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The pointer to a class member variable is not a pointer.

Refer to the relevant chapter of "Pointer to a class member variable". This term contains the term "class member variables", but strictly speaking, the member variables here only refer to non-static member variables, this term also contains the term

The pointer to a class member function is not a pointer.

Refer to the relevant chapter of "Pointer to a class member function", which includes the term "class member function", but strictly speaking, the member function here only refers to a non-static member function, this term also contains the term

C + + class member function pointer class member data pointer

normal function pointer: "Return_type (*ptr_name) (para_types)"Class member function pointer: "Return_type (class_name::* ptr_name) (para_types)"Class data member pointer: "type class_name::* ptr_name";C + +:1 classDemo2 {3 Public:4Demo ():d ATA ( -

Call the address of the class member function directly (address of class member function with assembler, different vs version)

In C + +, a pointer to a member function is a very special thing. For a normal function pointer, it can be treated as an address and can be arbitrarily converted and called directly when needed. However, for member functions, general type

C ++ collection -- class member pointer

C ++ collection -- class member pointer C ++ collection -- class member pointerPreface The type of a class member is different from that of a general type. The pointer type of a class member is naturally different from that of a general type. We

C + + supplements-class member pointers

C + + supplements-class member pointersPrefaceThe type of a class member differs from the generic type, and the pointer type of the class members is naturally different from the generic type. It is necessary for us to explore the use of the

C + + pointers to class member functions detailed parsing _c language

First, a function pointer is a pointer to a set of functions of the same type, and a class member function we can think of similarly that it is a pointer to a member function of the same set of types in the same category, and of course the member

Python object-oriented-Advanced (class member, class member modifier)

1. Members of the classThe members of a class can be divided into three main categories: fields, methods, and propertiesNote: In all members, only the contents of the normal field are saved in the object, that is: how many objects are created based

C ++ basics-class member pointer

Assume that the screen class defines four new member functions: Forward () Back () Up () and down (). They move the cursor to the right, left, up, and down, respectively. First, we declare these new member functions in the class body: Class Screen

C ++ pointer to a class member function

Recently, function pointers have been used in development, so I want to sort out the concept of function pointers. O (distinct _ distinct) O ~ First, the function pointer is a pointer to a group of functions of the same type. We can also think

[Z] A deep pointer from a class member function

Http://  First look at this piece of code   Class Test{Public:Test (int I) {m_ I = I ;}Test (){};Void Hello (){Printf ("Hello/N ");}PRIVATE:Int m_ I;}; Int main (){Test * P = new test ();P-> Hello ();P =

The C ++ class member method is directly used as a thread callback function.

When I used to write a thread, I either honestly follow the declaration or use the static member function of the C ++ class as the callback function. The encapsulation is often broken due to the thread code. although I knew the expansion form of

Static methods and class member methods for Python

Both the static and class member methods of Python can be accessed by a class or instance, and the concepts are not easy to clarify, but there are still differences: 1) Static methods need not pass in the self parameter, class member methods need to

Class Members and class member function pointers for C + +

Class member function pointers:Used to access class member functions, which differ from general function pointers.A class member function handles a class data member, declaring a class member function pointer at the same time, and also pointing out

Overloaded operators: class member functions or friend functions

Class member functions:BOOL operator = = (Const point &a) const{return x==a.x;}Friend function:friend bool operator = = (Const point &a,const point &b){return a.x==b.x;}Comparison of two overloaded methods:(1) monocular operators, =, (), [], use

Class member functions as thread Functions

----------------- The class member function cannot be a thread function ---------------------------Generally, C ++ class member functions cannot be used as thread functions. This is because the compiler adds a member function defined in the classThe

Usage of C ++ pointer to class member (details)

[Switch] usage of C ++ pointer to class member (details) Default category: 20:39:57 read 176 comments 0 font size: LargeMediumSmall subscription 1. First, the normal function pointer cannot be assigned as the address of the member function, even if

Why can I call some class member functions correctly through NULL pointer?

Original article: There is a simple class below:Class cnullpointcall { Public: Static void test1 (); Void Test2 (); Void test3 (INT itest ); Void test4 (); PRIVATE:Static int m_istatic;Int

Class member function pointer and mem_fun adapter usage

Let's take a look at the simplest function: void foo(int a){ cout Its function pointer type is void (*)(int); We can use this method as follows: void (*pFunc)(int) = &foo;pFunc(123); This is the basic usage of function pointers.  

How to use a class member function as a callback function

If you try to directly use the member function of C ++ as the callback function, an error will occur, and even compilation will fail. The error is that a common C ++ member function implies a passing function as a parameter, that is, the "This"

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