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[Basic C + +] 3. Struct, common body, enumeration

; Char C; s1 s;};In the above example, sizeof (U) is 8 (the Union also needs to consider the alignment, the alignment principle is the same as the struct).3.4.5 Enumeration of spatial computationsAn enum simply defines a set of constants with no "elements", and the enumeration type is stored as an int type, so the sizeof value of the enumeration type is 4.enum Number{one, three, four} num;Then sizeof (number) and sizeof (NUM) are all 4.To this, about the written test of sizeof related

Libgdx Box2D Practice --- release the ball (3: Combination of common body and genie Rules)

Libgdx Box2D Practice --- release the ball (3: Combination of common body and genie Rules) Today we will introduce how the rule body works with images. In the previous article, I introduced the basic knowledge of box2D. If you are careful, you will search for simple online demos. I will not write those. What should I

(c language) use of common Body Union examples __c language

I used to be confused about the use of the common Body Union when I was learning C language at school. After work to discover some of its magical, now for example:1. To facilitate the understanding of the code.For example, to write a 3 * 3 matrix, you can write this:[Note: The following parts marked with red are added later, thanks to Yrqing718 's reminder.] ]struct Matrix {union {struct {float _f11, _f12,

Example of use of the Common Body Union (c language)

I have never understood the use of the common Body Union when I was studying C in school. After work only to find some of its magical, the proportion is as follows:1. To make it easier to read the code.For example, to write a 3 * 3 matrix, you can write:[ Note: The following is marked with the red part of the place is later added, thank you yrqing718 reminder! ] struct Matrix { Union { struct

JQuery common knowledge points and common functions encapsulated at ordinary times, jquery knowledge points

JQuery common knowledge points and common functions encapsulated at ordinary times, jquery knowledge points This article introduces common knowledge points and functions in jQuery, including many details. Let's take a look at them

Summary of basic JavaScript knowledge and common methods, basic javascript knowledge

Summary of basic JavaScript knowledge and common methods, basic javascript knowledge JAVASCRIPT is an indispensable part of AJAX technology. Therefore, it is most important to learn JAVASCRIPT well if you want to learn AJAX well and the popular AJAX framework. I. Basic Knowledge: 1.doc ument. write (""); Output stateme

[Lone solitary Nine swords] Oracle Knowledge Point Grooming (ix) Common package of database common objects

Link navigation in this series:[Lone solitary Nine swords] Oracle Knowledge Point Grooming (a) table space, user[Lone solitary Nine swords] Oracle Knowledge Point Grooming (ii) connection of databases[Lone solitary Nine swords] Oracle Knowledge Point Grooming (iii) Import, export[Lone solitary Nine swords] Oracle Knowledge

Common python knowledge sorting (required) and python sorting

Common python knowledge sorting (required) and python sorting I have been familiar with python for some time. The following describes how to use python basics: 1) avoid two special characters such as '\ N: A) use the Escape Character '\' B) use the original character 'R' print r'c: \ now' 2) use a single line comment, such: # Hello Python multi-line comment, using three single quotes (or three double quotes

Go Web by the one. Some common knowledge records

cached or other people can access the machine, you can obtain the user's account and password from the history recordHTTP response package, his structure is as follows:http/1.1 ok//status Line server:nginx/1.0.8//server uses the name and version of the Web software Date:Date:Tue, Oct 04:14:25 gmt//send Time Content-type:text /html//the type of message sent by the server transfer-encoding:chunked//indicates that the sending HTTP packet is a connection:keep-alive//of the segmented outgoing connec

Basic knowledge of common electronic components

the resistance of the fixed end according to the above method, so that the maximum resistance value of the resistor is obtained. Then move a pen to the moving end of the movement resistor, rotate or move the adjustment knob while observing, and pay attention to whether the needle is continuously changing, otherwise it may be that the resistance is in poor contact.Measuring resistors with a digital table:The basic process is the same as the simulation table, except that zero zeroing is required.

Shell common knowledge

Shell common knowledge-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Shell common knowledge 1. system environment variables after users log on to the system $ HOME user's own directory $ PATH: the directory to be searched during Command Execution $ TZ Time Z

The summary of common knowledge points of jquery and the usual functions of _jquery

This article introduces jquery common knowledge points and functions, including a lot of details of knowledge, let's study together. jquery provides us with a number of useful attributes, some of the common functions that we summarize ourselves. Personally think in the online disk development will be more commonly use

"Cocos2d-x Game development" cocos2d-x the common c++11 knowledge in the development of small numbers

same signature, or that a class cannot be inherited. (similar to final usage in Java) Override and final are not c++11 keywords, but have special meanings in specific locations and are still used as variables elsewhere.Horse LadSource: respect the results of other people's work, let the sharing become a virtue, welcome reprint. In addition, the article in terms of presentation and code, if there is something wrong, welcomeCriticize. Leave your fo

JS trivia and some common confusing points of knowledge

:" + window.screen.availHeight;s + = "screen available working area width:" + window.screen.availWidth;s + = "Your screen settings are" + window.screen.colorDepth + "bit color";s + = "your screen settings" + Window.screen.deviceXDPI + "pixels/inch";}Various widths:1. In CSS, the box model of the Web page, Width: is not included padding border marginIn JS, Offsetwidth:width+padding+border;Clientwidth:width + padding (varies with browser size)So in JS use offsetwidth carefully, because once the la

Shell common knowledge easy to learn Linux shell Peng Yu _linux shell

Shell Common knowledge First, the user login into the system after the system environment variables $HOME user's own directory$PATH directory to search for when executing commands$TZ Time Zone$MAILCHECK every few seconds to check for new letters$PS 1 The prompt number at the command column$PS 2 When the command is not finished, the Shell asks for the prompt number to be entered againSearch path for $MANPA

Common browser compatibility issues, box Model 2 modes and CSS hack knowledge explained

Lt Less than smaller than Gt Greater than greater than Lte Less than or equal smaller than or equal to Gte Greater than or equal greater than or equal to | Or operator With operator /* Class internal hack:*/ . Header {_width:100px;} /* IE6 dedicated */ . Header {*+width:100px;} /* IE7 dedicated */ . Heade

Learn style sheet CSS Reference-common CSS knowledge-Experience Exchange

CSS reference for learning style sheets-common CSS knowledge 1. Comparison of Block and inline Elements All HTML elements belong to one of block and inline. The block element has the following features: Always starts on a new line; Height, row height, and top and bottom margins can be controlled; The default width is 100% of its container, unless a width is set. , ,, , And Is an example of bloc

Summary of common and basic knowledge of jquery (i)

successfully, the message is displayed.$ ("#msg"). Ajaxsuccess (function (evt, request, Settings) {$ (this). Append ("Li> successful request! Li > ");});The Jquery.ajaxsetup (options) is set globally for all AJAX requests. View the $.ajax function to get all the options information.Sets the default global AJAX request option.$.ajaxsetup ({url: "/xmlhttp/", Global:false, type: "POST"}); $.ajax ({data:mydata});Serialize () joins a set of input elements in the form of a name and a value. Implemen

"Go" web mobile end some common knowledge

; top:0; Bottom; Opacity:1 background-color: #111;} This way, when you bring a search box to the top of some browsers, swiping down will quickly appear blank (the height of the search box at the top of the browser) all high highs can solve these bugs25.meta URI scheme is defined in the RFC2397The data URI scheme is defined in RFC2397 to embed some small data directly into a Web page, eliminating the need to load it from an external file. Currently, the data URI scheme

Common basic knowledge of JavaScript reinforcement _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces common basic knowledge Reinforcement Learning for JavaScript. For more information about JavaScript, see the following: JavaScript is a literal-literal scripting language. It is a dynamic, weak, prototype-based language with built-in support types. Its Interpreter is calledJavaScript EngineIt is a part of the browser and is widely used in the script language of the client. It

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