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December CISSP Certification Exam by summary [including preparation information package]

importantly: Before the exam Chuanjiang must participate, quality is needless to say!(6) The discussion group of the Hui Zhe is good, often also some people put forward various questions, we discuss, just sometimes discuss digress too far, haha.Some of the information is so great! Please download directlyFour, download method:Long press to identify the QR code below, or follow the Beijing Hui Zhe public number: Bjisec, after the reply: Hui Zhe cissp,

Cissp development path (6): cissp review process and resources

Specially planned on 51cto Security ChannelThe path to growth of cisspIn the previous articles in the series, j0ker briefly introduced the basic information about the cissp Certification Examination, however, for those who want to learn more about the cissp certification system or want to get a cissp certification, the content is a little simpler. Therefore, from

The path to the Development of cissp (4): How to obtain cissp certification (2

Previous Article 《 How to obtain cissp certification (1)", J0ker introduced the conditions for becoming a cissp and the registration process for the cissp exam. Next, j0ker will first introduce the implementation of the cissp examination and the procedures after passing the examination, and then use the Article 10 to d

The path to growth of cissp (9): reviewing information security management (3)

. In addition, organizations can reorganize their business processes and information processing needs through information classification processes. General information classification processDifferent organizations have different information classification projects because of their own situations. The cissp official guide provides a more effective and general process. j0ker will list it below, and briefly introduce common questions in the

The path to the Development of cissp (11): Security Awareness Education

In the previous article 《 Review information security governance (4)J0ker introduces the definitions and differences of various security documents in information security management (CBK. We all know that after the establishment of various security rules and regulations, every Member of the Organization must understand and consciously abide by the rules to play its due role. To achieve this goal, this document describes the Security Awareness Tool. Security awareness education can be carried ou

The path to the Development of cissp (10): review Information Security Management (4)

difficult for the security administrator to understand the business objectives and strategies of the organization. Security supervisors often seek help from various materials or consulting companies during the preparation of security documents, however, the information collected from these channels can only be used as a reference for "How to do it", rather than "why ". Therefore, the development and implementation of security documents also require the security supervisor to integrate the respo

Cissp (Registration Information System Security Division) Certification Examination Course video (upper part)

650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" qq20140905142747.jpg "alt =" wKioL1QJWB-g8E6AAAI8cYhw8d0852.jpg "/> After a period of hard work, the cissp course has been recorded and uploaded to the 51cto course video. This time, the recording of the cissp video has gone through great determination, because it is too difficult to record a pu

The path to growth of cissp (17th): Review Access Control (2)

In the previous article "review access control" in the cissp development path series specially planned by 51cto Security channel, j0ker introduced the basic concepts of access control and the basic principles of three access control types (physical, logical, and management. We know that information security and every security-related technology aim to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets (CIA) from any or all

The path to growth of cissp (25): Data Access Control Method

In the previous article "distributed access control methods" on the path to the Development of cissp, j0ker introduced several distributed access control methods used to control user resource access. In practical applications, we often need to perform more detailed access control on data and information. For example, enterprises need to allow financial departments to access the detailed financial reports of enterprises in the first half of this year,

The path to growth of cissp (14th): Protection Mechanism of system architecture and design

The security model is just a concept. to apply it to practice, you need to use the protection mechanism described in this article. It is more specific than the security model and closer to the actual application concept, the foundation of many operating systems and security software products is built on it (remind me that the cissp test does not involve specific product and technical details ). The purpose of the protection mechanism is to isolate al

Path to the growth of cissp (21): creden held by users

In the previous article "explaining the authentication process" in the cissp development path series specially planned by 51cto Security channel, j0ker describes the three verification elements, passwords, passphrases, and their safe use principles for user authentication. As a user verification solution with the lowest technical implementation difficulty and cost, the password-based user verification solution is widely used in our daily life and work

The path to the Development of cissp (20): explains the authentication process

In the previous article "detailed security threat control measures" in the cissp development path series specially planned by 51cto Security Channel, j0ker briefly introduced the Identity Recognition Knowledge in access control CBK. After accessing entities (users, processes, and so on) to provide their own unique identification information for access to information resources, the information system needs to use some technical means to determine wheth

The path to the growth of cissp (22): The Biological Characteristics of users

In the previous article "User creden" in the cissp development path series specially planned by 51cto Security channel, j0ker introduces the second authentication factor used for user verification-the credential held by the user. The creden held by the user can add a level of security protection on the basis of the most basic user password verification. However, the creden held by the user will increase the security solution procurement cost, in addit

The path to growth of cissp (19th): detailed security threat Control Measures

In 51cto Security J0ker introduced the threat information in the previous article "detail network threat types" in the cissp's growth path series specially planned by the channel. Assets Confidentiality, integrity, and availability threats. Controlling access to information resources is an effective means to defend against these threats. Therefore, j0ker intends, this section describes in detail the threat control methods and existing technologies and tools in the

CISSP AIO 3th:access Control

This chapter presents the following:identification methods and technologiesauthentication methods, models, and technologiesdiscretionary, mandatory, and nondiscretionary modelsaccountability, monitoring, and auditing practicesemanation Security and

PHP Server File Manager Development Summary (Summary): summary, index and source code

PHP Server File Manager development through the previous phase of the introduction of the basic completion of the function, including directory retrieval, addition, deletion, renaming, file additions, browsing, modification, renaming, moving, as well as file upload and download functions. This article indexes the relevant posts in the previous phase and provides source code for interested students to discuss together. PHP Server File Manager Development

[Qt Summary] Final Summary, qt Summary Final

[Qt Summary] Final Summary, qt Summary Final 1. content about Qt applications: Refer to the previous article: [Qt Summary] terminal remote client upgrade 2. Upgrading files is a processing method in hex format: for files in hex format, If You Want To directly read the files, you need to: 1. Read data 2. Find the requi

IOS development, knowledge point summary, macro definition summary commonly used in ios development, and ios Summary

IOS development, knowledge point summary, macro definition summary commonly used in ios development, and ios Summary For IOS development, you can jump from an application to open a webpage in a browser: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]]; Overwrite the entire cell with a Button and add an action cell.

Dede Summary length, Dedecms summary limit, dedecms summary words

If you can effectively control the word count of the article summary, then you can make the page layout very flexible.In Dedecms, the main ways to invoke the article summary on a list page are:1:[field:info/]2:[field:description/]3:[field:info function= "Cn_substr (@me, number of characters)"/]4:[field:description function= "Cn_substr (@me, number of characters)"/]Method One:The first stepInto the database

[Summary] CSS transparency summary and css transparency Summary

[Summary] CSS transparency summary and css transparency Summary CSS opacity has been a very popular technology in recent years, but cross-browser support is a headache for developers. Currently, no common method is available to ensure that transparency settings are valid on all browsers currently in use. This summary m

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