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Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 1)

The following is a dedicated download link for eMule. You must install eMule before clicking download. Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [Classic book on computer science]. Addison. Wesley.-. Valid tive... More. Valid tive. c ++. []. CHM Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [] ]]].John.lions.unix.v6.commentary,.typescript.1977.[].pdf .pdf [Classi

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 2)

upgraded to a new version, Introduction to MS-DOS and how to coordinate with your computer hardwareA complete guidance on understanding and using MS-DOSA command Manual contains definitions, examples, and tables to help you quickly find information!----------------------------------------------------------------18. Computer Graphics C version 2nd ed Author: Donald heam, M. Pauline BakerPublisher: Prentice

Share some classic books in computer science-free

When I sorted out the downloaded files, I archived some e-books and found that many of them had collected a lot. Most of them were classic books, and some were clear and almost. I plan to transfer the files to share them later, I mainly use C \ C ++, which is basically a Windows platform, so it is basically an e-book in this aspect. I have made all my homework in

00-computer classic reference books, 00-Classic Books

00-computer classic reference books, 00-Classic Books 1. Introduction to computer scienceIntroduction to computer science2. Computer

Computer Science Books

Applications for Microsoft Windows Title (Chinese): Microsoft Windows application Design Original Jeffrey Richter Title (English): Programming with Microsoft Visual C + +. NET (sixth Edition) Title (Chinese): Visual Technical Insider (6th edition) Original George Shep Herd/david Kruglinski Title (English): Dissecting MFC Title (Chinese): In layman's words MFC Original Houtie Other (others)Title (English): Computer systems:a Prog

Recommendation of excellent books in computer science (C ++ LANGUAGE)

Recommendation principles:It is better to be honest and never mix in the dregs (a good book may not be suitable for everyone, but it must be a good book for its target readers ). Book selection principles:There are foreign ones, not domestic onesThere are original versions, not translatedView master's Works It is best to read textbooks from abroad for computer books, because the

Classic Books in various computer languages (******)

I used to see what someone else sorted on the Internet: Classic Books in various computer languages 1. Java Java programming language (Third edition) --- four famous Java books ---- James Gosling (father of Java) Java programming ideology (version 2nd) ---- four famous Java books

Classic books in a variety of computer languages

Classic books in a variety of computer languages1. JavaJava programming Language (third edition)---four major masterpieces of Java----James Gosling (father of Java)Java Programming Idea (2nd edition)----Java four major masterpieces----Bruce EckelJava Programming Idea (3rd edition)----Java four major masterpieces----------------Bruce EckelJava 2 Core Technology Vo

Computer professionals, must-read classic books

theoretical exposition of general hashing and permutation methods.Author Profile:Donald.e.knuth (Donald. E. Knut, the Chinese name Gartner, is a pioneer in algorithmic and procedural design technology, the inventor of the computer typesetting system Tex and Metafont, who world famous in the field of computer science for his achievements and a large number of cre

No programming !!! Sell all classic computer books at a low price. Hurry up! See if you want

programming questions (commemorative edition) 10 Redis Design and Implementation 25 C ++ primer (English Version · 5th) 36 C and pointer 18 C traps and Defects 8 C expert Programming 12 Assembly Language (version 2nd)-Wang Shuang 10 Introduction to computer graphics and Geometric Modeling 18 Beauty of mathematics-Wu Jun

Computer science and technology learning experience

, itThis gives you a sense of accomplishment. My mentor said that you can write a thesis by just writing a piece of things in graph theory. Everyone canThe content will go deep! In the graph theory book in China, Mr. Wang Shuhe's "graph theory and its algorithms" are very successful.On the one hand, its content is comprehensive in Chinese textbooks. On the other hand, its emphasis on algorithms is very suitable for computing.Computer System (originally a textbook of the

Computer Science and technology learning methods

has a lot of. Recommend a book not classic, but the most simpleSingle, easiest to learn: "Introduction to Linear and abstract Algebra" is very easy to understand, and combines abstract algebra and linear algebra, Very ideal for beginners, our school compared to the cattle have a collection of students.In number theory, there are classics in China and "Elementary Number Theory" (Pan Brothers, Peking University E

I would like to recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books _ PHP tutorials

I recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books. We recommend several classic technical books, classic technical books

We recommend a few classic technical books, classic technical Books _php tutorial

We recommend a few classic technical books, classic technical books "UNIX Network Programming" Advanced Programming for the UNIX environment The Art of UNIX programming "Programming Language: The Road to Practice" "In-depth understanding of computer systems"

What are Python's classic entry books ?, Python getting started books

What are Python's classic entry books ?, Python getting started books Is it true that many people tell you that learning Python development should be done by searching for books in an honest and honest manner, and then coding with endless efforts? When the computer is there,

A collection of typical computer books and e-books (suitable for computer students to study and programmers to test and interview)

Volume 1: Using ace and mode to eliminate complexity 4. c ++ network programming, Volume 2: systematic reuse based on ACE and Framework 5. details of TCP/IP Volume 1: Protocol, 6. "TCP-IP detailed Volume II: Implementation", 7. "TCP-IP details Volume Three: TCP Transaction Protocol, HTTP, NNTP and Unix domain protocol" 12 floor of mathematics this article included: 1. specific mathematics-Basics of computer scien

Books that every programmer should read-a list of famous computer programmer books

mentioned above have inspired me and influenced me, but every programmer should read this book. It showed me the importance of unit testing and tdd and gave me a quick start. -CurroI don't care how nice or elegant your code is. If you do not perform the test, you may not have written the code. This book should have a higher number of recommendations. People discuss writing your favorite software or designing robust and efficient code, but if your software has a bunch of bugs, it makes no sense

Some classic Linux books

Brother's private cuisine basics, Advanced articles""Advanced Bash Shell"2. Intermediate: Familiar with TCP/IP Principles, OS principles, proficiency in C language, Linux system programming, network programming. Recommended Books:"The C programming Language"Advanced Programming for the UNIX environment"Linux Programming"The TCP/IP protocol detailed volume oneAdvanced Programming of UNIX Network3. Advanced: Kernel, drive level. Recommended

Some classic Linux books

Principles, OS principles, proficiency in C language, Linux system programming, network programming.Recommended Books:"TheC programming Language"advanced Programming for the UNIX environment"Linux Programming "TheTCP/IP protocol detailed volume oneadvanced Programming of UNIX network3. Advanced:Kernel, drive level. Recommended Books:"Linux Device Driver"deep understanding of the Linux kernel"In- depth unde

[Reprinted] Computer Science and Technology Review

: one is classical "Numerical Analysis", which fully describes mathematical principles and algorithms, and the other is the increasingly popular "Science and Engineering Computing ", simply teach students to program using software packages. I personally think that students in the computer department must understand why our students in the computer department want

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