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oc3-the parent class pointer to the child class object

////Cat.h//oc3-the parent class pointer to the child class object////Created by Qianfeng on 15/6/17.//Copyright (c) 2015 Qianfeng. All rights reserved.//#import "Animal.h"@interfacecat:animal{float_height;} @property

Class Object and class pointer

The following procedure: # Include # Include Using namespace STD; Class student{Public:Static int number;String name; Public:Student (){} Void set (string Str){Name = STR;Number ++; // call a static data member} Void print () // State member

C + + class pointer initialization

The above code will print "A". When the C + + class pointer is not initialized, it is safe to invoke member functions inside the class without error. Check it out online:A class pointer that is initialized to NULL can safely invoke a class member

Class object and class pointer _ virtual function and polymorphic __ function

base class Class Shape {public : shape () { cout Sub Class Class Circle:public Shape {public : Circle () { cout class object vs class Pointer object of the class: Circle Circle;a pointer to a class: circle* p_circle =

C + + Multiple inheritance of the next subclass and the parent-class pointer conversion bug

These two days, a C + + novice asked me a question, his project has a piece of code execution is not correct, do not know what the reason. I made a tune, and if the code is streamlined, it's probably the following:classibasea{ Public: Virtual

[C/C ++] [classic discussion] whether memory leakage is caused by the release of the base class pointer delete in class inheritance

[Preface]I haven't written C/C ++ technical posts for a long time, so I can use C ++ 7 ~ After eight years, although Delphi is widely used, I still have a passion for C ++. some time ago I saw a post on csdn, which made me feel very lost. Many

dialog box to get the view class pointer

Workaround: Open dialog in the menu of the view class and return the value of dialog to the view class Solution: Set dialog class to Judge,view class as Cvmfcview 1.judge.h defines a c****view* class variable: ccvmfcview* pmain;2. Add function

Delphi Thread Class DIY (pass the class pointer as a parameter, you can execute the method in the class)

Delphi encapsulates a very powerful threading class TThread,We also make a simple threading class by ourselvesFirst type of a class[Delphi]View PlainCopy type      twwthread = class        constructor create; overload;  

be converted to parent class Pointer" are successfully conflicted.

Address: Posted on Chen zihan (vczh) The hole in the pointer of C ++. The remaining pitfalls are left in the next article. If I was not asked in the fan group, I still don't know that

In C ++, to implement dynamic concatenation, you must use (base class pointer) to call the virtual function.

In C ++ (Base Class pointer) Call virtual functions Association refers to a computer.ProgramThe process of self-Association. According to the different stages of association editing, there are two different association methods: static Association

Class pointer acquisition in MFC (Jia Jia)

Defined:cview* Cyourdoc::getview (cruntimeclass* pClass){cview* PView = NULL;POSITION pos=getfirstviewposition ();while (Pos!=null){Pview=getnextview (POS);if (Pview->iskindof (PClass)){return pView;}}return NULL;}Use:cyourview* pview= (cyourview*)

C ++ inheritance operations --- base class pointer access to derived classes --- restoration of access attributes for base class members

C ++ inheritance operations --- base class pointer access to derived classes --- restoration of access attributes for base class members # Include "stdafx. h" # include # Include using namespace std; class Base {public: int num; virtual void

Class pointer member management

The pointer member in the previously tangled noname is discussed in Chapter 13.5. Class pointer member management: danglingptr. some operations and results after CPP deletes an IP Address: delete IP; STD: cout The old man in the book

Virtual (virtual function) and polymorphism __ function

Virtual functions (virtual keyword) and polymorphism one: A pointer problem in inheritance. 1.      A pointer to a base class can point to a derived class object. When a base class pointer points to a derived class object, the pointer can only

Compression Common object pointer (compressedoops) and compression class pointer (compressedclasspointers) __JVM optimization for JVM optimization

Problem Description Java programs deployed in the server (CentOS 64-bit) run, often encounter Oom, the server killed the Java main process. For the sake of prudence, the decision to optimize the JVM and reduce memory usage was not followed by an

Obtain other class pointers in the MFC class

When Visual C ++ Application Wizard is used to generate applications otherProgramWill automatically generate View class, document class, main frame window class, application class and so on. Generally, the core data and operations of a program are

C ++ Part 2

These were all written at school in, and they were placed on the csdn blog. Now we can sort them out. 1. Compatibility of Values Objects of a public derived class can be used as objects of the base class. Otherwise, they are not allowed. The

Subclass pointer cannot be converted to parent class pointer ???

Compile a program with the following error:Main. CPP (51): Error c2664: 'void _ thiscall vtkvolumemapper: setinput (class vtkimagedata *) ': cannot convert parameter 1 from 'class vtkstructuredpoints *' to 'class vtkimagedata *' Vtkstructuredpoints

Map uses a custom class pointer as the key

// Code first# Pragma once // if you want to use a class as the key, you must overload the M_a struct less2 {bool operator () (const _ ty & _ left, const _ ty & _ right) const {return _ left-> get ()> _ Right-> get ();}};#include

The null class pointer calls the this pointer in the member function class.

Run the following code. What is the result? Class { PRIVATE: Int m_value; Public: A (INT value) { M_value = value; } Void print1 () { Printf ("Hello World "); } Void print2 () { Printf ("% d", m_value ); } }; Int _ tmain (INT argc, _ tchar * argv [

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