

WiFi Access Internet configuration process

. Complete configuration after prompt successSoft AP Mode-demo APP1, GoKit2 Power on2, Long press the Key1 key, to be on the WiFi module on the red light Solid (Gokit function version of the RGB lamp turned red) after entering the next3, open the mobile WiFi, find hot "xpg-gagent-xxxx", the password is "123456789", connected to the next step after entering4. Open

Cisco device configuration ACL access control list

add the Allow/disable all entries650) this.width=650; "style=" Float:none; "title=" 5.png "src=" Wkiol1xeqx6jkitpaaaee1t2neu700.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1xeqx6jkitpaaaee1t2neu700.jpg "/>6. Enter the router's inlet, using this ACL650) this.width=650; "style=" Float:none; "title=" 6.png "src=" Wkiol1xeqkqtjmpoaabb4fvzpfy102.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1xeqkqtjmpoaabb4fvzpfy102.jpg "/>7. Test PC and server communication650) this.width=650; "st

Cisco router reverse Access Control List configuration

The computers in the network segment are servers, and we protect these servers from the virus attacks from the network segment via reverse ACL settings.Configuration instance: Prohibit virus from this network segment to this server network segment.Access-list Permit TCP established Cisco Simulator defines ACL101, allowing all calculations from net

Multi-access Point network configuration: Reliable transmission signal

If there are two or more network access points in an area, how can a device (for example, a notebook) identify signals from these access points? First, each WiFi device has its own unique physical address that has been set up at the factory and can be reconfigured. For example, a Linksys WiFi 5 Hertz Wireless

Access Point and network configuration for Nokia 2700c mobile browser and MMS

Opera mini can use: cmnet + SOCKET protocol/cmwap + HTTP protocol Apsara Stack: the preferred access point. Only cmwap access points can be used. Nokia mobile phone software update: Use the preferred access point. Only cmnet access

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