class 1 div 1 ipad case

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IPhone/iPad front-end development skills

ArticleDirectory Limitations of iPad Development IPad User Detection: User Agent) Use W3C standard website Technology Limitations of iPad Development When using safari on an iPad to browse a webpage on a common website, the

Iphone/ipad front-end development skills

Limitations of iPad Development 1. When using Safari on an iPad to browse a webpage on a common website, the webpage needs to be manually zoomed in or down or slide because it is too large, although this kind of slide behavior has been talked about

Develop iPhone/iPad websites

IPhone/iPadThe exception is fierce. Here we will list some of the collected development skills for reference in the project, as shown below: IPhone/iPod Detection To develop a mobile website for a specific device, you must first perform device

iOS Learning note 44-swift (iv) Enumerations and structs

First, the enumeration of Swiftenumerations are a common group type associated with a value definition, and allow you to use these values in a type-safe situation when programming.SwiftThe enumeration in OC is much more powerful than the enumeration

Sum up 40 Common Mobile Web page problem Solutions _javascript Tips

1, Android browser to see the background picture, some devices will be blurred. The same proportion of the picture on the PC is very clear, but the phone is very vague, what is the reason? After research, is Devicepixelratio mischief, because the

One of the js--multi-touch web front-end development under fingertips: Handling of touch (GO)

The fruit Company's small and cute devices provide us with an unprecedented user experience. When users are flying on iphone and ipad, developers who use Objective-c to write good applications must feel a sense of accomplishment, because they (not

Unprecedented HTML5 resource reference guide

Document directory 1. Basic tutorial 3. Canvas tutorial 4. Local Storage tutorial 5. Form tutorials 6. video and multimedia tutorials 7. mobile device application tutorial 8. More tutorials 11. Framework 12. case presentation 13. demos

Iscroll.js Usage Reference

OverviewIscroll 4 This version completely rewrites the original code of the Iscroll framework. This project was created entirely because of the mobile version of the WebKit browser (such as iphone,ipad,android are widely used on these

Turn: 2016HTML5 Mobile end of the latest compatibility problem solution;

1, Android browser to see the background picture, some devices will be blurred.With the same proportion of pictures on the PC is very clear, but the phone is very vague, why is it?After research, is Devicepixelratio mischief, because the cell phone

Summary of common styles of CSS/CSS3

1. Force text line display:White-space:nowrap;Multiline text last ellipsis:Display:-webkit-box; -webkit-line-clamp:2; Overflow:hidden; -webkit-box-orient:vertical; Text-overflow:ellipsis;2. Set overflow text to appear as an ellipsis

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