clear cache and cookies firefox mac

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How to clear the cache by various browsers summary _ Web surfing

For instructions, select your browser from the following browsers: Firefox In the Firefox of the PC: Closes all other open browser windows. At the top of the browser, click the Tools menu and choose Clear Private data .... Select the Cookie and

"The browser's cache is full and may affect your use of Gmail." "Solutions _ Application Tips

User solutions:1, use HTTP connection login Gmail;2, HTTPS, click IE (6.0) browser at the top of the tool menu, options → advanced, cancel the "Do not save encrypted pages" Item check state, restart the computer.Google should be in Gmail for users

52 ways to increase MAC OS X speed

1. Verify/Repair Disk permissions In application/utility/disk tools. App Select your system's volume for verification, and if there is a problem fix it (you can actually point to "Verify and Repair Disk permissions" Anyway before you fix it). Note

HTML face question

1. Which of the Web pages do you test? What are the cores of these browsers?The so-called "browser core" is nothing more than a core part of the browser-"Rendering engine", literally called "rendering engine", we also often called "typesetting

Phpcurl encapsulation class

The phpcurl encapsulation class is a php curl encapsulation class that reduces the amount of code and simplifies collection. This class is also one of the most common classes for my work. Here we will share with you. It works well with phpquery.

How to use curl and Python to perform interface testing on the server and Web side

Tool descriptionCurl is a file transfer tool that works with URL syntax in command-line mode, is a free tool for open source enthusiasts to write maintenance, supports dozens of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, and the latest version

The most practical 16 software in Linux

1. FSlint-FSlint can effectively help the system avoid the troubles of deleting duplicate files, empty folders, and some other types of junk files. 2. TestDisk-it is a file recovery and Repair Tool. Ext4 is not currently supported. You can use it to

The most practical 16 software in Linux

Linux is quite difficult for beginners who are not familiar with CLI. This article introduces 16 Linux utilities, windows users can enjoy all the features of Linux while avoiding the hassle. 1. FSlint? FSlint can effectively help the system get rid

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