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Some of the more classic books on Dearbook on. NET and Design Patterns

Recently, I want to buy a few books on. NET and design patterns, just csdn on the Dearbook on the next, finishing a few of these more classic books. Some of the English versions of the books cannot be found inside. The price refers to the non-VIP members of the prices, that

00-computer classic reference books, 00-Classic Books

00-computer classic reference books, 00-Classic Books 1. Introduction to computer scienceIntroduction to computer science2. Computer mathematics BasicsAdvanced MathematicsLinear AlgebraProbability Theory and mathematical statisticsDiscrete Mathematics and Its ApplicationDiscrete mathematics tutorial (Peking Un

I would like to recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books _ PHP tutorials

I recommend several classic technical books and classic technical books. We recommend several classic technical books, classic technical books

We recommend a few classic technical books, classic technical Books _php tutorial

We recommend a few classic technical books, classic technical books "UNIX Network Programming" Advanced Programming for the UNIX environment The Art of UNIX programming "Programming Language: The Road to Practice" "In-depth understanding of computer systems" "Internet interconnection with TCP/IP" "Dee

What are Python's classic entry books ?, Python getting started books

What are Python's classic entry books ?, Python getting started books Is it true that many people tell you that learning Python development should be done by searching for books in an honest and honest manner, and then coding with endless efforts? When the computer is there, the software is there, and the heart is reco

Linux good books, classic books recommended

Linux Good Book, classic book recommendation thought article"Linux/unix design Idea "The book combines the principles of UNIX and Linux effectively and summarizes the principles of unix/linux software development. While preserving the UNIX aspect of version 1th, the new ideas in Linux and open source were highlighted.            Introductory article"Linux Programming (4th edition)"The Linux program

Some classic Linux books

Brother's private cuisine basics, Advanced articles""Advanced Bash Shell"2. Intermediate: Familiar with TCP/IP Principles, OS principles, proficiency in C language, Linux system programming, network programming. Recommended Books:"The C programming Language"Advanced Programming for the UNIX environment"Linux Programming"The TCP/IP protocol detailed volume oneAdvanced Programming of UNIX Network3. Advanced: Kernel, drive level. Recommended

Some classic Linux books

Principles, OS principles, proficiency in C language, Linux system programming, network programming.Recommended Books:"TheC programming Language"advanced Programming for the UNIX environment"Linux Programming "TheTCP/IP protocol detailed volume oneadvanced Programming of UNIX network3. Advanced:Kernel, drive level. Recommended Books:"Linux Device Driver"deep understanding of the Linux kernel"In- depth unde

Linux Classic Books recommended

Introductory article"Linux authoritative guide" book is good, write very comprehensive also relatively broad, involved in not deep, as a primer book Good, you can more comprehensive understanding of Linux. In addition, the more popular can also look at "bird Brother's private food" and other books, the management of the book. If you want to do the server direction can be found to see.Driver Chapter"Linux device Driver" is said on the internet "LDD",

"Go" classic books developed by Linux drivers

research and development personnel."But unfortunately, the above several books are more focused on the skills of the programmer, for beginners, often have too abstruse sense, related to the domestic book, also seems to only know copy some code to do some superficial explanation, huaquanxiutui situation is too obvious.Being a senior programmer proficient in Linux programming has always been a goal pursued by many friends. According to Chinahr statisti

10 Classic JavaScript Books sub-level recommendation + package download

Recently in doing some JS work, through the promotion of various great gods, sorting out 10 more classic JS books. (At the end)As a scripting language, JS plays an indispensable role in web development. The launch of the HTML5, so that it is more fire added fire.How to learn JS this language, I put these 10 books into 4 levels, respectively, is the introduction,

Classic Books in various computer languages (******)

I used to see what someone else sorted on the Internet: Classic Books in various computer languages 1. Java Java programming language (Third edition) --- four famous Java books ---- James Gosling (father of Java) Java programming ideology (version 2nd) ---- four famous Java books ---- Bruce Eckel Java programming ideo

The classic Java books in my Eyes

What do you mean by "classic books"? in the past, we said, "first-class companies to set standards, second-rate companies to engage in technology, three-flow company to do services, More companies sell products", in fact, this is not entirely unreasonable. Hate m$ A lot of people, but the mouth scold to scold, the bottom of the same windows, swear do not need to secretly delve into the technology, and then

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 1)

The following is a dedicated download link for eMule. You must install eMule before clicking download. Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [Classic book on computer science]. Addison. Wesley.-. Valid tive... More. Valid tive. c ++. []. CHM Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [] ]]].John.lions.unix.v6.commentary,.typescript.1977.[].pdf .pdf [Classical Books on Computer Science]. The.

What are some of the classic Python books?

Java has thinking in Java,core Java, effictive Java and other classic books, C + + has C++pirmer, effictive C + + and other classic books. These books, more than the same kind of books too much, is recognized as a good book, worth

Java Classic Books recommended

": The Java EE Enterprise Design pattern, is a summary of the experience of several generations of programmersRefactoring: Improving the design of existing code: the classic work of refactoring by Martin Flower, an oo godfather."Code reading": Ms's authoritative writer, is also a classic.Java and Patterns: A good book written by the Chinese about

The test staff must read the classic books

help you improve the quality of your tests directly. Highly recommended.Software testing: University textbooks, this book is still, some of the content is a bit outdated, but now it is still a very good introductory book, worthy of the novice to buy.How to break software: The book I bought when I was in school was out of print, but there is an English electronic version on the Internet. Test Daniel James Wittaker's early works, you can read his later "exploratory software testing" and "Google t

Java engineers must read 15 Classic Books

overall architecture of the application software, this is the first step towards architects. 1. Expert one-on-one J2EE design and development : Http:// This book is a famous book by Rod Johnson and is very classic. springframework was born from the code in this book. But it seems that this book does not have a Chinese translation. 2. Expert one-on-one J2EE developm

Classic books to be read in Linux Network Programming

volumes): Principles, protocols, and structures Interconnect Networks with TCP/IP (2nd volumes): design, implementation, and Kernel InDangdang |Excellent View book details InDangdang |Excellent View book details Using TCP/IP for Internet interconnection (Volume 3): client-server programming and Applications InDangdang |Excellent View book details Computer and network

Good Book recommendations-classic books on learning Linux (deep understanding of linux kernels, Linux Device Drivers, etc)

programming ideas, how can I hire them? When we went to college to recruit, we offered a monthly salary of 8000 yuan to our undergraduate students, but it was hard to recruit people. I will take some classic examples from some classic books to test them. They are basically confused. In fact, if they can answer the last half of the questions, I would like to cons

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