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What does Microsoft feel after watching webcast on msdn?

I would like to summarize some of my recent experiences with msdn webcast. Of course, we can see Microsoft's efforts in Chinese, but there are always things that shouldn't happen on webcast,I think it's not just Microsoft's face.Of course, we can't say anything for free. I hope that you can check the quality of your work at ordinary times. First, I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by all the

Webcast observer Introduction

What is a webcast observer? Http:// a good choice for webcastobservers? 1. Establish and expand your IT expert relationship network We share our common interests and pursuits, and communicate with each other to help you integrate into a big family and share with more itelites. 2. Have the opportunity to become a star in the

Webcast about C #3.0 and LINQ

Long time ago I promised to show LINQ in a demo, Instead of just showing slides. Finally it's online so to show you how much easier it is to write code in C #3.0 than it was in C #2.0, I 've created A small webcast(About 25 minutes ). In the webcast I show a few slides, but most of the time is used in Visual Studio 2008 writing code. in the webcast I create a sm

Msdn webcast-model and practice series course advance notice

There are not many courses for architects on msdn webcast, so from the 7th after New Year's Day, I will work with Microsoft's colleagues Wu Yu and Liang Zhen to create a series on msdn webcast one after another, this article introduces some relatively mature software factory developed by the Microsoft patterns Practice team, which can be used in enterprise-level product development ), the audience focuses

How to Use ireaper for webcast resource download

Source: How to Use ireaper Ireaper is a desktop tool developed by. Net enthusiasts in China to help you download the Chinese msdn webcast. Chinese msdn Webcast has launched more than 2004 courses since its birth in 1000. These courses are excellent.Technical materials, Many fans will choose to download them to their own computers

WMI webcast on Microsoft website

Technet webcast:I/O scripter, away! -Level 200July 22,200 4 Description: The scripting guys and dr. scripto delve deep into the mysteries of input and output-and find that they're not so mysterious after all. In this webcast, number 4 In A 5-part series on introductory scripting, the Microsoft scripting guys walk you through practical examples of how to get information into and out of your scripts. these are fundamental te

Watch the live webcast in Ubuntu

We recommend that you use UbuntuLinux to watch the live webcast without installing plug-ins. I used to watch network TVs in Windows, and now I can directly watch online live video websites in Ubuntu. Network TV _ network TV livestream following is: We recommend that you use a website without installing plug-ins to watch the live webcast in Ubuntu Linux. I used to watch network TVs in

Microsoft webcast (video material download tool) downloads thousands of videos

Ireaper is developed by a group of. Net enthusiasts in China to help you easily download a desktop tool from msdn webcast. The course resources of msdn webcast are extremely rich, involving all aspects of software development. In order to make the audience better download and listen to the course, ireaper provides a very convenient download by category, such as displaying recent courses by product category,

Use ireaper to download the Chinese msdn webcast

How to Use ireaper Ireaper is a desktop tool developed by. Net enthusiasts in China to help you download the Chinese msdn webcast.The Chinese msdn Webcast has launched more than 2004 courses since its birth in 1000. These courses are excellent technical materials, many fans will choose to download them to their computers and watch them for a long time. However, it is a terrible task to download and decompress over 3000 files from so

Android Webcast similar to QQ dynamic Check network

PrivateConnectivitymanager Mconnectivitymanager; Privatenetworkinfo NetInfo, OnCreate registered broadcast Intentfilter Mfilter=NewIntentfilter (); Mfilter.addaction (connectivitymanager.connectivity_action); Registerreceiver (Mynetreceiver, mfilter); Be sure to unregister the broadcast in the OnDestroy () method @Override Public voidOnDestroy () {Super. OnDestroy (); if(mynetreceiver!=NULL) {unregisterreceiver (mynetreceiver); }}rl_error_item is a layout file similar to the QQ list display of t

How to go crazy on the webcast how to brush the crazy star coins

, they are really good match!"   "Passers-by saw this scene, a face touched to say." "Yes, I see the way they quarrel, lovely, oh, should have been good!"   "Passers-by B also made a speech.   Ning smile Angry red Eye, ghost of match, these people blind off, obviously is this smelly man in strong kiss oneself Ah!   The first trick to prevent wolves!   Better laugh and laugh at the knee, toward the top of Liang crotch. It is the Liang pain to wake up, Ning smile this only mercilessly pushed him,

Lecture on IT career planning experience by Kong Wenda on webcast

A few years ago, I heard a lot about it career planning experience from Kong Wenda. I heard it again yesterday and made a little record to share it with you. (Webcast is here) I. IT professional characteristics Boring Not valued Continuous learning-fast technological updates High requirements on human Comprehensive Quality(1) technology-practical work(2) Communication-talking with users about requirements(3) Speech-Product Introduction Not under

"Go" HDU 6194 string string (2017 Shenyang webcast-suffix array)

]] = k; Wu} -} About $ intLCP[MAXN], A[MAXN], SA[MAXN], RANK[MAXN]; - - CharS[MAXN]; - A intD[MAXN][40]; + intLen the - voidRmq_init (intAintN) { $ for(inti = 0; I the for(intj = 1; (1 the for(inti = 0; i + (1 theD[i][j] = min (d[i][j-1], D[i + (1 the} - in intASK (intLintR) { the intk = 0; the while((1 About returnMin (D[l][k], d[r-(1 the} the the intAskintLintR) { + if(L = = r)returnLEN-SA[R];// L = = R is a string that returns its own length. -

Ireaper, the Microsoft webcast course download software, officially logged on to the Android platform.

Ireaper, the download software for Microsoft webcast courses, officially logged on to the Android platform. I call it ireaper for Android. It is currently in the testing stage and has a single function.Currently supported1. video download2. CourseCodeDownload3. Handout download4. Q A downloadAttachment, coming soon! 1. :( change .rar to APK) 2011.0624 ireaper for Android 2011.0626 ireaper for Android the

Msdn webcast Silverlight for Windows Phone development series video Season 2

calculate the path and present the path to the Bing Maps control. Recommendation aspect Cup, go home and buy tickets first Originally, Obama and I were neighbors.My dream is that it is so easy to eat, Obama also uses Windows Phone Navigation programs Silverlight for window phone Development Series (16)-sell applications on marketplace This section describes how to sell applications on Windows Phone marketplace. Start with the steps and notes for registering a marketplace ac

MSDN Webcast Series Course on the MVC 3 Development Practice Series

improvements have been made to model in MVC MVC 3 Development Practice Series (8): Best Practices (ON)After you have mastered the basics of mvc 3, this course will take you through the best practices for learning MVC 3, and learn how to develop better Web MVC 3 Development Practice Series (9): Best Practices (Next)Understanding the content of implementing best practices through some development tools and development techniques, mastering th

After learning the Three-Section WebCast, I wrote down all the important titles, mainly to understand its role. I will study it again when I want to use it.

This article is from webcast. C # Generic:Problems that can be solved by generics: type security classes can be defined through generics without compromising type security (supported by compilers). Performance (the value type performance is improved by about 200%, reference Type performance is improved by about 100%), or work efficiency;Implementation of generics: local support is available in IL and CLR itself;Default Keyword: If you want to return t

August 25 ten o'clock A.M. webcast: Windows 7 Development Series course (1): overview of new feature development in Windows 7 (level 300)

Msdn webcast-Windows 7 Development Series course (1): overview of new feature development in Windows 7 (level 300) Activity Overview Lecture content:Windows 7 provides a wide range of APIs to supportProgramThis series will discuss with you how to develop new feature APIs in Windows 7 and how to better apply them to our products. Http:// Http:// Eventid = 10

Listening to the behavior pattern of webcast-record of the iterator Pattern

This design pattern in DOTNET or Java has already been integrated into foreach. At the same time, we thought we should use interface-oriented programming. The class is too fragile and changeable, and only is A, while the interface is stable is became, as. the following is a record of a webcast instructor. Overview In object-oriented software design, we often encounter a class of collection objects. The internal structure of these collection objects m

One of webcast's listening notes-Asp. net2.0 Quick Start

Recently, we have time to flip the webcast on msdn to the ground. No matter what we have mastered or are fresh, we have made some record preparation and are ready to launch a series. Start with Su Peng's ASP. net2.0 Quick Start:Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Enalbeautopostback must be set for DDL and checkbox to be used as the server control (the options are autom

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