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Asp. NET in HTMLControl and WebControl|web compared to previous ASP versions, ASP. NET has been greatly improved. Among these improvements, the main point is the newly introduced server-side controls. Now we're going to work together on the HTMLControl and WebControl in,

How to deploy ASP. NET site (reprint) in iis6,7

Read Catalogue Viewing the Web. config file To create a Web site in IIS IIS6 Add extension mappings IIS6 map with no extension Write permissions for the directory Configuration of SQL Server Deploying an ASP. NET

Deploying an ASP. NET site in iis6,7

Viewing the Web. config fileAsp. NET Web site is different from a typical desktop program, which is not copied to run (except for database connections). To run it, you usually need some configuration procedures.But what exactly do we need to

ASP Classic Getting Started tutorial using SQL statements in ASP 1th/2 page _ Database related

MySQL, SQL Server, and msql are excellent SQL tools, but unfortunately you don't need them to create a useful SQL statement in an ASP environment. However, you can take advantage of your knowledge of access and the corresponding access skills, plus

Asp classic Getting Started Guide using SQL statement page 1/2 in ASP

MySQL, SQL Server, and mSQL are both excellent SQL tools. Unfortunately, in the ASP environment, you do not need them to create practical SQL statements. However, you can use your Access knowledge and corresponding Access skills, coupled with our

Enter Key in ASP. NET-Complete Research

One of the common requests in ASP. NET is to submit a form when visitor hits an Enter key. that cocould be a case if, for example you want to make Login Screen. it is expected that user just hit enter when he insert a user name and password instead

WebForms VS. MVC (translator)

Original: WebForms VS. MVC (translator)(This article translated from CodeProject wrote an article, the original address: Http://, spoke about ASP, ASP. WebForms and ASP. Three technologies, this

WebForms VS. MVC (translator)

(This article translated from CodeProject wrote an article, the original address: Http://, spoke about ASP, ASP. WebForms and ASP. Three technologies, this article helps ASP. NET beginners to

Go to ASP programming advanced (3): Accessing script programs

Advanced ASP programming (3): Accessing script programs With the enhanced knowledge of form in the previous HTML, is it possible to start the ASP journey? Not necessarily.Programmers who have systematically studied ASP will understand that it is

ASP. net mvc Case Study (4)

Preface Through the previous articles, we have been able to easily use ASP. net mvc to present pages and data. However, there is a major problem that cannot be solved: how to process form data. For example, you must enter the title, body, and other

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