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Firefox firefox browser use tips Daquan

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source browser for Windows, Linux and MacOS x platforms, which are small in size and fast, with some other advanced features. 1. Arbitrary scale text Size In IE browser, we can only five of the size of the text to

Firefox browser shortcut keys

Find: Ctrl+f Find again: F3 Enter Find Link: ' Enter find text:/ Find: Shift+f3 Web search: Ctrl+k or Ctrl+e Firefox shortcut key Navigation class: Back: ALT + LEFT ARROW key or Backspace Forward: Shift+backspace or ALT + RIGHT ARROW key

Wang Tong: How long can Firefox browser still fire?

Apple has launched a browser in the Windows operating system: Safari 3.0 Beta. At the same time, Apple CEO Steve Jobs began attacking Firefox as junk, and sooner or later, Safari will eat its share of the market. So John Lilly, the Mozilla chief

Firefox and IE series related to the difference between finishing for _javascript skills

, IE and Firefox js and CSS PNG Transparent AlphaImageLoaderFilter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader (Enabled=benabled,sizingmethod=ssize,src=surl) Enabled: Options available. A Boolean value (Boolean). Sets or retrieves whether

How to clear the browser cache ?, Clear browser cache?

How to clear the browser cache ?, Clear browser cache?  Some strange problems are often encountered in web development. For example, if a problem is found, the script is changed, and the problem persists after the result is published, but on the

{}DIV+CSS compatible with browser methods such as IE6 IE7 IE8 IE9 and Firefox Chrome

DIV+CSS compatible with browser methods such as IE6 IE7 IE8 IE9 and Firefox Chrome1.DOCTYPE affects CSS processing 2. Ff:div set Margin-left, margin-right for Auto is already centered, IE not 3. Ff:body when setting text-align, Div needs to set

Some JavaScript ie and Firefox (firefox) Compatibility problem summary and common examples _javascript skills

1. Document.formName.item ("itemname") question Note: Under IE, you can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formname.elements["elementname"]; Firefox, you can only use the document.formname.elements["ElementName"]. Workaround: Unify

How to clear the cache for Firefox browser

1, open the Firefox browser, in the menu bar above the "tool"-"options." 2, enter the "Options" interface and click to enter the "Privacy" settings, click the following "empty recent history" or "delete personal cookies." Firefox

Firefox and Chrome options

General view of the individual: Browsers are not the end of the update, Chrome has completed a big step, it is good, but there is still distance from Firefox. (Of course, if you use the number of people to determine the pros and cons of a software,

Popular Firefox browser plugin encyclopedia

Firefox browser plugin Firefox browser plugin download address Browser feature extension components 1, convenient to the heinous firegestures Plug-in function: The use of mouse gestures to execute

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