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How to read literature

on what the author's thesis might be. Sometimes a longer headline lets you write, and you may not be able to express it. The next time you write, you can learn from it.3. How to read the summary:Take a quick look at it, here's what this article is about. Maybe at first look not understand, do not understand, this time do not be discouraged, no matter it looks down, and so you read this article when you may

How to read the literature

No matter where the problem comes from, it is necessary to closely follow the current developments in the field of science. From the graduate age, under the guidance of the tutor, with the surrounding classmates as an example, I have developed a weekly to the library to browse the latest journal habits, decades such as a day, shine. If there is something wrong, it must be mended next week. I had a small record book, log in all of the important publications of the major, after each period of read

How to read literature

In recent weeks, literature has been read, especially in English literature. Look at the front forget the back, look at the back forget the front. The result is that the more you see the more dizzy, there is no harvest. Then the doctor and brother discuss the discussion, to clarify their own ideas. And the main points are listed as follows:1, take notes.

Multithreading one of the top ten classic cases dual-thread read and write queue data

This package is: please indicate source, original address: to follow Weibo: Http:// the "second multi-threaded series" in the first 15 articles introduced the concept of multi-threaded, multi-threaded synchronization mutual exclusion problem "seconds to kill multithreading," the fourth one classic multi-thre

Seconds to kill multithreading the 16th one of the ten classic cases of multithreading double-threaded read and write queue data

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Directory (?) [+]This package is: please indicate source, original address: to follow Weibo: Http:// the "second multi-threaded series" in the first 15 articles introduced the concept of multi-threaded, multi-threaded synchronization mutual exclus

Multi-threaded Face Question series (16): Multithreading one of the top ten classic cases dual-thread read-write queue data

The first 15 introduces the related concepts of multithreading, multi-threaded synchronization mutual Exclusion (fourth) and the common methods of solving multi-threaded synchronous mutual exclusion--key segment, event, mutex, semaphore, read-write lock. In order to make people more proficient in the use of multi-threading, there will be 10 articles to explain 10 multi-threaded use cases, I believe after reading these 10 will allow you to more comfort

Java engineers must read 15 Classic Books

overall architecture of the application software, this is the first step towards architects. 1. Expert one-on-one J2EE design and development : Http:// This book is a famous book by Rod Johnson and is very classic. springframework was born from the code in this book. But it seems that this book does not have a Chinese translation. 2. Expert one-on-one J2EE development without EJB : Http://

The test staff must read the classic books

help you improve the quality of your tests directly. Highly recommended.Software testing: University textbooks, this book is still, some of the content is a bit outdated, but now it is still a very good introductory book, worthy of the novice to buy.How to break software: The book I bought when I was in school was out of print, but there is an English electronic version on the Internet. Test Daniel James Wittaker's early works, you can read his later

NET classic books must-read

: 978-7-115-34642-1Price: 99.00 RMBFolio: 16Number of pages: 512Senior C#MVP to carry the tripodDeep understanding of language features, exploring the origin. NET developer must read the classicThe book is a classic of the world's top technical experts, a sword of the decade, and enjoys a reputation in the C # and. NET fields. Unlike other books that introduce C # in general, this book explores the features

Three classic ways to read Excel files in C #

(); OleDbDataAdapter ODA = new OleDbDataAdapter (sql, con); Oda. Fill (ds, "PO014"); DataTable dt = ds. Tables[0]; FileStream fs = new FileStream (Server.MapPath ("download/" + fn), FileMode.Create, FileAccess.ReadWrite); StreamWriter strmwriter = new StreamWriter (FS); Deposit into a text file Write a title to a. txt file for (int i = 0; I //{ Strmwriter.write (dt. Columns[i]. ColumnName + ""); //}

_php Examples of 4 classic books for beginners to read in PHP

If you have studied other languages, you will find that PHP is actually quite simple. Some people say that PHP learning is suitable for reading manuals, but there are still a lot of classic books to help you get started and improve. Here are 4 books you can read carefully. 1. php The classic PHP primer, the content is detailed and understandable, comprehens

Very classic MySQL interpretation of the magic read

Http:// above link is a classic explanation of why MySQL's MVCC partially solves the problem of Phantom reading.At the same time I need to understand that in business logic, transactions can be scattered in the business code, not to say a statement written. For example, we started a transaction, start transaction. First get the data in the database, then in the business to determine whether the condition

4 years ago read "Big talk design mode" excerpt of the classic statement

ObjectiveWhen looking for memcached related data in your own network, I stumbled upon the classic statement that I had read when I was reading "Big Talk design Mode" earlier. After reading this book, the design pattern has a superficial understanding, communicate with others can also say one or two. Thanks to the author for his selfless sharing!Classic statement1

How to read Gary nebbet's classic self-deletion code

How to read Gary nebbet's classic self-deletion code Liond8 essay 10415468-3-14 QQ: The following is the classic source code of Gary nebbet. # Include "windows. H" Void main (INT argc, char * argv []) { Hmodule module = getmodulehandle (0 ); Char Buf [max_path]; Getmodulefilename (module, Buf, sizeof (BUF )); Closehandle (handle) 4 ); _ ASM { Lea eax, Buf Push 0

Read the "C # Primer Classic"

C # is also regarded as halfway decent, the foundation is not very good, these days to learn a bit of the "C # Introductory Classic," is a cornerstone of the. The first three chapters have been read, today began to read the fourth chapter. §1 C # Introduction §2 Write C # programs §3 Variables and expressions §4 Process Control Branches, loops §4.1 Boolea

Classic books to be read in life

. plelchet, part 1 of the "theory of the waves in the world" (US 5th -)Philip A. Fisher, Part 1 "How to Choose growth stocks" (US 6th-1908)7th investment essentials zwei Bodi (US 1943 -)8th finance: Robert c Morton (USA 1944 -)9th investment arts Charles IRIS (US 1941 -)10th part of Wall Street for 45 years William Dell ganne (US 1878-1955)11th stock market trend technical analysis, John Mai (US 1912-1987)William o'nell (US 12th -)13th futures market Technical Analysis John Murphy (US 1934 -)14t

A classic C ++ question. It is suitable for beginners to read about the issue of money sharding (The question of the black guest XFile Forum) [C #]

On the homepage of the csdn forum a few days ago, I saw a post entitled "A Classic C ++ question. It is suitable for beginners to read about the issue of money sharing (The question of the black guest XFile Forum)". The link is as follows: Question:How many ways can I change a banknote with a nominal value of one dollar to a cent, two or five ce

Read the classic-the CLR via C # (Jeffrey Richter) Note the relationship between namespaces and assemblies

Namespaces and assemblies are not necessarily related1. Each type in the same namespace may be implemented in a different assembly. (System.IO.FileStream in MSCorLib.dll assemblies, and System.IO.FileSystemWatcher in System.dll assemblies )2. The same assembly may also contain classes in different namespaces. (both System.Int32 and System.Text.StringBuilder types are in the MSCorLib.dll assembly )Read the classic

"Classic must read" Web site architecture Evolution process, the Electronic business site upgrade dozen blame __web

"Classic must read" Web site architecture Evolution process, the Electronic business site upgrade hit the blame Preface We take javaweb as an example to build a simple electrical business system to see how the system can evolve step by step. The function of the system: User module: User registration and management Product module: Product display and management Trading modules: Creating Transactions and

Getting Started with JavaScript classic Redbook read Note 6.13

collection will automatically release memory that is no longer in use. What is the difference between language and language in the end? So far I can't understand it. When JS detects that a variable is no longer in use, or if a variable that references an object is given a new value, it will automatically run garbage as a process to free up the memory used by those variables. 2.2.2 assigning values to variables with other variablesThis looks at the title to know the content, there is no note t

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